Disclaimer: K, so I DEFINITELY need to put this up (the disclaimer), because much of the information, especially in this chapter, comes from what I read off the official SWAC script "Guess Who's Coming to Guest Star?" (it's Chad!) and so yeah. This story leads off of that.

And I also do not own that guy (Robert Adamson, Rosie's crush from the "Princess Protection Program") (and nor do I WANT to own him, eugh) who's really truly gonna be Sonny's first kiss—it was in some M-magazine, how their kiss was awkward and such.

So, I guess this is just my intake on how that episode would be like, with Robert in it. I mean, it's obvious, if Sonny's gonna get kissed, Chad's definitely gonna be viewing it.

Oh, and this story is in honor of the movie "Princess Protection Program" premiering tonight! Woohooo!!!!!!!

PS: Sorry the beginning's more description! It's to give you background knowledge of what happened in the unaired episode "Guess Who's Coming to Guest Star?" lol.

"So, you sure if you had to kiss this guy, you would?" Marshall repeated once again. When their last guest star—Chad Dylan Cooper—had appeared in the HottiE.M.T. sketch on "So Random," him and Sonny were to kiss. Sonny was against the idea from the start and the kiss never happened. When another guest star was requested for the next show, Marshall let Sonny choose who. Up until the wee hours of the morning, Sonny had chosen the perfect guest star—Robert Adamson, from the "Princess Protection Program" movie which also starred Selena Gomez.

Sonny widely grinned in answer. "Yes please!" With a shake of his head, Marshall exited out the Prop House door to make a phone call as Sonny sat on the green fuzzy seat, goggling at Robert's picture. Her eyes sparkled as she traced over his warm deep chocolate eyes, his unblemished skin, the waves in his soft brown hair. Apparently he was a real sweetheart too, and was single at the moment.

"Sure, Chad's a better catch but—Wait!" she muttered, then mentally screamed at her self to stop thinking of the three-named jerk. When he had guest-starred, he told her the fact that all his leading ladies would fall in love with him. And it happened too. Just like he said it would, Sonny started getting nervous and would stumble around him. Then she had "the dream" and accidentally got lost in his deep ocean blue eyes—just like he said she would. The "almost-kiss" was another story.

No, unlike when Chad had guest-stared, Sonny was looking forward to her first kiss with a certain hottie. Granted, if Chad hadn't been so full of himself the whole time, stating she'd fall for him, she wouldn't had mind at all kissing Chad.

Trying to demolish all "Chadded" thoughts with daydreams of Robert and his luscious lips, Sonny didn't notice a certain brown-haired muscled man enter the Prop House.

"Hi, I'm Robert Adamson. You must be Sonny Monroe! I'm such a huge fan of yours!" the man charmingly smiled. Sonny's heart stopped beating—she couldn't breathe until…


Her girl fan-girl scream slipped out in front of the bemused-looking Robert Adamson.

The gang and the So Random guest star were at the Commissary. A box of pizza and a bowl of fruit salad sat in the middle as Sonny would no way let Brenda's scarf-and-barf touch the gentle lips of Robert Adamson.

Currently, he was laughing with the rest of the cast reading their scripts as Sonny sat right beside the man, watching him intently, lovestruck. Their backs faced the face and they could be easily seen by anyone in the cafeteria. Realizing she was looking like a freak, Sonny overdid her laugh—everyone stopped and stared at her. Robert cleared his throat and stood.

"Well," he smiled at Sonny. "I'm gonna head over to my dressing room to practice my lines."

Sonny startled up also. "Oh, wouldn't you like to practice together?" she smiled widely. The man gently returned the smile.

"I'd actually rather work on it now so it'll be perfect for the perfect lady," he winked and walked away.

Flushed, Sonny fell to her seat, a huge grin plastered to her face.

"Eww," Zora groaned, not as hyper as she usually was. "Do you need to be all lovey-dovey just because he's cute?"

"Wha—at?" Sonny beamed high-pitched in denial, twirling her hair then dropped it.

"Oh, come on, you guys! I'm just really excited to kiss such a wonderful guy who's so sweet. He's like my Prince Charming!" she gushed.

"Nah. That'd be me!" Grady pointed to his script. "I'm Prince Alarming –knight of the Round Stable!" He rolled up his script and started making sword actions with it, poking Nico on the side.

"Yo, yo, yo—stop, bro!" Nico complained and then turned to Sonny. "Sonny, I'm happy for you. Better this bro than Drama Pants over there," he threw out his hand towards the direction of the MacKenzie Falls table.

Sonny smiled. "Awh, thanks Nico!"

Nico nodded once and smiled.

Sonny then narrowed her eyes. "Where is Chad today?" As if to answer that question, Chad swung behind Sonny's seat into Robert's chair, throwing his arm on top of Sonny's chair and on her farther shoulder.

"Awh. How sweet. You missed me," he heart-felt gave her a cheesy grin as Sonny looked at him with disgust.

"I'd rather have a root canal done than miss you," she argued, shoving his arm away from her.

"Ouch," Chad shuddered playfully, than turned his attention to everyone.

"Guess you Randoms are having a better lunch now because I boosted your ratings by guest-starring, huh?" Chad leaned back into his chair, placing his crossed feet on the table, and a hand on Sonny's chair again.

Sonny scoffed. "No, it's because of…" she dreamily sighed. "Robert Adamson..." Chad's eyebrow raised as he played it cool.

"Oh yeah. I heard that doofus was gonna be here this week. Heard he acts like a girl," Chad shrugged and smirked. "Can't wait to see that for myself." And as if he had the right to, he took a bite out of Sonny's pizza.

Sonny couldn't stand it. "Chad, you're such a jerk!" she spat. Chad and everyone else's eyes grew wide—they had never seen Sonny so furious before. She continued on her spiel.

"You're just jealous because he's been Tween Weekly's number 1 top kisser for several years in a row." She stood up in anger, talking down at him. Chad leaned further back in disbelief.

"Chad Dylan Cooper. Jealous. Of that wanna-be?" Chad monotonously stated.

"Sonny, get down and be quiet!" Tawni frantically whispered, tugging on Sonny's arm. "Everyone's staring and it's not because I'm pretty. Even though I AM!"

"NO!" she shrieked, then faced Chad again. "Chad, I am so SICK," she took a step closer at him; Chad was actually afraid of what 'Miss Sunshine' could do to him. "…and TIRED of you thinking you're so much better than everyone else and you can get whatever you want!"

By this time, Nico, Grady, and Zora used every ounce of energy to hold back Sonny, as you would with a vicious sharp-teethed dog held back by a leash.

"So you know what, Chad Dylan Cooper?" Chad was pressed upon his chair lowering in his seat by all the actual hatred spewing out from Sonny. "That kiss that was supposed to be yours in the last sketch—it's Robert's now!!" She maniacally laughed. "So back off, PUNK!"

At Sonny's last growl, Chad's chair toppled backwards as Chad yelped and crashed to the ground. Hew as clouded and shaken by what Sonny had just said that he didn't notice Sonny running out or the guys helping him up.

Tawni sighed and twirled her spoon around her yogurt. "She could get a much cuter guy than him if she wanted," she stated in a very bored tone, then stood up to follow suit after Sonny.

"What's the matter with her?!" Chad exasperated in surprise, fixing his collar, jacket, and straightening the wrinkles off his shirt and pants. Every often, he'd watch Sonny's figure walk off to the end of the hallway on his right.

"Ah, she's just lost in her own fantasy of falling in love with Robert Adamson when they kiss in the sketch," Grady shrugged, putting up finger quotation marks around Robert's name.

Chad's breath was stuck in his throat.

"Wa-wait!" he panicked. "S-so, sh-she wasn't kidding?" He stammered, leaning forwards towards the rest of the Randoms, his arms stiffly clamped to the table for dear life.

The Randoms nodded.

"But ah," Nico smirked coolly, clasping his hands together. "Why do you care, Chad?"

"I don't," he sadly sentenced, but his tone was more of an "I don't know…" expression.

"Uh-huh…" Nico grimaced. "C'mon, G. Let's go see Sonny."

Chad watched them leave, stunned, until he saw the youngest star sitting in front of him, mindlessly bored in her chair.

"You don't care about Sonny?" Chad suspiciously asked, startling her.

"Oh, I do," she shrugged. "I'm just trying to plan what you would do, though."

Chad nodded, then it hit him.

"Pfft! I'm not planning anything!" Chad snorted, dryly laughing.

"Uh-huh," Zora sighed, then stoop up also. "See you in a few minutes, Chad," she called out.

Chad called after her. "I'm not planning anything!" Everyone in the cafeteria stared at the heartthrob yelling, popping his collar.

"Cuz—cuz Chad Dylan Cooper doesn't plan!" He said out loud, acting all tough and gangster. "He has people who plan for him! So HA!" He fell to his seat, then whispered in panicked horror, "I need to plan something!"

A/N: Sorry about this chapter, kinda one of my worse! I wrote it on an 8 hour drive today and now my head's congested and my ears are plugged and so yeah—not in the best mood to be revising. But oh well. And I kinda combined Robin Hood and the whole 'Round Table' thing into their sketch—I don't even know if they tie up together but oh well. I would totally research it up—but it's the summer and I REALLY don't want to—hey, that excuse's good enough for me!