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The live taping had ended and while the cast of "So Random!" said their goodbyes and thanks to the audience, a certain brunette was absent.

Sonny Monroe, still in her resonating yellow ball-gown and her hair in an elegant braid which started to come apart on the sides, rushed over to where a certain jerk-throb's dressing room would be—it shouldn't had been a problem since the "MacKenzie Falls" studio was in the same layout as "So Random!"'s.

She had no problem entering the MacKenzie Falls studio and was surprised to see that the "So Random!" cast was taken off the "Do Not Admit Wall"—except for Zac Efron. Along side his picture was James Conroy and—the Jonas Brothers (except for Frankie)?! She made a mental note to remember to ask Chad about that.

Sonny brushed the fallen strands of hair to the side of her face to read the sign posted on Chad's door; it was obvious this was Chad's place as three heavy deep blue marble letters hanged on the door—C.D.C.. Underneath, it read:

"Do not admit unless you're the amazing Chad Dylan Cooper.

Do not even TALK to this door if CDC claims you just ain't worthy enough.

Are you Chad-worthy?

Are you really?"

(Yeah, this is the same from my other story, "Sonny's Super Silly Slumber Party aka S4P)

Sonny rolled her eyes, knocking on the door with her silk gloves still on.

"Go away," she heard a voice yell arrogantly inside—none other than the three-named jerk himself.

"But you don't even know who it is!" Sonny retorted.

"…Who is it?" a softer voice sang.

"It's Sonny," Sonny beamed, shrugging happily.

Chad Dylan Cooper was sunk in his sofa—wearing his normal suit and no knight costume—numbly watching the re-runs of "MacKenzie Falls" on DVD. There was one particular episode he wanted to watch—not to relive his experience again but to see how the incident had ended for MacKenzie. As soon as Sonny had knocked, his heart dropped, turning into a shell, his mind numb to protect itself.

If he told her to go away, it'd be clear that he was upset and that couldn't be seen. But if Sonny came and talked to him, he'd have to pretend to not know, not care—to act. Of course—this was Sonny—so he knew what she would do nevertheless. What would it be? Chad's eyes glazed over, his mind wandered pondering, his sapphire eyes searching for answers.

"Go away," Sonny head him say annoyed from inside. Treacherously, Sonny held her hand over the doorknob, no matter what his answer would be and opened the door forward.

She walked in on a dressing room the size of hers and Tawni's together, but there was no need for him to share his. The walls were covered in shades of blue and pure white, as if to reflect his eyes.

The girl found Chad lazily sitting on a sofa, facing her as he watched TV. Icy deep ocean eyes narrowed in on the warm chocolate as he glared at her bright demeanor. The princess cautiously walked towards the couch, sitting herself beside Chad. Not too close, to signify anything, but not too far to seem as if they were in a fight…well, aside from their usual banters.

Apparently he was watching a MacKenzie Falls episode—Sonny recognized this one: MacKenzie had grown jealous that Chloe had chosen Devon over him. Awkward silence increased the longer Sonny stayed there. Chad finally broke the ice, as if he were struggling with himself. "You entered Chad Dylan Cooper's room without permission, you know," he muttered, his eyes never leaving the screen.

Sonny chuckled and tried lightening up the mood. "So?" she grinned. "You do that to me all the time," she playfully elbowed him; his composure didn't change.

"So, was shooting?" Chad asked, now suddenly curious at the fuzz on his jacket as MacKenzie stepped backwards, running away from Chloe and Devon's mushiness on screen.

Sonny nodded, contemplating. "Oh, it went great. Yeah, everything went as planned," she spoke calmly, eying Chad through peripheral vision.

Chad's mind froze but kept cover. "…That's good?" he shrugged, trying to feign boredom. But no! He had to step up to his game. "I don't know. I don't really care," he conversed conceitedly.

"Ok, I lied. We had this random guy try taking Grady's place and ruin the sketch," Sonny shook her head.

"Still don't care," Chad's lips twitched into a smile as he smirked at Sonny, still avoiding her gaze. A chuckle escaped from him. "Maybe we sent him to lower your ratings."

Sonny ignored that comment, trying to play his game, smirking back, "You're such a jerk."

"So how was your kiss?" Chad asked mildly, as if to be polite. Their whole conversation was a bit slow and inattentive.

"Oh, it was great," Sonny nodded again. She made a boredom popping sound, smacking her lips. "Ai…yep." Chad nodded his whole top body. He didn't know how to answer that comment and worse--he felt as if he needed some popcorn for them to pass the time faster, so he wouldn't have to talk, instead of full-face ignoring her.

Sonny pursed her lips comically. "So…" she turned towards him, watching his expression incase anything slipped. Of course, he was an actor—but she would be the judge of that. "What have you been doing for the past hour…and 40 minutes?" she innocently asked.

Chad looked at her as if she were an idiot. "Hello? Being awesome?" he modeled himself in front of her. "If that's what you mean. And watching re-runs of the Falls, but mostly being amazing," he dramatically sighed, chuckling at himself, avoiding eye contact.

Sonny had enough of this. She reached over Chad for the remote and shut the TV off, glaring at Chad. When he saw the TV go black, he jumped up.

"I wanted to see what happens next! You can't just turn off Chad Dylan Cooper's TV like that!" he yelled unbelievably at her.

Sonny raised her eyes. "Chad," she slowly said as if he were a child. "You're MacKenzie—you know what happens!" she rushed over the words in exasperation.

Chad's face dropped. "Oh yeah," his eyes fell, but then he simpered. "But don't you forget it!" He then turned around, walking to the open window.

Sonny paced after him. "Chad, I know it was you in the knight suit," she sighed as they both leaned over the window sill, watching Chad look out of it.

He then turned to face Sonny, their eyes locked when he forced a laughter out. "You think I'd want to be on "Chuckle City" again? It's a joke. It was horrible enough the first time I was in your show. Why would I want to be in it again?" He coolly grimaced. Sonny felt as if he had just stabbed her square in the chest, but she wouldn't spend tears over this jerk, not now.

"Where's your proof?" he glowered. At his icy look, Sonny felt as if she would tremble, but she had to stay strong for her pride, her friends, her show.

They both looked out the window, Sonny collecting her self to become whole when she calmly stated, "I saw blue eyes."

Chad narrowed his eyes then, facing Sonny." Grady has blue eyes—"

"But none of his eyes sparkle! I don't get lost in his!" she spoke ecstatically fast, before realizing what she had spilled.

A shocked expression crossed both their faces. Any other time, Chad would have given her a smug, but not now. Sonny thought quickly. "And…" she pointed out excitedly, "there was blond hair! HA!" she grinned.

Chad scoffed. "So what? Grady does too!"

"Oh please! It's not as golden and beautifu—" Sonny's eyes then grew wide, then her face dropped, embarrassedly.

A light blush started forming on Chad's cheeks. Both looked away from each other.

"Really, Sonny?" he mumbled.

"…Really," she gently smiled at him.

"It is easy to get lost in my eyes," Chad shrugged, lightly grinning at him self as he popped his collar.

"You're one modest fellow, aren't you?" Sonny sighed in disgust.

"Yep!" Chad beamed, sitting on his high horse, when he realized that Sonny had still kissed Robert and not him; all this flirting was getting no where and would do him no good.

His tone softened as he looked at the window, into the flowering garden behind his window, a light breeze tousling his hair.

"What do you like about Robert anyway?" Chad narrowed his eyes, carefully trying to hide the new-born monster called jealousy.

Sonny looked up at the sky, as if it held her answers. "Well," she said softly, "he's not a jerk. That's for sure," she sarcastically muttered. Chad rolled his eyes. "But he's also really sweet and funny. And it's not my fault he showed interest. Why? Jealous?" she smiled at Chad, turning 180 degrees around, her back against the windowsill now.

The heartthrob snorted. "CDC doesn't do jealousy. And I'd never," he leaned in towards Sonny's face, challenging her," be jealous of a wannabe like him." He could see that Sonny wasn't buying it, as her wide grin explained all.

"Look," he seriously explained. "I was just…watching out for you. He could had…" but Chad was at a loss for words. "Darn! I got nothing!" his nose wrinkled.

"Awh!" Sonny chimed, leaning against him, shoving him playfully. "Chad Dylan Cooper actually cares about someone else besides him self."

Chad rolled his eyes to the side, gently smiling. "Don't get used to it."

Catching Chad's twinkle in both eyes, Sonny looked down as heat had spread over her face, her nose automatically wrinkling.

Chad looked over to the heavenly figure a mere inches away from him, bringing his comment out into the open.

"You look pretty…" Chad meekly smiled. As Sonny smiled back, his expression turned into a smirk. "…good," which, of course, changed the whole compliment.

Sonny laughed again, knowing Chad. "You are a jerk," she sing-sang out, giggling.

Her eyebrows then wrinkled in thought. "What episode were you watching just now?" She knew which, but she inked on why he would watch it.

Chad then looked out straight as Sonny looked up to him, his defined complexion of the face, his soft golden hair. "Oh, it's the episode where Chloe, MacKenzie's love-interest goes out with MacKenzie's half-brother."

Sonny nodded in understanding when Chad continued, becoming more heated, slowly growing fiercer in his speech. "Yeah! Why would she go to Devon?" Chad threw his arms up as Sonny wide-eyed him.

"MacKenzie's the one heartbroken. She shouldn't go with some random fool! She's supposed to love MacKenzie! MacKenzie's the one who helped her! He's the guy who's driven crazy when he sees her with some other guy! SHE'S SUPPOSED TO BE WITH MACKENZIE!!" he barked.

"So what does MacKenzie do?" Sonny whispered softly.

"I don't know! You didn't let me finish watching it—!" He went ballistic when Sonny suddenly rose on her tip-toes, landing a small kiss on his cheek, her cherry soft lips on his perfect smooth skin for several seconds before she broke the contact.

During the time, a shock ran through her—a friendly warmth that she desired more of. Even her first kiss with Robert was nothing compared to this small insignificant peck she was giving Chad.

With a stunned look, Chad slowly turned to face a soft-smiling Sonny, her face glowing.

"Thanks for looking out for me…" she gently grinned as her nose wrinkled. "…buddy."

Carrying a flushed beam, Sonny gracefully walked away, out of the room as Chad watched after her, flabbergast. Little by little, he sucked his lips inward, then elatedly grinned. As Sonny had forgotten to close his door, Chad's afro-and-spectacled assistant Bart swung beside the door.

"Mr. Cooper, rehearsal in 5," Bart called out when Chad pulled his act together and held a single finger of authority, that read "Hold up."

"Actually, cancel rehearsal for today. Chad Dylan Cooper's feeling way too happy to do drama right now," he suavely smirked.

Making sure no one stood in the hallway after Bart left, Chad quickly locked the door, grinned and started dancing and humming. Despite his lame moves like "The Sprinkler," Chad was enjoying himself as a certain girl walking between studios was also doing. Just like him, she was grooving around, passing weird looks, grinning like crazy.

The horses were back at the studio stable in the breezy afternoon, except for one horse out. On that horse was Nico, riding inside the temporary corral. For some reason though, Nico's horse was shaken, jumping around.

"Look out! Cowboy Nico's ridin' up a storm!" he howled, wearing a plaid shirt, cowboy hat and a bandana tied around his neck.

Just then, Grady rode up on another horse towards his best friend, also wearing a red patterned bandana, chaps, and a cowboy hat.

"Yo, G! I'm ridin'! And I ain't scared! Mm-hmmm! I don't even know why I was scared in the first place!"

"Way to go, pal!" cheered Grady when he realized something. "Um…dude. That's not Mimi. I'm riding Mimi. That's Emee and he's quite the—"

Suddenly Nico's horse become startled, ferociously bucking everywhere, bucking off Nico.

Before he knew it, Nico was off the horse, sailing through the air, and into the mud patch.

"—Buck-ineer…" Grady finished his thought as jumped off his horse, running to pick up his soiled friend.

"Man," Nico whined, his face covered in clumps of mud. "Why was I afraid of you horses again? Oh! I remember now! Cuz you're all jerks!" The horses neighed in agreement as Grady tried helping Nico up, but landed him self into the mud also.

The end!