This is my Second UlquiHime Story

Though this one also has other pairings NnoiHali Starlili Grimmpache and AaroSun

Rated M for Character death, Rape, Torture, and Language

Bat Out of Hell


Several weeks have past since Orihime became a hostage in Las Noches and Ulquiorra had developed a sort of bond with her, or that what everyone said Ulquiorra himself didn't believe it. He did however admit that he had grown onto her, because when she first came here all she did was complain to him but now he enters her room and he is met with a tight embrace from her.

He felt that this day it wouldn't be any different Ulquiorra was walking towards her room a he did every morning, but this time he was intercepted by two other Espada. Nnoitra stepped in front of Ulquiorra blocking him then he called the second Espada, "hey Grimmjow it looks to me Ulquiorra going to greet his little fuck doll Pet-sama." Grimmjow scoffed at the idea, "yeah right and I'm going to suck Aizen's dick later."

Ulquiorra was disgusted by both of his fellow Espada, "don't you two have something to do right now?" Grimmjow laughed and said, "the only thing I want to do right now is fuck that little bitch of yours show her what a real man is, her virgin hole must be so tight." Nnoitra snickered, "how do you know she's a virgin?" Grimmjow answered, "Come on do you think a pussy orange haired Shinigami and Ulquiorra could ever fuck her."

Nnoitra grinned, "So Ulquiorra do you have anything that you want to tell Grimmjow?" Ulquiorra just walked past the two Espada then said, "I don't have time for this, you two better not bother me about such trivial things again." Nnoitra sneered and then said, "Fine I'm going to find Halibel me and her are going to have a good time." But Grimmjow was angry, "just watch you little bitch, one of these days my sword will get your head."

Ulquiorra continued walking to Orihime's room, then he suddenly turned around and landed a kick on Grimmjow, Grimmjow fell to the ground and began coughing and clenching his stomach.

Nnoitra started to laugh, "Damn Grimmjow he sure showed you who the bitch is." Ulquiorra turned his back on Grimmjow and continued walking leaving Nnoitra in laughter and Grimmjow in pain, the laughter stopped when Halibel came to the scene, Halibel was followed by Apache who the went to Grimmjow's side only to be pushed away by the angry Espada.

Nnoitra then wrapped his arms around Halibel and pulled her in close, "Hey Hali-baby what's going on." Halibel was slightly annoyed by being grabbed like she was; she was also annoyed with that stupid nickname that Nnoitra had given her, but that wasn't important on the moment.

Halibel asked Nnoitra about what had just happened, Nnoitra answered "Grimmjow got Ulquiorra pissed, then on top of that Grimmjow then attacked Ulquiorra and Ulquiorra put him in his place the whole thing was pretty fucking funny." Halibel processed the info, but she was once again interrupted by Nnoitra who lifted her up the ground and kissed her collar covered cheek, "So Hali-baby how about some fun?"

Halibel thought for a bit then plainly said, "No." Nnoitra stood still as he was rejected. Everything was quiet until he heard laughter, it was the laughter of the Sexta Espada Grimmjow; his pain seemed to have gone away after seeing Nnoitra's emotional pain.

Nnoitra got angry and he suddenly charged Grimmjow, "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Suddenly Apache stood up and attempted to protect the injured Grimmjow, but she was swatted aside like an insect by the more powerful Arrancar, and just as Nnoitra was about to land a killing blow on Grimmjow Halibel appeared in front of him and gave him a devastating punch to the gut.

Nnoitra fell to his knees and got face to face with Halibel, Halibel then grabbed Nnoitra by the collar and pulled him closer, "listen to me Nnoitra, I may be able to tolerate a lot of the things you do simply because I love you, but if you attack any of my subordinates then I swear to Aizen that I will personally rip your fucking balls off do you understand?" Nnoitra fearfully nodded and was then released.

Halibel then went over to Apache who had a bruise on her face, Halibel picked up her injured subordinate and then Sonido-ed to the medical center of Las Noches, leaving Nnoitra and Grimmjow alone.

Nnoitra smiled a bit, "damn I love that woman." Grimmjow looked up, "and I hate you and your sadomasochistic ways, but that's not important the important thing is getting back at the little shit that started all of this." Nnoitra suddenly got serious, "yeah you have a point, Ulquiorra must pay for this, and we'll put him through hell, him and that little bitch of his."