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They discreetly ducked into their room upstairs, Ted following moments later.

He thoroughly checked the room for any kind of restraints as soon as he closed the door behind him. He was not making that mistake again. As he was pulling a chair to the corner, he noticed the couple's expressions.

"You don't have to do this. It's not that big of a deal." he offered them an escape route if they wanted it.

Randy looked over at Tyson, letting her know the decision was hers to be made. She hesitated only a moment before reaching behind her to unzip the dress. Ted resumed staging his seat; he wanted a front row seat to this show. Just as he took his seat Tyson's dress hit the floor as well as his jaw.

"Good Lord Ty." he breathed.

Randy smirked; he already knew that was what his reaction would be. His girlfriend had a body that could easily turn a gay man straight. He went to her in his briefs tilting her head sideways with his nose to kiss where her neck and shoulder met. He loved the way it curved and how she always dabbed the tiniest bit of perfume to tease his senses. She was wearing a new scent tonight and it was driving him wild.

He nipped the spot making her gasp and arch for more. She had her eyes half lidded on Teddy who was fondling himself. Randy smoothed his hands around her hips and up to her breasts tweaking the nipples hard enough to get her to gasp. He turned her sideways so they were both standing profile to Ted. Randy captured her mouth in the most sensual way. His tongue met hers and dipped and lapped and tasted her. He fisted her hair and pulled it until she was forced to look up. He left a wet trail down her throat and between her breasts, biting the underside of one gently. He sucked and kissed both breasts teasing her by avoiding the sensitive peaks.

She whimpered her frustration but was ignored. He pushed her to lie back on the bed. He smirked when he saw the pout on her face.

"So do you make requests Dibiase? Is there anything in particular you want me to do to her?" Randy asked as he pulled off Tyson's thong.

Teddy was transfixed, eagerly taking in the most recent exposure of her.

"Ted?" Randy raised his eyebrows.

"Yeah?" Teddy finally looked up at Randy.

He pushed Tyson's legs open and got on his knees at the foot of the bed. His thumb went to massage her clit, causing a moan to fill the room. She was laying on an elevation of pillows pinching and rolling her nipples. Randy leaned forward and put two fingers in her mouth. She sucked them on cue, causing both men to shift their position. He took them out of her mouth and slowly inserted them into her core. She arched off the bed as he began a slow pace caressing her walls, his thumb still making lazy circles.

Randy looked back over his shoulder, "I asked if there was a certain way you wanted me to fuck her?"

Ted's shaking hands were fumbling with the buttons on his shirt. He had to take it off because he was already breaking a sweat.

"Uhh…no. What you're doing is great. I kinda like eye contact from her…but what you're doing is fine."

Randy chuckled and replaced his fingers with his mouth. Tyson whimpered as she watched and felt Randy giving her head that should be outlawed. She lightly rested her feet on his shoulder blades and rolled her body. She sacrificed one hand to run her fingers through his short hair. He pulled back, holding her open so Teddy could see her glistening flesh.

"Fuck Ty." Ted growled, his large hand going to his cock.

Randy stood up, his hand over his throbbing package. Tyson apparently knew what he wanted because she stood up too. Carefully she slid his briefs down letting his cock hit her in the chin when it sprang free. She licked where his hip dents were, teasing him the way he had her. She let the small patch of hair tickle her lips as she looked up first at Randy then over at Ted.

Her pink tongue flicked out at the very base of his shaft as she tilted her head to maneuver underneath. He held up his member for her to wet and suck on his sack. Alternating between them and then taking them both into her mouth. Randy grunted his approval as he slowly stroked himself occasionally letting it hit against her cheek. She trailed soft kissed up to the head and playfully swirled her tongue. She looked up at Randy as she filled her mouth with him. His jaw went slack as he closed his eyes to heighten the experience. He was taking long labored breaths as he moved her hair over her shoulder to give Teddy a better vantage point.

"No homo or anything, but I see how you tamed Ty now." he said quietly.

Randy didn't break his gaze from watching her go down on him. He slowly guided her along his shaft, allowing her to work her magic. She held onto his thick thighs as he pumped his shaft into her mouth, curling her nails into the skin like he liked it.

He pulled out of her mouth and picked her up. He laid her down where her head was at the foot of the bed. She was heaving deep breaths and moaning as Randy finally closed his mouth around her peaks.

"Yeah Ty, just like that." Ted encouraged finally freeing his member.

He stroked it slowly watching her bite her bottom lip as Randy continued his pleasure of her. He pulled her up slightly to engage her in another passionate kiss before smirking at Ted.

"You're gonna love this next part Dibiase." he smiled at Tyson as he laid her back down.

Tyson had her eyes locked on Teddy's as Randy centered himself. He moved inside her slowly, just an inch waiting for her body to flex around him like it always did.

Randy bent to hold himself up with one hand as his other stroked her cheek, "Relax."

He pushed into her further pausing every now and then to allow her body time to accommodate him. She winced when she felt him nudge against her cervix. She half sighed and moaned. Even after a year of having sex with him, it still felt like the first time every time. She opened her eyes hearing Teddy panting. Randy pulled out and delved back into her in one thrust of his hips. Tyson cried out and arched her back from the sheer force of him.

Having sex with Randy was equal amounts of work and intense pleasure. He could bring out the best in her with very little manipulation on his part. She was in for a wild ride already. He was snapping his hips into hers, holding onto her tightly to prevent her from falling off the bed. She was clawing at his back when she let go. The wave of her orgasm washed over her like none other. She screamed his name, almost begging him to hurry up or stop.

She watched Teddy scramble for a towel. He groaned as his climax took him over too, feverishly keeping pace with Randy.

Tyson pushed against his chest, "Randy, please…"

If felt like he was killing her.

"Fuck baby." he growled driving into her a final time.

He hissed, letting himself spill into her. He collapsed on top of her panting heavily. The only sound in the room for several moments was their heavy breathing.

"We've got to get back downstairs." Tyson finally said.

Randy chuckled, "How the hell are you planning on walking?"

"Get off…very slowly." she smiled.

"I don't know, I might want to go again." he joked nipping at her neck.

He knew there was no way she could go twice. She rarely could with him.

"There's no way." she whimpered when he was finally out of her.

"I love you Ty." he whispered kissing her softly.

"Love you too."

She came back out of the bathroom in her dress, letting Randy zip it for her.

Ted kissed her cheek, "Thanks for making my night."

"No problem." she shrugged with a grin, "It was exciting having you here."

They snuck back downstairs just in time for the bouquet and garter toss. Tyson mingled in the crowd of girls waiting for Logan to toss the bouquet over her shoulder. She winked at Randy who was at the bar, that panty dropping smirk was going to be on his face all night. She turned to see Logan release the bouquet, sending it up almost to the ceiling. It seemed to float through the air over all of the screaming, jumping girls right into her hands. Shock was soon followed by elation when she realized she had caught the bouquet.

"Oh my God! Nice catch Ty!" Logan smiled.

The photographer was snapping pictures of her and Logan as they hugged happily.

"You're next." Cody laughed pulling his bride into his arms.

Tyson scoffed, "Yeah sure, whatever."

She turned around to see that she was alone on the dance floor except for Randy standing a few feet away. How the hell had he gotten over to her so fast? She scanned the room trying to figure out what was going on. She looked up at Randy seeing the mixture of fear and hope on his face. The same look he had when he confessed that he loved her. Her heart was fluttering as she stood by herself. He took a step to her and gently brushed the back of his hand along her cheek.

"You're so beautiful." he whispered.

He trailed down her shoulder and took her hand. He brought it to his lips, his blue eyes constantly watching hers.

"Marry me Tyson."

She was frozen, hot tears cascading down her face. He could feel her shaking; she was literally floored by his sudden proposal.

"I know you're scared. I am too, but I want you to remember that it's easy to say no. You can say no and always be afraid, or you can say yes and trust me that I'll love you forever and will always take care of you, no matter how much you don't want me to." he assured her.

She was taking short shallow breaths to keep from passing out. She could feel everyone's eyes on her, watching…waiting for her answer.

Randy kissed her hand again and took her face in his hands.

He pressed his lips to her forehead, "You said all I had to do was ask you."

She looked up at him fearfully, the words trying to form themselves out of the million and one thoughts running through her head at that very moment.

His thumb fanned across her trembling lips.

"Marry me Ty."