Star Trek: Odyssey: Spectre's Rose

Captain's Log: Stardate: 57905.9. We are currently in orbit around Earth at Earth Station McKinley undergoing repairs from the damages taken from the Battle of Betazed. Commander Zofchak and Commander Sato are on leave to attend the funeral of Dustin's sister who was lost along with the rest of the crew of the Solent at Betazed. Admiral McKeen has requested to see me upon arrival to discuss a possible mission. The details of the mission, she didn't want to discuss over subspace. I will find out once I arrive to her office.

Captain Allensworth walked into the office of Admiral McKeen. It seemed like that's all he was doing lately. One admiral's office one day another the next. He was probably in an admiral's office more often than his own quarters. The Admiral got up out of her chair and walked around to shake Allensworth's hand. This admiral was probably as old as Admiral Janeway. Of course, that seemed to be a recurring theme as well. There seemed to be an abundance of younger looking admirals. Of course, Admiral Janeway was only forty-four now but the more widely known admirals were older such as Jellico and Nechayev.

"Thanks for coming, Captain." McKeen said. "Have a seat."

Jermaine sat down about a moment before McKeen sat in her seat.

"So, this mission you spoke of is of major importance I take it since it couldn't be discussed over subspace." Allensworth said.

"That is correct, Captain. The mission entails sending you and your crew to the other side."

"The other side?"

"Yes. You've done it before with the help of the crew from Deep Space Nine and the Defiant. You went over there to retrieve your chief engineer."

"I'm aware of what had happened, Admiral but I fail to see why we're going to start sending ships over there."

"They've invaded our space multiple times and attacked multiple areas including the Utopia Planitia Ship Yards. We are going to invade their space and go on the offensive. It's no different than when we took Chin'toka during the Dominion War. We were able to study the information they have concerning the use of their main deflectors to open these wormholes."

"So, you're sending the Alexandria to the other side to destroy a ship yard?"

"That's correct, Captain. Gather your crew and depart in two hours. You will rendezvous with the Thunderchild and Challenger in the Antares Sector and the two ships will help emit an anomaly similar to the one the Terran Empire uses. The Alexandria alone will go through and proceed to the ship yard. Dismissed."

Allensworth didn't have time to object or raise concern. He simply stood up and left. He walked down the corridor to the transporter room, his head racing with thoughts.

This doesn't make any sense. Why only send one ship. Why not send more? Something is not right here.

He reached the transporter room and stood on the pad. The transporter chief pressed a few buttons and Allensworth dematerialized from the transporter pad.

Commander Zofchak and Commander Sato sat with his mother in the kitchen of his mother's house on Earth. They were going through old pictures of him and his sisters.

"So your mother is going to cook us dinner tonight?"

"Yeah. She's going to use some old recipe that she got from an ancestor."

Hoshi stared at the pictures then up to Dustin. "So I talked to Doctor Plumley before we left the ship and I was waiting for a good time to tell you."

Dustin looked at her wondering where she was headed with this.

"But now is as good as any." She said. "Dustin, I'm…"

Just then Dustin felt the very subtle vibration of his comm. badge activating.

"Alexandria to Commander Zofchak."

It was Commander Sparhawk's voice.

"Go ahead." Dustin said tapping the badge.

"You and Commander Sato are to report to the ship immediately."

"We're on our way, sir." Dustin looked to Hoshi and his mother. "Looks like we won't be staying."

By the time Captain Allensworth walked onto the bridge, almost two hours had passed and the bridge crew had returned to the ship and were at their respective stations. He stood for a few moments next to Zofchak, who was at the engineering console. Dustin looked over and the captain nodded to him basically asking if he was all right. Dustin returned the nod silently answering the silent question. Allensworth walked over and sat down in his seat.

"Helm, set a course for the Antares System, maximum warp."

"Aye, sir." Ensign Stull said.

Allensworth slightly shifted his weight to his right side and leaned on the arm of the chair. He looked over to his first officer. "We're ordered to rendezvous with Thunderchild and Challenger in the Antares System to head over to the other side and destroy a ship yard."

"How many ships are going over?" Sparhawk asked.

"Just us."

Sparhawk raised an eyebrow similar to how a Vulcan would. "Are the top brass expecting smooth sailings and clear horizons once we get over there?"

"I don't know what they're thinking, Jason but I don't agree with this one bit. I think they may want to go blow for blow. They destroy a ship yard, we destroy a ship yard. I just don't understand why they didn't attack Earth when they attacked Mars."

"Course laid in, sir."

"Hit it."

The Alexandria leapt into warp heading for the Antares System.

A few hours later, the Alexandria appeared out of warp in the Antares System and surely enough, the Thunderchild and Challenger were there waiting for them.

"Captain," Fulks said from his station. "We are being hailed by the Thunderchild."

"On screen."

The bulkhead shimmered out to be replaced by the image of Captain Stork.

"Captain Allensworth, we've been instructed to create an interspatial anomaly and send you through to the other side. I can't say that I agree…"

"I understand your concern, Captain and we over here agree. But debating Starfleet's mentality won't get us anywhere."

Stork nodded. "Understood. Stand by while we open this thing. When your mission is complete, signal us by firing a high pulse ion beam from your main deflector. We'll pick it up on our sensors and we'll open the gateway for you. Thunderchild out."

The screen went blank and Captain Allensworth sat back in his chair.

Purple colored particles began to form around the deflector arrays of the Thunderchild and Challenger. Then both ships fired a beam into one spot and created an interspatial anomaly.

"Ensign, take us in." Allensworth said.

"Aye, sir."

The Alexandria glided through the anomaly.