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The Future

Tidus couldn't lie to himself anymore.

The pyreflies no longer held his attention with their eerie beauty; their spiraling dances only resurrected memories of the pilgrimage and of Yuna. His relationship with his father seemed fixed now. There was no dull ache when Tidus saw Jecht, only understanding and love. What had once been his biggest scar was completely healed. There was nothing left to do in the Farplane.

He wanted to live.

But what good was a plea of the fayth's dream? He knew this was where he belonged and the fayth had been gracious enough to give him this afterlife. Dreams were supposed to fade, yet because of his role in defeating Sin and allowing the fayth to rest, Tidus remained.

The blitzer understood this. However, that didn't stop the twitching need to do something, to be somewhere else. Maybe it was just his young blood, but Tidus could no longer spend his eternity quietly watching the pyreflies twirl through the never-ending sky.

He wanted to live.

Thoughts of Yuna consumed him. Her smile, her mixed-matched eyes and the way they glimmered on the night in Macalania, all memories of the summoner filtered through Tidus's mind. It was with these thoughts that his heart ached.

And when he wasn't missing Yuna, Tidus daydreamed of his other friends that he lost, Wakka, Lulu, Rikku, and even Kimarhi. Their travels together bond them tight. And the more Tidus thought about it, the more it became clear.

He wanted to live.

While mulling over these thoughts, Tidus was soon joined by Jecht, Auron, and Braska. The young man felt their presence rather than heard it; people seemed to just appear around the Farplane. Nobody ever really 'walked' anywhere.

"What's eating you, kid?" Jecht's voice still held the laughter of a passing joke, but a flicker of concern broke through. "You're quiet."

Startled out of his thoughts, Tidus replied quickly, "Nothing."

Jecht frowned, all joking gone from his face. Auron and Braska remained silent for the moment as well. When Tidus didn't give a better answer, Jecht demanded, "Tidus, what's wrong?"

When was the last time his father had ever called him by name? Tidus couldn't remember. He wasn't even sure if Jecht had ever said his name. The shock of hearing it was quickly replaced by the realization that his father was extremely serious. Tidus hung his head, now unwilling to share his desire to live. Who was he to talk about that with the three men in front of him? They had all made sacrifices and deserved to have their lives back.

Jecht grew impatient. "Spit it out, kid." His arms crossed over his chest in wait.

Disgusted with himself for admitting this problem, Tidus latched his eyes onto the ground and whispered, "I want to live."

Pyreflies surrounded the four men while Tidus' words hung in the air. Their pink and yellow tails shimmered in the eternal light of the Farplane. They made the only movements, ever flying toward and around the sky.

After a long while, Jecht's arms fell to his sides and his face softened. He lowered himself to the ground and rested a hand on his son's shoulder. And with unrestricted understanding, the father said, "Of course you do."

"But so does everyone else," Auron added, his steady gaze on the teenager. "Remember that when you go back."

Tidus' head snapped up, his mind racing. What did Auron just say? It was bad joke, right? The shocked look on Tidus' face cracked a smile on Braska's.

"You—and my daughter," he added with another gleaming grin, "have been given a second chance."

Tidus was on his feet now, eyes wide and mouth agape. "You're joking." All three men stared back at the teenager with sincere smiles. "You have to be joking," Tidus repeated but began to laugh. It couldn't be true! But he needed to know, so he asked, "Why?"

Auron scoffed, "Spira is a world where the dead go on living and dreams can breathe. When will you learn to expect the unexpected?"

Braska clarified, "It seems the fayth have," he paused there, carefully picking words, "reconsidered your existence."

"How?" Tidus' voice now shook, even as his father clamped a strong hand on his shoulder.

"It's up to Yuna now," Jecht said. "But she's well on her way."

"Yuna." The ache returned, but this time with a small amount of hope. He glanced at Auron and Braska once more, looking for any signs of pranks. There were none.

Jecht grinned, "She loves you, kid. Don't screw it up."

"Like you're one to talk!" Tidus retorted and laughter erupted from him. The details didn't seem to matter anymore, he was going back. Tidus wasn't sure when or exactly how, but he would press Yuna for details later. Suddenly, the surrounding pyreflies seemed beautiful and the future endless.

He was going back to Spira; it seems eternity could wait, just a little longer.

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