Hello Lovelies, this little idea popped into my head while I was finishing up Vortex of Love. First chapter is always slow for me, but don't worry you know I bring the drama...lol So please enjoy this while i work on the much requested sequel to Vortex of Love :) I see you smiling!! xoxo

Tyson Flair was at the moment stuck in a precarious situation. Instantly she thought of the phrase coyote ugly. That was the first thought that broke through her mounting hangover. Whoever the hells bed she was in was snoring loudly, asleep on her arm.

"I can get by with one arm right?" she thought wryly to herself.

Lucky Mr. Chainsaw was in such a hurry to get laid he hadn't bothered to remove her silver Marchesa dress that had to be fucking dry cleaned now, as she spotted a small spot of drool on the sleeve. She grabbed her clutch on the nightstand and checked quickly to make sure she had everything. She counted to three before yanking her arm from underneath the guy, grabbing her shoes and bolting to the door. She laughed to herself when she made it out in the hallway. She'd gotten so good at escaping her hook ups that he hadn't even missed a beat snoring. She went to the elevator and slid on her Louboutin's while waiting. When she stepped into the elevator she pulled out her phone. Three-thirty in the morning, right on time. She hit the speed dial to her best friend Logan Toombs phone.

"Hey bitch, how was it?" Logan answered on the second ring.

"I don't remember." Tyson said hitting the floor to the garage, "Where are you?"

"The friggin Holiday Inn, what about you?" Logan asked.

"Hilton." Tyson muttered offhand watching the lights flash as the elevator descended.

"Nice. You always get the rich, hot ones. Meet you at the spot?" Logan complained.

Tyson stepped out of the elevator, "As soon as I find my effing car."

Logan began laughing as Tyson ended the call and fished her keys out of her purse.

"Why did I not get it valeted?" she grumbled, hitting the emergency button on her keys.

Thirty minutes later Tyson pulled up to the Waffle House in downtown Charlotte. This was where Tyson and Logan always came to wind down after a night of partying before going home. The girls had watched many a sunrise from their booth in the corner. Tyson flipped her thick blonde hair over one shoulder in the muggy night air, yanking on the door and welcoming the air conditioning that hit her face. She spotted Logan's red hair immediately in their usual seat.

"Hello Darlin." Logan greeted.

"It's been a long timeā€¦" the girls sang the Conway Twitty song in unison that was playing on the jukebox just as Tyson sat down across from her friend.

"We're so stupid." Tyson giggled, paying no attention to the stares they were getting.

"That's why we're so cool." Logan smiled, stirring her coffee, "So, nothing good about what's his name? I thought he would be fun." Logan pouted.

Tyson shrugged checking her e-mails on her blackberry.

"And what about your guy Logan? Oh, mine was great! He was actually the best in a long time. Thanks for asking Ty, you're such a good friend." Logan gushed sarcastically.

"Not necessary. My mom is raging! Look at the e-mail she sent." Tyson scoffed.

Logan made a face as she scanned the e-mail, "Ooohh, she used Tyson Delilah Flair five times, you are in deep shit!"

"Shut up." Tyson groaned covering her friend's mouth.

She HATED her middle name.

"Will you make that coffee to go please?" Tyson called to the waitress.

"Did you want me to go with you? I could spend the night." Logan offered.

"No, it won't make any difference. No need for you to get screamed at too." Tyson said handing the waitress a fifty, "Keep it."

The girls grabbed their coffees and went to their cars.

"I'm sorry your mom's such a bitch, Ty." Logan sympathized hugging her friend.

"Blah, it'll be okay. I'll call you when she gets done screaming like a banshee." Tyson smiled climbing in her black Mustang, "Smooches Lovely."

"Toodles Ty Ty." Logan replied.

They had ended every conversation like that since they were seven years old.

Tyson pulled onto the interstate to her inevitable verbal punishment. She turned up the radio so that her speakers were thumping and vibrating in her seat over the purr of the engine. Hopefully she would be semi-deaf before she got home so she wouldn't even hear half the shit her mom was going to yell at her.

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