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Chapter 11: Worlds end?

Her optics flashing online, Spark finally booted up her systems and tried to recall her last memories; she remembered sharing a spark warming and mind blowing first kiss with Safeguard, the twins combined, only to be interrupted by a sharp shock. Slowly lifting herself up, her optics adjusted to the lack of light in the room. It was dark but she could make out a room, a bedroom. Stiffening a moment, she remembered Megatron mentioning he would collect her from Lockdown, but she escaped him, didn't she? Now frantic, she had to find a way to get back to the others. As she tried to move off, what she guessed, the berth only to be stopped by something moving,

"Who's there?" she squeaked, fear clouding her processor as she tried to make out what was moving, but always seemed to be on the corner of her vision. Suddenly, huge arms wrapped around her, almost crushing her into their owner. She felt intakes release air against her neck cables, sending cold tingles down her spine. Something wet and soft teased her neck cable coverings, causing her to squirm to the touch,

"More than I ever imagine," hissed a dark baritone voice; Spark went stiff, she knew that voice, she knew where she was, and she knew what was going to happen. Fear motivating her body, she struggled and bucked to get out of his embrace, only enticed her aggressor to continue his ministrations; rubbing her chest plate and abdomen with teasing strokes, alternating up and down. Spark could stifle a gasp as a hand dipped lower, massaging and pressing hard against her pelvic plating. "The fun begins, and soon you'll want only me," his voice hissed,


"How long do you think we have Ratchet?" Optimus asked. They all took a beating and were finished with their repairs, but non were feeling any better,

"No idea I'm afraid. That electro-whip would've knocked Spark out for the next earth day, 2 if we're lucky. We may only have until tomorrow to stop Megatron and save both Spark and the Earth," Ratchet replied, finishing internal repairs to Jetstorm, Jetfire standing by him and both looked depressed,

"We must be helping Spark, before Mega-jerk is able to be bonding with our Spark," Jetfire piped in,

"Agreeing with Jetfire, we must find Spark No-," both twins froze, their eyes going wide,

"Yo, wha's up?" Jazz asked, worried about the twins, since this whole ordeal started they took a liking to Jane, turned Primus Spark, proclaiming love to her and to have Megatron kidnapping her to do who knows what was quiet stressful,

"Spark, she is scared," Jetfire answered,

"Fearful of her surroundings," Jetstorm added,

"How do you even know that?" Sentinel demanded,

"They've proclaimed love to her, you idiot, they must have began to have some form of connection with her," Ratchet snapped,

"How can that be?" Ultra Magnus asked,

"The twins approached me before about have a 'feeling' every time they were with or near Spark, this must be the same thing only stronger," he replied. Suddenly, the twins gasped and winced, as if in pain. Jazz and Bumblebee ran to them only to stop as they spoke,

"Spark…he's touching her," Jetfire snapped, anger rising in him,

"She…isn't willing…he's going to be forcing her…" Jetstorm added, with the same anger as his brother. Only a moment later did their anger subside slightly, turning to the others,

"We are knowing where Spark is held," they both looked confidently at each other, nodding and ran out of the base,

"Halt! I order you 2 to HALT!!!" Sentinel snapped but the twins had already transformed, combined and took off to where they believed Spark to be,

"Prowl, track them, they're going to need back up if their seriously thinking of taking on Megatron," Optimus ordered. They all knew what may happen so their best bet was to get back into space, so they all made a run for the Elite guard ship as Ratchet, Bumblebee and Bulkhead quickly set out to get their ship back in operation.

Okay, this is a warning that it's going to get a little raunchy here. It's mostly groping and touching but with implied actions and maybe one or 2 scenes with R18+ scenes but they won't be described fully. You know dirty talk so to speak. So I've warned you, read at your own risk (even though this is my first time and I'd like to thank GeminiGirl83 on Deviantart for the inspiration)

"Please…sto-op!" Spark begged; His massive hands slowly glided around her chest, shoulders, abdomen and arms, eliciting sweet torturous whines and gasps from Spark. The feelings she felt were new, strange, arousing but wrong; true she wanted to share this bliss with someone, but not Megatron. She continued picturing herself with her beloved twins, wanting them to come and save her so badly it ached,

"Why stop, when you're begging for it," he smirked, his glossa trailing slowly from her neck to her chest, lapping and sucking the soft mounds mimicking a woman's breasts, though only circuits and wiring lay beneath. A sharp gasp escaped Spark's vocaliser as she simply unwittingly pushed Megatron on. His legs pressed firmly between her legs, pushing into her still covered groin; rubbing and pushing the area until Spark moaned and gasped, small trails of lubricant seeped through the armour. He pulled away and stared down at her; pinning her arms above her head, his lustful gaze caused her to turn away ashamed, embarrassed and degraded by his sweet torture.

"They'll come, I know they will, and they'll KICK YOUR ASS INTO THE STOCKADES!!" she screamed, only to be silence by a sharp, deep kiss; Megatron forced his large glossa past her lips and lapped into her mouth cavity, relishing in her natural taste. She wanted to bite down but it was too large to try anything without hurting herself. Pulling away, he licked his lips, relishing in her taste,

"Let them come, they'll be offline before they can even reach us. Besides, they have no idea where we are, they search the entire planet before they realise they're too late," he smirked, with a click of his fingers, one of the room's walls moved and revealed the one sight that Spark never dreamed she ever see; the earth, from space, was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen, she had almost forgotten where she was. "When your pitiful dirt ball is obliterated and those accursed Autobots are taken with it, we'll be alone to continue," his words froze her; obliterate, all her friends killed in an instant and her new family, the Autobots, taken with it. She looked back to Megatron and saw the seriousness in his eyes, he meant it,

"No…No please…leave them alone," she begged, energon tears trailing down her cheeks, having no effect on him. He leaned in close and licked the tears from her face,

"You are mine, I won't let anyone, organic or mechanical, take you away from me," he smirked, "Now, I have pleased you, now you must please me," almost too quickly for Spark to register, Megatron was kneeling with her bent down, the sound of his pelvic plating retracting and something large and pulsing pushed past her lips. Gagging and in pain, Megatron forced her head to bob as their silhouettes were shrouded by Earth's beauty.

What seemed like forever, Spark was released and she could breath easily again. Getting her coughing under control, Megatron snagged her arms and forced her back into her chassis, his plug nestled between her legs; he slowly began to rock back and forth; causing Spark to unwillingly moan to the treatment. Tears continuing to fall and her internal fans whirring loudly to life, she looked back the earth; the last thing she would see was it blowing up along with her friends from both lives and being raped by Megatron.

*"I am sorry my sweet Spark, I should've prevented this from happening,"* she could Primus whisper into her audio receptors; he hovered before her and stroked her cheek lightly, cleaning away some of her tears. She knew it wasn't his fault and she couldn't stay mad at him; like he said, she had to remain strong,

"No matter…what you do…Megatron," she moaned, gasping as he forcefully opened her panel, revealing herself to him, "I'll…never belong…to you…Jetfire and Jetstorm will always hold my spark," she cried, letting both Primus and Megatron her intentions,

"Once we've bonded, you'll be mine no matter what you say, your mine!" Megatron was still frustrated that she was still reluctant to succumb to him. Tilting her head back, he sucked and kissed until she moaned. She could feel him try and push into her, it seemed like all her hope was seeping away as she watched the beauty of the Earth.

Then she saw something, it looked like nothing more than a speck, but zooming into this object she gasped, her eyes sparkled and a smile came to her face,

"They came," she whispered, she completely forgot her situation and merely watched her hope return. The supposed speck was in fact Jetfire and Jetstorm, zooming to her rescue. She felt Megatron pause from his ministrations and saw what she was smiling at. Swiftly, even before she could register it, a sudden jolt hit her and her systems shut down. Before her audio receptors also shut down, she heard Megatron speak,

"I'll have no interferences,"

She had no idea how long she was out for. Her systems began to kick in and boot everything back. She was slowly regaining her consciousness only to begin to panic, what if Megatron had tried to take her while she was out. Her receptors picked up faint movement around her, someone was holding her and shaking her. She irrationally panicked as her audio receptors hadn't kicked in yet.

"No…rk…it is…Safeg…" she caught a familiar set of voices, like they were talking as one. Forcing her optics online, the haze slowly cleared and there, she saw Safeguard.
"Spark, are you being okay?" he asked, naïve as usual. Tears filled her optics as she could only think of one thing to do; sitting up, she snaked her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the lips. She was so happy, he finally found her and was here only for her. She could feel him kiss back, loosing themselves in the kiss. Unwillingly, Safeguard pulled away,
"We must be getting out of here, Omega Supreme is defeating Nemesis now, and Megatron is getting aft handed to him," without another word, Safeguard lifted Spark from her position on the berth and ran out of the room. She held on tightly as they sped through the base.

Running into the command center, Spark saw the remains of Starscream's clones littering the floor, including Blitzwing and Lugnut. Looking outside, the entire Elite Guard Armada was attacking and defeating the Decepticon forces. Spark marvaled as well as felt sorry for those who were getting injured or killed in the battle. A sudden creak behind them, alerted Spark to a very unwelcomed guest. Standing in the door way was Megatron himself, he had cracks in his armour and his right arm was missing; a look of rage was on his faceplates as he saw Spark in Safeguard's arms,

"She is MINE!" he roared, charging at the combiner and his soon-to-be. Shielding Spark from the rampaging Decepticon leader, an object then flew past them, struck Megatron's front, causing him to be forced back, hit the wall and knocked out. Turning to the command centre's window, there grinning was Bulkhead,

"Hope I'm no interrupting anything?" he grinned, Spark could help but chuckle, he maybe a big clumsy pushover from time to time, but he was a great friend-always there when you needed him.

It was decided that staying on Earth would be too dangerous for both the Cybertronians and the Earthlings, so Spark decided to return to Cybertron with the others. She bid farewell to her Earth friends and sold her old base.

Megatron was imprisoned as well as the surviving Decepticons that were caught in the battle above Earth. Sentenced to an eternity of solitude, one where he would surly go mad. Starscream was never seen again after Spark's little encounter with him.

Once they landed on Cybertron, in a large ceremony graduating all how fought, died and returned to Cybertron, Spark was able to speak to Primus directly; he explained that she was destined to come to Cybertron and he was to guide her, allowing her channel his essence and power as a method to guide and protect herself.

She was finally able to bond with her twins, the merging consummated by Ultra Magnus himself. The experience was amazing and she couldn't be happier. In the end, she became impregnated with twins, one twin to one father and she couldn't be happier. But something always bothered her; it was either Starscream was still looming in the shadows to get his revenge or Megatron still lusted for her, 2 possibilities she hoped would never come about.

Of course, no one gets what they want, do they?

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