Hello! My name is Mike, and my friend is Travis. We make up Supermario2000 and co. This is our first fic. The Digimon don't do their homework and need excuses, what will they say!? Please no flames! I don't have any marshmallows with me!!! And they aren't nice. We'll let you read now.

Digimon School
By Travis L***
With asinastance and Proofreading by Michael M******

One day when the Digimon went to school and they all forgot to do their homework because they were to busy fighting Devimon so they hoped to make up good excuses to tell the teacher before they had to hand in their homework. So it was finally time to hand in the homework. The teacher asked where Gabumon's homework was and he said, "I ate it! After all I am a dog."

"OK," the teacher said. "Palmon what is your excuse?"

" I gave it poison ivy so it is in the hospital fending for its life". Replied Palmon

"Right..." the teacher said not believing the story." Now, what is your excuse Gomamon?"

"My marching fishes took it to sea" Gomamon said.

"Whatever. What is your excuse Biyomon?"

"When Patamon and I were flying to school today it fell and the birds relieved their selves on it" "Thanks," Patamon whispered to Biyomon, kissing her on the cheek. Gatomon, currently Patamon's girlfriend growled "It's OK" Patamon said, "just returning the favor".

"Gatomon!" the teacher called "since you like talking so much you go.

"I lost it on the bus when we got here." Gatomon said.

"What's your excuse Mamothmon?" the teacher asked

"No excuse here it is," Mammothmon said. "Thanks" said the teacher.

"He is still evil but he hands in his homework. Typical" Agumon said.

"Where is your homework?" the teacher asked.

"Uhhhhhhh.... right here! Pepper breath! The teacher ran around on fire.

"Help help help!"

"Why couldn't you do this before?" Patamon asked looking at the teacher, still trying to douse the fire.

The end!!