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These have been floating around in my head since I started playing the game, yet again. Originally, I was going to post them in one-chapter, but thought it may be better to separate them because each one tackles a very different topic.

The Dive

Jumping off that airship was the hardest thing Tidus had ever done. Gravity pulled him down but a deeper force tugged at Tidus' heart as he fell through the spiraling clouds. Yellow blurred with white before the figures of Braska, Auron and Jecht—his father—appeared through the haze. A small, true smile shaped the blonde guardian's lips. For at least a few moments, maybe he could enjoy the victory and forget about what he had lost.

A full blown smirk was painted on Jecht's face, pride and something else mixed with the cocky twist of the lips. His hand extended to his son, and Tidus slapped it as he tumbled down to a stop.

They had done it.

Sin was defeated, never to return.

Spira was safe again.

Tidus straightened himself and glanced at each of the men around him. Braska's head tilted in a nod, a warm smile that reached his eyes greeted the younger man. Auron dipped his head as well, but backed away to let Jecht through.

A pair of heavy hands landed soundly on Tidus' shoulders. Slowly, the son met his father's eyes. After ten years they should face-to-face as father and son, not as enemies, not as warrior and beast.

"You did well, boy."

"Yeah, you too." For the first time, Tidus felt he could honestly say he was proud of his father. Another smile broke the teenager's firm mouth.

"Heh, what, are you going to cry, boy?" Jecht smirked and gave a rumbling laugh. "You always did—," he stopped short when a tear escaped clear blue eyes and slid down his son's cheek. Immediately, Jecht's shoulders slumped and he kicked himself mentally. After all these years, he still couldn't pick the right words to say.

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