Prologue: A little history lesson

The Planet Earth was once a beautiful planet; the jewel of itself solar system. But with the pollution from centuries of deforestation, exhaust and gases the planet began to reject its inhabitants. Disaster after Disaster struck without mercy; lives were lost and damaged during the war with the very planet itself. Suddenly after centuries the Earth calmed and its wrath evaded. Human kind adapted to the new terrain and forged life again. The continents had merged into 4 connected continents with several islands scattered throughout the ocean. Even though there are only a handful of cities left technology has springborded to the pinnacle of daily life; giant mechs have been created to combat threats of terrorism but once the Empire took effect, they were used to enforce order and stability to an otherwise peaceful world. The current Emperor, Lord Prozen, is an evil dictator and siphons everything from his people.

But this story is about a special girl, one whose life was changed by an event that no one ever thought could happen.

Chapter 1: Discovery

RingRing RingRing,

"Okay I'm up!!" Jane screamed, she jumped from bed holding her alarm in her hands,
"6:30? Oh man, I hate Mondays," she groan, placing her alarm back onto her bedside table she grabbed her pilot's suit. She jumped down the stairs while putting on her boots, coming into the kitchen quarters of her home.

Jane Halliwell was your average 18 year old Mech pilot who lived in an abandoned base on the south-west continent. She stood at about 5'7" 5'8" with almost boy short chocolate brown hair and a well proportioned, endowed figure. Her mech, Cyber Spark, laid waiting for its pilot to activate her. Jane had a simple breakfast as she rushed through her morning chores; dishes, the week's laundry, cleaning her room and the general clean up. Putting on her helmet, she jumped into Cyber Spark's cockpit and powered up. Deactivating her wall switches, Jane pumped Cyber Spark into over drive,

"JET BOYD LAUNCH!!" a small, airborne craft launched from the hanger above her and attached to Cyber Spark's back, taking her off into the air. The scenery around her was breath-taking; she lived in a border town close to the Ah Beld home land. She was good friends with them even though she was unofficially apart of the imperial army.

Her school was an institution that taught youth's the necessities for life as well as a young pilot program. Arriving in the school's docking bay, the tech crew took over and did the usual maintenance on her mech, though they knew how special it was to her. Jane lived alone since her father died in war and her mother abandoned her; leaving the Ah Beld took care of her, she learnt everything about custom built mechs and made her own all by herself.

School was no different to any other day; Combat training, general studies, mechanics, Mech training, PE and extracurricular activities. Though it would sound weird, Jane was a part of the Theatre club, she was dandy with set building and such so she offered to help, but after they discovered her talent for singing they urged her to sing.
"Come on guys, I'm no actress you'll have to get someone else," was always her answer to their auditions but they tried time and time again to get her to perform. She did enjoy helping with the music since she was also a member of the Music club; lead singer in the school rock band, the Cyber Mechanists.

Now, Jane was in history class. They were learning about past events that helped shape the Earth they now live on. As holographic pictures appeared on the teacher's monitor, one caught her eye.

"Sir, can you pull back and freeze at frame 23-09, please," she asked, standing from her lecture seat, he obliged and showed a blurred picture of something colliding with the earth.

"What is that?" asked one of the first year pilots,

"This, Melanie, was an unidentified asteroid that collided with Earth before the Environmental changes occurred; no one has been able to find it since he calamity occurred. Being over a century and a half ago, it is presumed eroded," the teacher explained, but Jane thought otherwise, the unidentified object looked familiar,

"Sir, can you try to sharpen the image?" everyone turned to Jane confused,

"Where are you going with this Miss Halliwell?" her professor asked,

"Please sir, can you just try and sharpen the image, I'll explain later," she begged, shaking his head, he punched in a few sequences to sharpen the image, until a much clearer object came into view,
"I was right," she whispered,

"Jane, what on earth is this?" asked a fellow student,

"The object that crashed into Earth wasn't a meteor, but a ship,"

"A ship, you mean from another planet?" asked her professor, she didn't answer him as the bell went,
"Okay, well be sure to study tonight, tomorrow there maybe a surprise, maybe not so sleep in fear," the professor warned before everyone ran out. Jane went straight to the hanger and jumped into Cyber Spark,

"Yo Kiddo, what's the rush?" asked the Hanger manager, Jane didn't answer as she zoomed off home. The image was fresh in her mind as she flew over the Ah Beld desert, toward a small crop of mountains,

"I know what I saw, and I'm going to find it," her determination propelled her mech through the skies.