Chapter 45: Chuck Wants to F-


What fresh hell was taking place in front of me? The fear coming off Jessica in waves was enough to make Jasper nauseous.

"Listen you little bitch, you'd better be wherever the fuck I tell you to be whenever the fuck I tell you to be there." Chuck squeezed Jessica's arm.

"Let her go." Edward stepped up, being the gentleman he is. Even though he didn't like Jessica, he didn't like the thought of anyone putting their hands on a woman. He grabbed Chuck's arm and yanked it away from Jessica, making sure he didn't hurt the girl any more than she already had.

"Who the hell are you?" Chuck yelled in Edward's face.

"Edward, no." I said, placing my hand on his arm.

Chuck looked at me and licked his lips. I couldn't help the shiver that ran through me. He made me feel disgusting.

"She…she's nobody Chuck. Don't worry about her." Jessica seemed afraid.

"Shut the fuck up." Chuck raised his hand to hit Jessica but Edward grabbed his hand.

"You will not strike a female in my presence." Edward said, lowering Chuck's hand.

Chuck turned to look to me, then Jessica. "I'll come back for you, little lady."

"No! She isn't…she can't…" Jessica couldn't finish her sentence out of fear that Chuck would hit her. Chuck and his thick mustache and eyes that showed he'd been drinking for years, turned and left. They were sunken in and bloodshot. He was the picture of grossness.

"I thought you said you'd gotten away from him!" Marsha hissed at Jessica.

Jessica's eyes filled with tears and she shook her head. "He always finds me."

"Why the hell did you even start that in the first place?" Marsha was pissed, that much was obvious.

"Don't fucking judge me! You know I need the money!" Jessica said.

"So you're what…like a prostitute or something?" Rose asked, not really caring.

"No! I'm an escort." Jessica lied.

"He doesn't look smart enough to run an escort service, so I'm gonna assume you are a whore." Rose came back with while she was picking at her nails.

"I need some fresh air. The smell of sex is burning my nose." I said, mostly for Edward's benefit. He looked at me and nodded, not knowing what was about to happen. Of course I did though, since I'd seen it in Alice's vision.

I walked outside slowly, and took a deep breath. The air wasn't much fresher out there than it was in the club. I heard and smelled Chuck approaching me from behind. Of course I wasn't supposed to smell him, but not hearing him was impossible, even for a human. His steps were clumsy and loud. I also heard the steps of at least two other people who were also loud and more than likely drunk.

Chuck finally came to stand behind me. He whispered in my ear, "Don't scream, or this will hurt."

I sighed and rolled my eyes. His plan was to kidnap me, but seeing how I'm the weight of stone, all three of them weren't gonna be able to pick me up, so instead, I screamed.

"Oh I hate it when they do things the hard way." Chuck had a knife in his pocket and pulled it out. He tried to stab me and it broke against my skin.

I smirked. Obviously he wasn't expecting that.

"What the fuck are you?" He screamed. His partners had already taken off when I screamed, but Edward had come outside and caught them before they got too far.

"Your worst nightmare." I said, my voice low. I pounced on him, ripping the already short dress I had on. "So you like pimping young girls? You like fucking them too, don't you?"

Chuck was on the ground, crying. Rose and the rest of my family had come outside, along with the orderlies.

"You wanna try touching me again?" I was angry.

"No!" Chuck wailed. He was scared shitless. Actually, I sniffed, he'd shit on himself.

"You're disgusting. Go wipe your ass!" I yelled and let him up. "And if you ever come anywhere around here again, I'll kill you. And that's a promise."

Chuck got up running with his tail between his legs. His jeans were stained brown on the seat. Nasty ass pervert.

"He shitted on himself?" Rose asked. "That's just nasty."

Jessica was looking at me, then she turned to Edward when he came into view, dragging Chuck's two accomplices by their collars.

"Get the fuck outta here!" Edward said, and threw them on the ground. They, too, took off sniveling like their leader.

"Oh thank you Edward! You were so brave!" Jessica ran to Edward but I beat her there. She blinked. "How'd you get over here so fast?"

"Don't worry about it. Just stay away from my husband." I stood in front of Edward and felt his hands on my waist. I smiled. "And I think he agrees. Now are you ready to call off this silly thing? It's obvious who's won."

Jessica rolled her eyes. "Whatever. You're just scared bitch."

"Scared of what? Finding out more dirty secrets about you? Tell me Jessica, how many men have you slept with for money?" I was ruthless, and tired of her shit. "How many times have you cum from a paying customer? When you first started, did you feel used and dirty?"

Jessica bit her lip then her eyes filled with tears. "You don't know a damn thing!"

"Fuck what I do and don't know about your past, because you never gave me a chance to find out, not that I would've wanted to anyway. You're acting like a bitch right now, in the present. So why the hell should I give a damn about your feelings when it's obvious you don't give two shits about mine. You don't even respect my fucking marriage!" I was livid and unforgiving.

"Shutup! Just shutup!" Jessica screamed.

I shook my head. "I pity you Jessica. You've had a failed marriage and let that spiral into pure fuckery. You need to get your life together and stop making other's miserable." I walked off with my family right behind me. Jessica and the other orderlies were left standing at the door, watching us walk off.

"Damn. She has a point." Marsha said behind us.

"Shutup." Jessica sighed. She knew I was right, though. She just didn't know where to start to begin to suck the venom out of her life.

"Damn Bella. We keep seeing the fire come out of you." Rose laughed when we got into our vehicle.

I glared at her. "Shutup."

"I thought that was Jessica's favorite word." Alice laughed.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. There was something seriously wrong with my family. "Isn't it time to get back to school anyway?"

Alice nodded. "Yeah. If we head back now we can make it in time to hunt and visit Carlisle and Esme and Renesmee."

"Great. I miss my baby." I smiled, thinking about my daughter. Today was a tiring day, even for a vampire. I sighed and leaned my head against Edward's shoulder. I love my family and my husband. Sometimes, though, I just wish I could sleep.