Road Trip

When the younger Cullens decide to take a vacation, what kinds of wild and crazy things will happen?? And what is Bella's new power?

Alice tore threw the living room like the little wild tornado that she is smiling.

"What are you so happy about?" Emmett asked her.

"She had a vision about Carlisle and Esme pretty much keeping us out of the house so the can have some alone time and we're going on a road trip." Edward read her mind.

"Why would she kick us out?" I asked Edward.

He didn't answer immediately so I looked at Alice.

"Well, see Bella, Edward's gonna have to buy Esme a new bed." Alice explained.

I sifted through my fuzzy human memories to remember that Edward and I had broken the head board when we were on our homeymoon. "Oh yeah. I'd forgotten about that." I'm sure if I could blush, my face would be red.

"What happened?" Renesmee asked then looked at me.

"Um...Edward, why don't you handle that one?" I passed Edward our daughter and turned to look at Rosalie when she poked me in the arm.

"What did you and Edward do?" she whispered and laughed.

I groaned and rolled my eyes.

"Daddy," Renesmee touched Edward's face, her way of communicating, and looked at me.

"No no darling. Your mother and I didn't do anything's just that we accidentally broke Grandma Esme's bed when we were...."

"Wrestling!" I interjected. I knew lying to Renesmee was bad, but I couldn't tell her the truth yet. She was already going to be grown in six and a half years so why tell her the things she's going to learn within that time anyway.

Emmett choked back a laugh, Rose snickered a bit, and Alice pretended to tidy up the spotless house.

"Oh." Remesmee crawled from Edward's arms back into mine and looked at me. She knew I was lying, but she wasn't going to ask why or what the truth really was.

"Okay, that still doesn't explain why you're so happy." Emmett said.

"Well, I ws thinking that we could either stay in Bella and Edward's cottage, or go on a little road trip!!" Alice exclaimed.

"To where?" Jasper asked.

"I dunno. I do know that it's going to be really fun."

"And I'm guessing since you actually saw this that Renesmee wasn't with us." I asked.

"Uh..yeah." Alice admitted.

"You could always let wolf boy babysit her." Emmett suggested.

"I get to stay with Jacob?!" Renesmee's face showed excitement as did her voice.

Edward looked at me and narrowed his eyes. He didn't like the thought of Jacob having Ness- Not me too! Edward didn't like the thought of Remesmee with Jacob any more than I liked the thought of being away from her.

"I think it's a good idead Edward. So, yes Renesmee, you get to stay with Jacob...for how long Alice?"

"Two weeks." She answered after calculating the days in her head.

"For two weeks." I looked at Renesmee and she smiled. She touched her hand to my face and showed me all of the moments she had spent with Jacob in her six and a half months of life. I could feel her gratitude.

"I don't like it." Edward growled.

"But it will give them time to bond." I argued.

"They'll be inseprable when we get back." he rebutted.

"They're already almost inseprable." I looked around the room and everyone nodded in agreement.

"You can't deny it Edward. The mutt loves Nessie and she loves him too." Rosalie said.

"And Jake's a good protector. You know he'll keep her safe." Alice added.

I turned back to Edward, who was now staring at Rosalie, reading her thoughts.

"Are you sure?" he asked her. Silence. "But-" Silence. "Fine. Do you promise?" He smiled and looked up at me. "Renesmee says it's what she wants."

"We knew that already! You were the one who needed a conformation." Emmett said.

"Ok. That's settled. How is all of this going to happen?" I asked Alice.

"Well, Esme and Carlisle are planning a trip to the Isle, and Edward is gonna read their thoughts and confess." Alice explained. "About the bed and the pillows."

"Pillows?" Emmett asked.

"Yup." Edward said confidently. I hid my face in Renesmee's hair. After about three minutes of silence, she was asleep.

"So, what happened?"

"Well, the headboard is almost gone, and we destoryed five pillows." Edward smiled at me when I looked up.

"Headboard?" Emmett looked at me. "This road trip is going to be so much fun."

"You can't say anything. Remember I beat you in arm wrestling and you can't say anything about my sex life." I said as I remembered the first time we all heard Renesmee giggle after I'd beaten Emmett in arm wrestiling and I was having fun with my newborn strength.

"I can't say anything, but I sure as hell can think it and torture Edward." Emmett glanced up at Edward.

"Stop it!" Edward hissed. "I choose not to answer that!"

I extended my shield and wrapped it around Emmett. Immediately Edward looked at me and smiled.

"Nice, love." Edward commended. He kissed me on my forehead.

"No fair Bella!" Emmett whined then pouted.

"It's not cute to pout big bro!" I taunted.

"Whatever! Just get your stupid shield off of me so I can torture Edward."

"Oh yeah, that's really gonna make me release you. Threating my husband!" I said the word with surprised ease and Edward beamed at the title.

"I never got my rematch! I want it now!" Emmett growled.

"Sure. I'm still a newborn, so I still might be able to beat you." I said as I handed Renesmee to Edward. We all walked outside to a large rock. Emmett and I claimed the position we had a little over a month ago. I let down the shield around Emmett's mind.

"If I win, you tell all, with details to everyone." Emmett declared with a smile.

"And if I want you...what do I want? Edward?"

He was just walking from our cottage after putting Renesmee down in her bed. "Yes?"

"What do should I get if I win?"

"Make him go shopping with Alice."

"Oh!" Rosalie groaned. "That's not too bad though. Worse than that."

"Rose! Aren't you supposed to be on my side here?" Emmett said to his wife and mate.

"Yeah yeah. You should make him shave his head or something."

"No! I've got it. When Alice packed for my honeymoon with Edward, there were a few pieces of clothing that caught my eye. You have to wear them. A ne outfit every day for the next week."

"I'm not sure if they'll fit Bella." Alice said.

"We're going to go buy them in his size." I answered.

"That's if I lose." Emmett said.

"That's when you lose," I corrected.

"Shutup and let's get going."



Again, I felt the pressure of his hand, but this time it was slightly more. Still not enough to win, but enough to make me think about it. Of course I won, but Emmett said, "Best two out of three."

I won the next four when he upped the competition again and again after he lost.

"Okay, since we all have seen you lose over and over, we want to spare you from anymore anger and frustration." Edward offered.

"No, I'm fine! I'm gonna win the next one." He said confidently.

"He's gonna cheat Bella." Edward said.

"You took down the shield?" Emmett said.

"It's what you wanted, wasn't it?" I asked in mock confusion.

"Whatever." He growled and began to stand.

"You don't want the rematch?" I asked as he began to walk away. He didn't answer, but I heard his snarl as he entered the house. I stood up and dusted my knees off. "Shopping Alice?"

"Definetely!" She exclaimed. We hopped in my Ferrari and I drove to Port Angeles at a comfortable speed of 103.

That's it for chapter one! Hop you like it!

I'm not done, but it won't be too long a story either.