Chapter 10: Awaken, the White Silver Dragoon! Hinata's Determination

The young Hyuga stared her light lavender eyes against her opponent's own lavender eyes, such eyes filled with hidden resentment and hatred. "It has been a while, hasn't it, Neji-niisan?" Hinata spoke in a soft manner and Neji replied, "I never did think that I would be fighting you of all people, Lady Hinata."

Hinata frowned inwardly, "So he still hates the Main Family's traditions and what it cost him…which means this fight is going to be harder than I thought." Neji spoke up in a loud voice, "Lady Hinata, before we begin, I have something to say to you."

"Go ahead then…"

"I think you are too weak for this shinobi work and I suggest that you should forfeit this match."

"May I inquire to ask why you would suggest such a thing like that?"

"I have noticed that you are too kind as well as you wish for peace instead of conflict."

Hinata replied, "But of course, I believe that if we were to talk about our differences, we would soon reach an agreement, but sadly, I do know that some situations need a bit of force to get a point across to someone…but what are you getting at, Neji?"

The Hyuga replied, "Did you take this Chunin Exam on your own accord? I think not, I think you have been pressured by your teammates to get here, you were protected all of this time because you are the spoiled brat of the Main Branch."

Hinata gritted her teeth, "What?"

"Nobody can change themselves, everything has been decided by fate, from your looks down to your abilities and your abilities have always been sub-par. You won't defeat me in this battle, you understand that, Hinata-sama?"

Hinata replied, "No…I don't understand that, which is why I am going to fight you…to prove you wrong." Her eyes were filled with determination and got into her stance to face her opponent. "So you won't back down from the inevitable, how irrational of you, Hinata-sama."

"Save it, Neji…now come at me." Hinata replied.

Neji got into his own stance silently and Naruto thought to himself, "Please, be careful, Hinata. Even though I think you might be the next wielder of the White Silver Dragoon, there is a chance that it will be in a dormant state until you are in critical danger."

Hayate moved his hand in a chopping motion, "Begin!"

Neji sprang at Hinata with amazing speed, but Hinata used her flexibility to bend backwards to avoid his palm thrust completely and moved to complete it into a back bend to use her arms as leverage to send her feet upwards to catch his chin.

Neji stumbled back and held his chin, which started to bruise a bit and blood leaked from the corner of his mouth. "That bitch made me bleed." The older Hyuga thought angrily as he flicked the blood away from his unbandaged hand.

Hinata thought to herself, "Now I have made him angry, this is going to be a little harder." Neji sprang at her on the attack and Hinata took the defensive, brushing attacks aside from her vital organs and returning fire to disable him.

The Uzumaki thought to himself, "Come on, Hinata, you can do this, I know you can win this match."

Hinata ducked under the swipe and thought to herself as she moved to slam her palm into Neji's chest, "I got you." Neji grunted as the hit connected, but he smirked as well, "And I got you…Hinata-sama." Hinata coughed up blood and Naruto's grip on the railing tightened.

"Well, it looks like I am going to win this one, Hinata-sama…because as you see…" Neji stated as he quickly pressed a point on her arm, "I just rendered your Gentle Fist useless." Hinata gritted her teeth and quickly grabbed his offending arm to perform a sweeping motion with her left leg to trip him on his back.

She backed up and thought to herself, "There is too much at stake if I forfeit right now and I won't be able to prove anything to him at all. Neji…you have suffered a lot and I want you to understand that you are not alone in this, I want to help ease your suffering…and I will start by making you see that by defeating you here and now."

Hinata got back into her stance and Neji replied, "You are not going to give up…fine, that I won't be responsible for what happens here today." With that, Neji suddenly appeared inside her guard and slammed his palm into her stomach and straight afterwards, followed up with a palm strike to her chin.

"Ugh!" Hinata cried out and Neji walked towards her, "This is the end, failure…" Suddenly at that moment, something began to shine from Hinata's pouch, causing everyone to look at the light, including Neji.

Hinata took out the stone and gasped in shock, "T-This is…" She looked up to her boyfriend and Naruto replied in a loud voice, "Now…wake up! Dragoon of the White Silver Dragon!" A white light surrounded by a golden glow engulfed Hinata's body, infusing her with a surge of power.


Neji stood there in shock and the white light moved into the air before slamming Neji, knocking him into the ground before it slowly hovers a few feet away to show Hinata in white armor with dragoon wings, she slowly dropped down and looked at herself, "I was…chosen?"

With that, her vision blurred and she started to fall to the ground until she was caught by Naruto, who whispered, "It's alright, Hinata, rest…White Silver Dragoon." Hayate looked at the two Hyugas and stated, "Due to the unconsciousness of both combatants and the interference of another combatant, I deemed this match a draw."

The Uzumaki picked her up and carried her over to the railing, laying her to rest against the wall. "You did well, love…I just hope it was enough to convince him how much you mean to him." Suddenly a shadow appeared over his shoulder and Naruto glanced over his shoulder, "Kurenai-sensei…"

"So…she is one of you now, huh, Naruto?"

"Yeah…the White Silver Dragon wants her as her wielder and I really don't want to have this life at all for her, but she is a kunoichi as well, so danger is in her life already."

"I know, Naruto…just promise me something, if something ever happens that provides a calling for your group to do what is right, protect her." The crimson eyed woman said with an underlying worried tone.

"With my life, Kurenai-sensei, you can count on that."

Soon the rest of the matches came and go, the second to last of the matches was a grueling match between Gaara of the Desert and Rock Lee. With Lee's great skill of opening the Eight Gates, he was close to beating Gaara, but alas Gaara was able to survive through the blows with his sand armor and disable Lee critically.

The last match was won within several minutes between Dosu and Choji. Despite Choji's attempts to win, mostly by given incentive by his own sensei, Dosu easily defeated the Akimichi with minimal effort. With the last match out of the way, the Genin were made to stand in front of the Hokage as well as their Jonin senseis and the previous proctors as well.

"Winners of the preliminary matchups, I congratulate you on using your abilities to come out on top of your opponent…but now we have you all return here within a month's time for the final phase of the Chunin Exams?" Hiruzen spoke up.

"What? Why? Why not just get it over with now?" Shikamaru stated.

"Well, considering that all of your potential opponents have seen all of your moves from your matches, not only this will allow you time to hone your old skills and learn new skills to put on a show for our civilians spectators as well as the nobles coming from foreign countries."

Anko came up with a box at that moment, "Each of you will pull out a strip of paper, the numbers written on it will determine which order you will go in to fight…after that, you will be dismissed and start your personal training for the month you have been given."

Everyone proceeded to pull out a piece of paper and stated their numbers. Anko nodded as she wrote down the matchup and held it up to the contestants, "Here is your matchup, memorize it well." Everyone looked up at it to see the upcoming matches to be a bit surprised.

Match 1: Shikamaru Nara versus Kankuro

Match 2: Shino Aburame versus Dosu Kinuta

Match 3: Sasuke Uchiha versus Gaara

Match 4: Naruto Uzumaki versus Temari

"Those are your matchups after your month of training, good luck." Sarutobi said as he dismissed them from the arena. Naruto immediately left the area to go and visit Hinata in the hospital, who was up and resting against the upright pillow.

"Hey, Hinata-chan, how are you doing?"

The Hyuga replied sweetly, "I feel fine, in fact, the hospital said that I could be released in a matter of a few hours." Naruto chuckled gently, "That is because of one thing only…" He tapped the white stone that was sealed into her forearm, "The White Silver Dragoon uses Light magic and primarily focuses on healing magic, although it works wonders against Dark magic."

"So it wasn't a dream, I was chosen just like you were…"

"Yes and I fear the closer we find our brothers and sisters in arms, then there is a greater evil coming."

Hinata touched his hand, "Whatever it is, I am sure that we can stop it together." The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki smiled softly, "Right…well, I better go, Hinata." He kissed her forehead, "I have a lot of work to do, my opponent is pretty strong."

Hinata nodded, "I know, Naruto-kun, just make sure you be careful in your training."

Suddenly the door opened to reveal a feral woman with Inuzuka fang marks as well as a younger woman with softer features along with a wolf-dog hybrid along with three dogs that looked the same. Naruto tensed up, "May I help you two?"

"My name is Tsume Inuzuka and my dog companion, Kuromaru. Beside me, is my daughter Hana along with her Haimaru Triplets…and we are Kiba's immediate family."

"I see, what business do you have with me, Tsume-dono?"

"I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to you, Uzumaki-san, Hyuga-san…my son's jealousy and brashness could have cost you both pain and suffering during that fight in the preliminaries. Not to mention the boy used a forbidden technique that he had no control over at all…we are still investigating how the hell he managed to learn that technique." Tsume stated sincerely.

The Uzumaki nodded, "And I am guessing that you came over here to make sure that I don't seek any repercussions and seek a blood war against my clan and yours with the Hyuga clan backing me since they are very unhappy with Kiba's actions, am I correct?"

Hana nodded, "That is correct, Naruto-kun…what my brother did was foolish and idiotic, if you seek any retribution, I will offer myself as payment as your wife while Kiba is stripped off his bid to become clan head of the Inuzuka clan."

The Jinchuuriki held up his hand, "That won't be necessary, Hana-san, Tsume-san…there is one person that I want to marry here, although you are very beautiful, I don't want a marriage due to one person's ignorance."

Hinata spoke up calmly, "However, there is one thing that I would like from you, Inuzuka-sama."

"Yes, Hinata-chan? What is it?"

"I request a fight between myself and Kiba Inuzuka to finally put this behind us…if I win, he will have to swear that he will never pursue me ever again or else he forfeits his candidacy to succeed you as clan head and if I lose….if I lose, I will agree that I will marry him and become his bitch in front of Naruto."

Naruto's eyes widened, "Hinata-chan…"

Hinata turned to the Kyuubi Jinchuriki, staring into her cerulean eyes, "Please, Naruto, we both know that I need to do this and I know that I can do this…with my own power." The Uzumaki closed his eyes and nodded, "I know you can, but there is a part of me that is afraid that you might lose…but I will put myself behind you fully and unconditionally."

The young female Hyuga smiled softly, "Thank you for understanding…I believe that this is the only way for me to get through to Kiba." Tsume nodded silently, "That could work to listen and sometimes it takes a few whacks to the head to get through someone. I will arrange the match at one of our training grounds and we can discuss the stipulations."

"Alright, Inuzuka-sama, we shall see each other again soon."

With that, the two Inuzuka clan members took their leave along with Naruto, who went to the Hokage. Hiruzen looked up from his paperwork, "Naruto, what can I do for you?" The Jinchuuriki replied calmly, "Well, I would like to know of any wind users that I could seek training from."

"Unfortunately, wind users in Konoha are very rare, I know of one that has mastered wind nature chakra and that is my son, Asuma, but he is preoccupied in training Shikamaru along with his father."

"I see, that is unfortunate…but thank you for the information, I think I will ask him for help later on in the future."

"Tell you what, you have been working very hard, how about you go to the hot springs and relax for a bit before you train yourself in the ground….who knows, perhaps you might meet someone there."

"I highly doubt it, but I do think you are right about the relaxing part…" With that, the Jade Dragoon left the office and went to the hot springs where he moved to relaxing within the hot water. He sighed in relief and closed his eyes as his body slowly sank within it.

It was as if all his troubles and worries went away until his mood was pierced by a short giggle. Naruto opened his eyes just a crack before closing them once more, but he heard the giggle again once more and this time, he looked around to see a white haired man who looked to be about in his fifties or so near the wall with his face pressed against it.

Slowly, the Jinchuriki realized that the wall he was looking at happened to be connected directly to the women's side on the onsen. "Excuse me, sir, but that is the women's side of the onsen…" the boy replied softly.

"Buzz off, kid, I am busy…I am doing very important research, you wouldn't understand."

Naruto sighed in exasperation, "It is always the same with every pervert...alright, have it your way." With that, he took out his collapsible bo staff and without warning, the Jinchuuriki knocked him in the back of the old man's head, sending him crashing through the wall.

"Owww…" the man groaned and his eyes opened to see ladies just staring at him. "Wow, hello, ladies….nice delectable bodies you have, now I need you to do a few poses and…"

"HENTAI!" the ladies screamed in unison and began to hit his face with thrown objects while Naruto made his way out of the onsen. A few minutes later as Naruto walked out, dressed, he was suddenly grabbed by the shoulder, causing the young Dragoon to react accordingly by taking the hand and flipping it over his shoulder.

The assailant flipped in the air and landed on his feet. "Oh…it's you." Naruto stated in an amused tone as the man's face was covered with welts, bruises and a few splinters. "You…do you have any idea what you have done?!"

"Well, I pretty much stopped a pervert from peeking at innocent women and let them have their way with his face in righteous retribution. Is that the answer you were looking for, you perverted old man?" the Genin answered cheekily.

"You ruined my research, you half-pint!"

"I did what I had to save the common decency of those women and the honor of the one percent that make up the gentleman population, what kind of man openly pervs on women?"

"That would be me, Jiraiya, the man who can make babies stop crying with my handsome face, the Toad Sage and a super pervert!"

Naruto sweated at the declaration as he thought, "I can't see how the hell any one can be proud to be a pervert." The Jinchuuriki just stared at him for a brief moment before stating, "Okay, on that note, I am leaving before I get something from you."

The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki left the area until Jiraiya's next words stopped him, "Hey, Naruto…can I see your seal for a moment?" Naruto looked over to see that the old man's face was serious and calm, causing the Jinchuuriki to get serious as well, "Why?"

"Seeing as I am the best fuinjutsu master after my deceased student, I am the best option to check on your seal."

"I see…I would tell you that there is no need, but you wouldn't take that answer at all." With little hesitation, he raised his shirt and focused his chakra to make the seal appear. Jiraiya muttered, "My god, Minato, no matter how many times I see this seal, I find myself very impressed. An Eight Trigrams Seal to surround the Shiki Fujin to allow the chakra of the Nine Tails to focus through much easier…everything looks like it is in order."

Jiraiya allowed Naruto to drop his shirt and questioned, "What did you mean there was no need to check the seal?"

"The fact that I made contact several times with the Kyuubi no Kitsune on different occasions."

"That is dangerous, Naruto…you shouldn't play with the seal like that."

"Relax, I didn't really do anything but talk to the fox to find out what caused her to attack Konoha?"

"It has a gender, it's a she?"

"Yes, the Bijuu are not only beings of chakra, but they are also sentient beings as well and they have names as well…mine is happened to be Kasumi."

Jiraiya was shocked, "Did she tell you the reason why she attacked Konoha?"

"Yes, it was a bit hazy at first for her, but she distinctly remembered being outside and then she looked into an eye of an Uchiha, an Uchiha should have been dead a long time ago…the person that subjugated and caused her to attack the village….was Uchiha Madara."

"Impossible, the man was recorded dead."

"Jiraiya-san, need I remind you that we are ninja and built on deception as the best tool besides information. Madara could have easily did something to him to help him survive a fatal blow and went into hiding, but that doesn't explain how he lived through three generations without us noticing and why until on that day he would attack, it doesn't make any sense."

Jiraiya nodded in agreement, "Maybe he was very weak and out of his prime, so he was slowly building back up to strength and possibly he had meant to make himself the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, although he could have just taken the Kyu…I mean, Kasumi and left…so it leaves a lot of questions and not enough answers…unless…"

"Unless what?"

Jiraiya was silent and thought to himself, "Should I tell him? No, he has enough on his mind at the moment, I think it would be better to explain the intentions of that group later when the exams are over."

"Its nothing…come, we better get to training you."

"Training me? Don't tell me, the old man sent you to train me?!"

Jiraiya turned back to him, "Sensei believes that great things will be coming from your generation, mostly you, Naruto…so I am going to train you to be the best that you can be." Naruto was shocked for a moment and clenched his fist as he looked back up at him with a smile, "Right…let's go."