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Warning: Evil Vampire Ripper, Rape warning

Bad Karma

Chapter One

Rupert Giles sat in his office as he perused his books. He just couldn't figure out what Ethan could be up to this time. He hadn't done anything yet, but Rupert was wary. Ethan had moved in to the same street as Giles and all seemed quiet. Too quiet in Rupert's opinion. So he'd holed himself in the library after school until now, a bout midnight. He put the book he was scanning down, and then leaned back in his chair. He had to get home. He stood up and grabbed the book he just dropped putting it into his briefcase. He gathered his tweed coat from the back of his chair and slipped it on, stuffing a stake into a pocket. He grabbed his briefcase on his way out, locking up the library as he left. He decided that morning to walk to the school, and now he regretted it. He had to walk through the main cemetery to get home quickly.

He walked briskly past the first few headstones before he heard it. He grabbed the stake out of his pocket as he whirled around, staking the fledgling Vampire stalking him through the heart. As he fought the other four off, he wondered where Buffy was. She should've been patrolling this cemetery at this time, if he wasn't mistaken. He staked the second as he got pounded in the ribs. He cried out in pain as he felt the headstone break beneath his back. Another fledgling jumped onto him and he quickly staked it as he stumbled to his feet, facing the last two. A male and a female vampire. They faced him on both sides and he knew he was about to die. He wished he could've told Buffy the truth of his affection for her. He was bloody in love with her, but of course afraid of telling her. First, he was too old, second, he was a father-figure in her eyes, and third, Angel. He stretched his shoulders, wincing, and regripped the stake as he noticed the vampires close in on him. He whirled to stake the male and succeeded, but failed to turn in time to dispose of the female. He saw black as she knocked him out.


Rupert was groggy as he woke. He didn't feel any pain, so he assumed Buffy saved him. He opened his eyes and sat up, shocked that he was still in the cemetery and he was looking at the female vampire. He stood immediately, not realizing how quick he was. She was smirking at him.

"Watcher. Do you have any idea what is going on" She was smirking at him

"Nothing more than I'm gonna kill you." Rupert snarled and she frowned.

"You won't though. I'm your sire." Rupert just stood there, still as stone for a minute, unbelieving.

"Sire? That would mean that-" She smiled wickedly at his growing sense of horror.

"You're a vampire. You killed all of my other suitors, so I made you. You are stronger than them as a human, now you are invincible as a vampire I choose you as my mate. I am Amber." She gave him a seductive grin as his face morphed into his game face, full of the ridges and turns that a vampire had, when revealing their true self. He walked over to her and smiled as he took off his now unneeded glasses and put his hand on her breast. She purred as she leaned into it. He bent his mouth to her neck and kissed it.

"Can I feed?" Ripper asked, growling as he toyed with her nipple. She couldn't speak so she nodded. He licked her neck once, twice, and then his teeth pierced her skin. He could taste her last meal, fresh and vibrant. He felt the stake in his hand as he drained all of the fresh blood from her. When he finished, he staked her in the heart, feeling the ash as it filled his mouth where her neck had been. He unpitiously wiped his mouth clean of the ash and blood before picking up his stake and briefcase that he lost earlier. He headed home, trying to ignore the ugly truth gnawing at him. All he thought about though, was how he couldn't see Buffy again, not when he needed her so bad in a way her undead Watcher would act upon with no inhibitions. He had to kill himself to save her.


As Buffy, Willow, and Xander left the school the next day, they were considering their options to finding out why Giles didn't show up at school that day.

"Giles treats lateness as the eighth deadliest sin. Maybe he had a hangover." Xander supplied for the eight time that day, and for the eighth time the girls shot him an evil eye. Willow was optimistic.

"Maybe he's researching some new demon he hasn't shared with us yet. Or Ethan's back." Buffy looked at Willow quickly. All three were worried about Giles. After all, he was a father-figure to them. Buffy wasn't completely sure as to the exact feelings she had towards him. She shook her head.

"Guys, how's this sound. I'll head over to Giles' right now, and you guys go home. If I don't call you before six, come over to my house." They nodded and went their separate ways. Buffy knew the other two couldn't accompany her even though they wanted to. Willow's parents were having a family dinner. Xander's parents had an important meeting and he was required to get ready early for it. Buffy started down Giles' driveway finally and froze when she saw the door ajar. She dropped her bag to the ground and grabbed her stake. She kicked her bag behind Giles' large flowerpot as she pushed his front door open. She was even more wary now than she was earlier. The night before she found Giles' glasses broken in the cemetery but didn't tell Willow or Xander 'cause she didn't want to worry them, expecting Giles to be at school. Now she finds his door open and a dead body just inside, bite marks on his neck. She quickly bent and found out it wasn't Giles to her relief. She, however, recognized him as a neighbor of Giles. Stake in hand, she went through the house but couldn't find any other trace. She went into the kitchen and opened the basement door. She hadn't been down here in a while. She gripped her stake tighter as she went down the staircase. It was darke in a whole corner and she saw a woman's dead body in the center of the floor. She saw two doors on the walls perpendicular to the staircase. She felt a very strong vampire presence near. Something moved in the dark corner. She recognized the shadow as Giles. She sighed in relief and fear.

"Giles, come quick. There's a vampire around. I have to get you to safety." She implored him, raising her hand for him. She saw him turn so his back faced her.

"He lied. Angel said vampire's have no souls. Some rubbish about a gypsy curse." He cursed and Buffy fought to ignore it. She still reached out, tears in her eyes as she tried to encourage him to hide in safety, not really paying attention to his statements.

"Okay, he lied. Hurry Giles, I'll have to fight this vampire off. I'm afraid it might be more powerful than the Master. I need all of my focus." She heard Giles chuckle in a way she never heard come from him before. She stepped back in horror as he turned around, wearing his game face with blood on the corner of his lips Buffy felt the stake fall from her hand as she stepped back towards the stairs in shock and horror.

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