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Warning: gore, sasunaru established relationship

Chapter 1 - friends or fiends?

Everything was black. What happened?

Naruto first thought he must have fallen asleep, before realising he could no longer hear the clatter from the school bus.

Had they stopped?

His eyelids were heavy but he soon managed to open them to find his head firmly placed on a desk.

"What the…" his blurry vision gave way to find Hinata sound asleep on the desk to his left.

It didn't take long for Naruto to wonder if he was still dreaming. After scanning the room he discovered the whole of his class of thirty-two slumped on chairs. This was defiantly not the hot springs he had been looking forward to.

His vision stopped on his raven-haired boy, a few desks in front of him.

He attempted to move his feet and wake the sleeping Uchiha but found his body heavy and sluggish.

He soon resigned to examining the room, as the class slowly came alive around him.

Panicked gazes and worried chatter soon fill the estranged classroom. It was then Naruto noticed a man standing in one of the darkened corners.

The man must have entered only a few minuets ago, as the blonde would have noticed him earlier. Out of the corner of his eye he saw that Sasuke had also began paying attention to the stranger, his face expressionless to the situation.

The class began to settle as the man moved into full view to the front of the class, not that the shadow mattered, as the man wore an orange mask.

"Attention class." the voice was cheerful and almost goofy, making the situation more terrifying. "Welcome to your chunin trials, please address me as Tobi-sensei! ARIGATO!!"

Mixed reactions filled the class, looks of terror planted on many of the girls' faces.

"Well, lets get this out of the way shall we." He continued his cheerful dialog as he turned away from the class to face the blackboard "You should try to memorise what I'm writing in front of you, it should help later on"

Naruto stretched to his right to try and read the board past Tobi.

'I will kill my friends'

His eyes widened instantly as Mayumi Nakamura, a purple haired girl in Naruto's class let out a loud gasp, quickly muffled by the lack of air in her lungs.

"Right, well, let me explain the trials," Tobi turned to face the class again "it's quite simple… you kill each other 'till only one of you is left." His voice seemed less stupid and more serious, "There is a time limit of two days, but I doubt it will take that long for a winner to appear since you have all had training"

Naruto's mind went blank in the minuets that followed. He managed to take in what was being said but could not comprehend killing his fellow classmates, his friends, his… oh God, never Sasuke!

His trance like state was shattered at hearing Shikamaru Nara's voice. He looked up to find Shikamaru lowering his hand "Tobi-sensei" he seemed lazy as always, "what exactly is there to stop us from walking out of the trials?" although Shikamaru was lazy he was far from stupid.

Tobi chuckled in amusement "We've made precautions to stop you from leaving." At that the door to the right of the room opened and more men wearing masks, although symbolising animals, much different from Tobi's, entered the room bringing with them backpacks. "Right then, lets get this thing started!" He pulled a list from his back pocket "When I say your name, grab a backpack and exit out that door."

The first name to be called was Choji Akimichi, and from there the class began to whittle down. Naruto could already tell that groups would form as, like many schools, the class was divided into different social circles.

Looking around him he could see that the names being called were at random, and he could only hope to leave around the same time as Sasuke.

A cold chill ran down his back as Gaara Suna was called to leave. The redhead had only transferred to the class recently, along with his brother and sister. There was some thing about the sand nin that Naruto was weary of and yet felt connected to. Either way, Gaara was already known as a troublemaker and quickly joined the other slackers in class, Kiba, Shikamaru, Choji and of course Naruto.

Sasuke's name filled the room, and Naruto found himself staring at the back of the Uchiha. Elegant as always, the Uchiha quietly picked up a backpack and made his way to the door, barely pausing to look back in the blonde's direction.

'It's a sign' Naruto thought as he saw the last of the raven hair leave his sight. Now he had to wait… wait till he was free to find his Sasuke.

And hope… hope that Sasuke would be ok, that he wouldn't… no, it's not worth thinking about, he's a Uchiha!

Naruto found himself over thinking.

"Naruto Uzumaki!" a cheerful voice shouted out.

Time to find Sasuke…


Sasuke wasted no time in finding cover under the darkness of the night. The area would be dangerous if his fellow classmates were playing, and it would be best if he got away as quickly as possible. The only problem being the blonde dobe still inside.


Bloodcurdling screams could be heard near to where he found cover, but they sounded faint to the determined Uchiha, who watched the schools entrance with hawk-like eyes.

There weren't many things that could toy with Sasuke's emotionless expression, but knowing that his Naruto wasn't safe, caused him to scrunch his nose as he crouched waiting for an orange blur to enter his vision.


Naruto quickly pushed off away from the building, the scenery around him becoming hazy with his speed, landing on a near by tree. He had felt Sasuke's chakra in the area but found it difficult to pin point.

"Dobe" It took him time to realise that Sasuke was standing on a branch behind him, crouched and inconspicuous, Naruto didn't even hear him arrive.

"Sasuke!" his loud voice echoed through the midnight air, he must have moved far away from the school as it's light was no longer visible.

"Hn" Naruto turned to a superior look upon Sasuke's face. "Could you look like more of a target in that attire you call clothing?" A smirk covering his porcelain face.

"Ne!… This is what I always wear" his eyebrows furrowed "and it's not like you have a better idea of clothing…" he began to mumble something about 'white shorts' and 'being stupid' finishing with the strong obvious word of, "teme!"

Silence gathered around the two as the banter came to a stop.

They both jumped down to the ground.

They moved closer to each other, the situation still sinking in. Naruto was the one to break the calm.

"I wonder where everyone is? Ne… how big is this place? And what's this about killing each other? I know we have training, but killing… friends… I-its just…" Naruto found his feet to be heavy again. Sasuke silently observed him.

"It's necessary"

His words pounded into Naruto's heart.

The blonde's sapphire orbs shot up to meet eternal black ones. "How can you say that?! They're our friends!" his voice rose in his anger.

"If they're playing, then there's no choice." Sasuke's words struck him again, "I'd rather kill them, than have them take you from me." As always, the Uchiha's possessive personality shone through.

"H-how can y-you say -"

A loud thud was heard, followed by the familiar sound of kunai cutting through the air as Sasuke moved in front of Naruto to intercept them.

Naruto carried his sight over to the brown haired boy in front of them, a sigh almost exiting through his lips when he realised it was Takumi Yagatsu, not one of his friends.

… wait… what was he thinking, he shouldn't be relieved…

His feet still heavy, Naruto found he couldn't move out of the way of the second wave of Kunai. Sasuke switched from defence to attack as he released the weapon he was granted from his backpack… a katana.

He blocked them, his skills greatly out matching Takumi.

Maybe it was the moment.

Maybe it was what had happened so suddenly that Sasuke missed the poorly masked chakra.

Either way the Shuriken came straight for Naruto.

Blue eyes widened...

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