I like my men like I like my coffee hot strong and with a bit of a tan

This is a Bella and Embry story

This story starts off 5 years after Bella graduates High School . The kicker is when Edward came back in new moon he left again after Victoria and her newborn army stating that Bella was now safe to live her life. Bella graduated college, moved on and now lives on the outskirts of Seattle. Now back in Forks for the first time in the past five years what will she find different.

I own nothing of Twilight or any of the funny stuff in here


So here I am heading down the highway back to Forks. At least the ride back is safer then the ride up here. My old rusted Chevy decided to kick the bucket my sophomore year of college. So Jake helped me pick out a new at the time 2006 black 4x4 Toyota Tacoma. I love it.

"On the road again just can't wait to get off the road again"

Why you ask? Good question. I look to 2 my left at my travel buddy whose head is currently out the window.

"Care to remind me why I'm doing this Remy?

I say as I turn my attention to the rider next to me bringing him out of his daze in the wind. He looks at me like I have two heads.

"What are you thinking about huh there good buddy?"

Did I really just say that ?

"Christ I sound like Edward."

Edward, Edward fucking Cullen I haven't thought about his ass in maybe 2 or 3 years. Wait that part is a lie too. He seems to find a way to permanently stay in the back of my mind, but then again I know why and its my own damn fault really.

"Yeah I loved him, yeah hurt me mind you twice and I by gods good grace I moved on."

Yeah that's right Bella you tell him, like

Remy would answer me anyway what would he say ?

"Don't ask me mom I'm just here for the ride and the food." That's what he'd say if he could speak.

And that is exactly what his look was telling me. His head tilted in confusion and amusement, his golden brown eyes practically laughing at me urging to take a poke at his head

"I'll tell you what you thinking Remy. Tree, tree, tree, wait that was a deer, tree, tree. Did that squirrel just laugh at me? Want to bite the stupid squirrel.

Lemmie lick my butt, scratch behind my ears, slobber on momma.

Move to the backseat, move back to the front seat then back again. Bark and stare at the car that's been following the whole way."

That's when the ride got more interesting then me making fun of Remy. I knew it when a all to familiar voice comes over the CB Radio.

"Scrsch, Come in BellaRoo this is the Costner Impostner over. Scrsch"

Ahh I must be getting close, that's my brother well to be technical my stepbrother. Seth Clearwater. I must say I do love his trucker name which is Costner Impostner, like Kevin Costner in "Dances with Wolves" but not. Although we girls didn't think he looked good enough to have the name Kevin Costner, so we call him the Impostner. Him and Melissa always do the static noise before they speak they think it sounds better. It kind of does but I'll never tell.

" This is BellaRoo go ahead Costner Impostner over."

"What's your 20 BellaRoo over?"

"In route to the Bear Cave to see the Chief over." Meaning on my way to the station to see Charlie first

" Roger that BellaRoo, I got Embry putting a station in the house so if we need it its there over."

I never thought we would get this out of hand with the CB Radios. It was my friend Melissa's idea she thought it would be funny to have one in her truck. So since she got one I got one . She said we needed to have one because we both had trucks . She bought a new at the time 2007 Nissan Titan, black also. I think she just wanted to talk to someone else on it. So when I got one so did our other friend Lilly. That's when things started to get out of hand. We each had a set of walkie talkies and a base station at our apartments. I don't even think I use my cell phone anymore. Then when I thought we would only be limited to our insane ways but then my brother just had to go and imprint on my friend Lilly. That's the real reason I'm heading down to Forks , well La Push really. This weekend is their engagement party.


Seth had come to see me in Seattle that weekend. Jacob and I had just recently broken up from our 3 ½ year relationship. We had dated from my freshman year in college to the end of my junior year. Mind you it wasn't my fault we broke up. Lets just say I found him in a compromising situation. So Seth took me out to a local club that night to drown my tears in rum drinks and tequila shots. Let me tell you he had a great game plan. The night was relatively uneventful until a petite blond came running up to me . Me not Seth and throwing her arms around my neck .

"Sweetheart ! you made it !."

As soon as her words flew out of her mouth, she kisses me and gives me a look of please play along. Her eyes were fearful and pleading , I felt bad and I was wasted so what did I do? I played along , hell it would at least make for a good story right.

" I told you I'd be here hunny I'm sorry I'm late got stuck in traffic you ok ? Those guys aren't bothering you are they?"

I heard my brother spit his beer allover the bar, I guess he just jumped into this conversation. This chick must have been desperate to kiss some strange girl so I made it look good. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me.

"Yes" she said "They didn't believe me when I said my girlfriend would be here any moment"

"Well I'm here now"

I looked n the direction the guys were n not knowing which one was bugging this girl.

"Thanks for keeping an eye out for my girl here fellas but I think I got it from here."

And with that we turned around and heading back to Seth who has a shit eating grin on his face.

"So Bella who's your friend?"

End of Flashback

"BellaRoo ! Come in BellaRoo you there, this is Leapfroger over."

" Go ahead Leapfroger this is BellaRoo over"

Lilly is one of my best friends soon to be sister. Lilly got her name is a sort of funny way. We had bet on one of the Seahawks game against Melissa. Lilly and I lost so we had to do the Leap frog from one bar to the next But soon after we had Melissa in on the fun and then a bunch of random people joined in it was quite the sight.

"Hey, I was calling you name what happened over?"

" Sorry I must of spaced out, I was just remembering the night we all met it's been about 2 years right. Over"

"Roger that, it was a crazy night huh? How much long till you get to town? Over"

"It will still be about an hour and half to two hours over"

"Ok, I can't wait to see you over!"

"BellaRoo Leapfroger come in this is Humperdink over"

That's our Melissa she must be on the road also. Melissa got her CB name from a mix of Princess Bride (one of our favorite movies) and from part of a stand up skit of Eddie Izzard about Engleburt Humperdink.

"Humperdink are you on the road, I thought you wouldn't be able to get off work yet? Over"

" Yea I just got on the road not to long ago Leapfroger so I' about 4 hours behind. Over"

"BellaRoo I brought Dell Girl with me so Sir Stinks A lot can have someone to play with, while we crawl home on our bellies. Over"

When Remy heard the name Dell Girl he was all about me now and forgot about scaring the driver behind us. His Dell Girl was coming to. Remy my red Bloodhound, is all about Dell Girl she is a black and tan Bloodhound. Dell Girl well her name is Delilah and she has got Remy wrapped around her tail. It is quite funny. Melissa decided to give me Remy when Jake and I broke up. Apparently I have a problem of being in the woods when a relationship ends and she said next time she is just going to send Remy and Delilah after me instead of the whole tri state police looking for me. So both of the dogs are search and rescue and man hunt trained .

"Copy that Humperdink , Remy is all excited about his Dell Girl over"

"Come in BellaRoo this is the Chief over"

When Lilly and Melissa heard my dads voice coming in im sure their smiles got all wide and bright. They both love my dad. And I know he has a sweet spot for the both of them. He took Lilly under his wing when she moved down to La Push to be with Seth. He is actually going to be walking her down the aisle but she hasn't asked yet I think.

" Chief !!"

Both of the girls tried to talk in at the same time but Lilly got is first.

"Chi - ef… oh hold on got to shift, right sorry hey this is Humperdink your team ready to go down this Sunday Chief? Over"

"The only the thing that is going to be down on Sunday Humperdink is your teams score and then you head hung in shame when they lose. Over"

"Ohh that's what she said! Humperdink you just got told you going to take that. Over"

I can see Lilly now egging on Melissa and Dad. She will be sitting at the kitchen table with a cold drink in her hand, because by now she would have moved the CB to a more comfortable area . This is where her and my dad get along they are both Seahawk fans, whether she switched because of him or Seth im not sure. But this is also where I disagree with them . I tend to side with Melissa when it comes to football she is the one who got me into it and taught me the rules. We meet Melissa at the same bar where Lilly and I meet. Melissa was working on the night in question and had allready been serving Seth and I Shot after shot when I told her i was there to drown my sorrows, Melissawas from the East Coast , Maryland to be exact. So she grew up a Washington Redskins fan and inn turn , turned me to the burgendy and gold. Dad always jokes with her saying she got the washington part right but not the team part.

" Chief I'm going to have to go against you on this one , I think the Skins are going to get it they have been on a 4 game wining streak. Over"

"Good to know your on my side BellaRoo, Hear that guys, I say we make a bet 2 on 2 what do you say Leapfroger over"

"No Humperdink last time I made a bet with you I got this nickname. Over"

"Well girls before we get into a heated debate, BellaRoo I'm getting out of the bear cave early and heading home I will see you tonight at the party so just go on home and get settled in ok. Over"

"Roger that Chief, give Sue a big wet kiss for me ok and I'll see you at the party over"

Charlie had moved in and married Sue Clearwater about 3 years ago so the old house is left open for me when I come in town or they have guests. This weekend it will be home to Melissa and I and the two dogs so Sue and Dad wont be so crowded.

"Copy that you two be careful on the road and I will see you both tonight, over and out"

"Bella this is Embry I got the base set up I just wanted to tell you over"

I was surprised when I heard Embry's voice come on the CB. Embry Call was at my house alone . Hmm that sounds nice .Embry Call in my house in my room on my bed alowwing me to do all that i wanted. What !? Did i just think that . Sure did there Bella . I missed his husky voice I hadn't seen or heard from him since Jake and I started dating and no one told me what happened . He left the Rez one summer to get a job and then he never came back. I brought it up to Emily once and she wasn't sure what happened, but I knew she was hiding something.

"Embry Call I've missed you and thanks for setting it up over"

"It was no problem, I don't mind I had it set up for a while but I couldn't get a word in with you girls jabber-jawing away. Over"

I could hear the warm chuckle in his voice. I wonder what he looks like now. He was always good looking when we were younger. I might have been dating a Cullen then a Black but I always thought there was something special about Embry. He was what every girl wanted tall, tan, and handsome. Oh did I mention strong with muscles you just wanted to run your fingers over. Not overly muscular but you could see the outline of his body underneath the shirts he wore, when he wore them. God am I getting all hot and bothered over Embry I haven't even seen him yet n the past wow 4 years I guess. But boy did he have a body a well toned and defined chest. I bet he is so warm you could melt ice on him. But then with his voice he could melt me really. I had to bring myself out of my man daze. Ok now you have to talk to him about something. Just keep him talking Bella the man could be reading stock market quotes and you would be a gonner. Pick something brain !!

"Hey Embry is there any food in the fridge? over"

Great Bella, food of all things you can think of, you pick food! Not hey how are you. Or how have you been it's been 4 years since I've seen you or heard your luscious voice, where have you been? No I ask if there is any food in the fridge.

"Umm I don't think so Bella, I can go to the store for you if you want something special, over"

Hmm something special, yea I want something special Embry you on a platter with strawberries and honey. Oh god I am a goner , I need to stop myself before my sexual fantasies get out of control and cause me to wreck.

"She wants a BALT-MORE sandwich Mr. Voice that is like Honey over the CB"

Leave it to Melissa to break the tension with the most obvious remark in the world.

"Melissa! Really a voice like honey Jesus!"

"Oh Lilly come on you know that's what we were all thinking about good god just cause you got you man-dog doesn't mean Bella and I cant have fun Right BellaRoo over"

Wait are they talking to me ? Pull it together girl stop thinking of honey and the wonderful things you can do with it. It's funny how Mel and I were both thinking about honey. I guess she was right we were thinking about the same thing.

" Huh , me .. right honey .. no I mean a BALT-MORE yea I want that"

"I don't know how you do it Humperdink, how you know is beyond me but now I want a BALT-MORE, on wheat please.

"So yeah Mr. Honey Voice we will have 2 BALT-MORE'S on wheat toasted. Leapfrog will you be at the house to get ready? Over"

"No I wont be able to make it I'm supposed to help set up, over"

"Lilly you don't have to help set up I've got the guys to put to work you go spend time with Bella and Melissa,. So Bella what do I need to make it taste good, over"

WHAT ! Taste good does he really expect me to answer I've been in my own fantasy for how long now and he expects me to speak with out having his name roll off my tongue as a moan.

" Me… I mean you need Bacon , Avocado, Lettuce, Tomatoes and a box of Oreo's and get a gallon on milk please. Over "

"Roger that Bella , how long will you be in town? That way I can pick up some more food for you other than your sandwich and cookies. Over"

"You don't have to Embry I can go to the store its really not a big deal. Over "

" Bella I'll already be at the store ."

"Oh Bella jeeze she will be in town for the week, Embry and maybe you could make her dinner one night so go ahead and pick up whatever you want Bella isn't picky."

"Thanks Melissa that was the idea, so ill have your 3 sandwiches made when you get here ok ladies, Cant wait to see you again Bella its been such a long time, over an out."

"Me to Embry its been too long"

"Good goog-a-mooga, Bella who is that! Have you met him yet Leapfroger? I need details ladies!"

" No I haven't met him yet Humperdink but we will be getting all of the juicy details tonight for sure, he really sounded eager to you again Bella!"

"That ladies was Embry Call and if he looks half as good as he did when I lived there then by now, he must be amazing, but I got to get back to driving so I can get there in one piece to see him"

"You and be both BellaRoo see you when I see you be careful"

so i need a trucker cb name for Embry got any ideas his pov will be up shortly.