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Chapter 1- Labyrinth

Tony raced around the corner, his heart thudding in his ears.

"Dear God" he prayed anxiously "please let her be ok. She doesn't deserve this. I'll do anything, just please let her be ok".

He continued sprinting, his gun raised, through the twists and turns of the labyrinth of the warehouse. However he was barely looking, all that mattered was if he found her before they did. He refused to let him think of the possibilities that would happen if, he failed to get there.

He turned right and quickly discovered a dead end, he cursed, and turned back running even harder. The longer that he delayed the greater the risk for her, for Ziva. He saw movement in the corner of his vision, and instantly froze. He ducked behind a storage crate. Instantly automatic gunfire rang out, slamming into the crate around his head. Wood chips flew in all directions, Tony quickly closed his eyes, pulling his wrist mic up to his mouth

"Gibbs, I got another one, in storehouse number__ well, wherever I am now."

" Got that Tony, however we're still in the tunnel, we'll be there in 2 minutes"

"Gibbs! We don't have 2 minutes"

"dammit Tony don't you think I know that?"

This was getting nowhere, there was no way that Tony could reach the next corridor either, there was a wide space between himself and a large oil drum, which was the next available shelter, and with this guy holding an automatic weapon, this was going to be nigh impossible.

Tony heard a pause in the gunfire, and quickly turned and started returning fire, with his SIG. The enemy quickly ducked behind a drum barrel. Tony continued to fire, while silently moving across the floor. He was three quarters of the way across before, he heard a noise that made his heart freeze.

The clocking of a fresh round into an automatic gun.

Tony's eyes snapped from his target to his new goal. Still 2 meters away from him, there was steel drum. He took a step just as bullets rained down where he was previously standing, and dived forward, sliding across the floor, stretching to get to the barrel before the bullets got to him.

He feet just slipped behind the steel drum before, the bullets too began to slam into the side. Making the most eerie metallic pinging noise, setting Tony's teeth on edge.

There was a pause, and Tony looked around the side again hoping to use the same tactic as before, to make it corridor, to his partner. To Ziva.

Time seemed to slow down, as Tony looked out from the cover once more, the man wasn't reloading like Tony had thought, he was standing there, gun aimed at Tony's hiding spot, waiting. Tony saw the tiniest smirk cross his face, before he heard a single gunshot being fired.

Tony whipped behind, the barrel, racing a bullet. He lost. A roaring pain came to the forefront of his mind. He stopped himself from crying out, he wouldn't let that bastard know that he hit him. Instead he immediately clamped his left hand on his bicep. Blood trickled through, his tightly compacted fingers. He managed to keep his grip on his gun though.

'This cant keep on going, Ziva might be dying out there!' he thought angrily to himself. Crouching down he snuck his gun around the corner, not wanting to risk getting shot again. He fired, aiming only with his memory of the man's position to guide him. He heard the killer let out a gasp, and then a clatter, which Tony recognized as the sound of a gun falling to the floor.

Tony ducked out of his hiding spot, walked over to the man, who was now lying on the floor, clutching his abdomen, sobbing in agony as blood continued to stain his white shirt. Tony used his foot to kick his weapon to the other side of the room.

"Where is she?" Tony hissed at the man. However the dying man couldn't hear or foolishly didn't answer. Tony raised his foot, and pressed down on the man's bleeding wound. He screamed out in agony, his face now seething with rage and loathing. "I asked you, where she is?" There was a pause, as the man considered not answering however Tony increased the pressure on his stomach, he finally answered "that way" he pointed.

Tony left him there, knowing that Gibbs couldn't be more than a minute behind, and frankly not caring if the man died. Tony's head was only filled with one thing, Finding Ziva, and if he came along anymore of the men responsible for causing her pain along the way, Tony would make sure that they suffered ten times the pain that they caused her.

Tony raced down the corridor that the man had indicated, not caring that blood still was flowing from his right arm. He turned the corner and entered another wide warehouse. This one was filled with containers, and naval shipping crates, creating a labyrinth just by the sheer amount of imports. Just as he was about to enter he noticed that behind one of the crates, there was a chair. Kneeling down Tony examined the remains of the ropes, he found them to be cut, by a knife.

It gave him hope and fear. It meant that she'd escaped or they have taken her somewhere. The latter sent chills down his spine. He pushed the thought from his head. Standing up he continued looking around, he saw a faint blood trail, leaving a steady trail into the maze.

He followed it, as it steadily wound its way through crates, leading right to the back of the warehouse, where it was poorly lit. Tony pulled out his torched and continued, maintaining a light jog, not able to go any faster with the degraded light quality.

He reached a T-junction, looking down he saw that the blood trail had stopped. Completely vanished. Looking each way, he saw nothing. "dam this infernal labyrinth! She could be dying!" his mind screamed at him.

Taking a chance, Tony turned left, running down the lane, through the crates. There didn't seem for it to end, nor did there seem to be any sign of Ziva. "One more turn" he thought, "then ill go back." However, he heard a muffled scream coming back the way he came. He knew that voice. The one he heard everyday. The one he loved.

"Ziva!" he breathed. Doing a one eighty degree turn and sprinting back the way he came. Legs moving as fast as he could make them, he sprinted back past the familiar crates. He could he noises now, it sounded like there was a struggle going on. That meant that she was alive! His heart soared. But then there was a thud, and a scampering of feet. Ziva never scampered. Ever.

His heart crumpled. He ran faster than ever, before abruptly he reached a dead end.

"What the heck Tony!" he screamed at himself. He turned and ran, finally retracing his steps back to the T-junction. He continued straight, finally taking the right way. He could hear Gibbs and McGee's footsteps behind him now having caught up with him.

Still sprinting Tony turned the corner and collided with someone. He felt his nose crunch and they both got knocked to the floor. Tony scrambled to his feet, and continued running, knowing that McGee was more than able to handle this. Tony turned one last corner, and saw her, in a pool of her own blood.