I stormed into the kitchen. My mind was far from the idea of food. I walked past my crew who were taken back form the tense look on my face. I'm sure there was steam coming out of my ears I was so furious.

Dave you better be bleeding on the floor giving your last breaths

and adding me as your sole heir.

There I see him behind the line with a knife in one hand and a sauté pan in the other. Smiling the whole time. He was prepared to see me angry. So here he is taunting me to hit him. Only thing he doesn't know is that he won't be able to defend himself from me.

Embry you wouldn't know what do with all my nice things.

Oh yes I would! I would smash them in little pieces, starting with your Gibson

I would go El Ka-bong on everything.

You wouldn't dare! Not that Gibson you know how much its worth.

What in hells fury do you want with me Dave?

Couldn't you see I was busy?

Yeah I could see and so could everyone else it looked like you were about to go cave man on her. You know bang her over the head and drag her into some hole in the ground.

You needed a minute to compose yourself.

With that he shook the sauté pan at my pants. I felt deflated he was right in the "I don't want to tell him he's right" way, at least not yet.

Come on man show me around some more the

guys have this down. I want to meet Bella!

He looked back at me as he was about to walk out of the kitchen. David had a devious smirk on his face. He smiled and I tensed. I didnt like how interested he was in meeting Bella. My instincts to protect my imprint took over. I strode over to him quickly while he was rambling on about he hadn't got to met her properly.

You know Embry I can understand why you've been hiding her from the guys, with a body like hers I'm sure she has a face to match.

I lost it- had my best friend slammed up against the wall, with my fingers around his neck.

You will not speak about Isabella like that ever again do we understand you will treat her with the up most respect and keep you paws off her body.

Right Embry too soon I get it, like a lady.

With that he pushed me back and gotten out of my hold. This surprised me a little. Being a wolf made me stronger than normal humans. But David pushed me back as if it was nothing to him. It made me wonder what was going on with him. You could see a fire in his eyes that only made my blood boil. Not of fear more of anticipation for a fight, I hadn't shifted in such a long time and being back in La Push made the craving stronger to run with my brothers again. I wanted to fight I wanted to sink my teeth into something. I wanted to feel that power again. We were both breathing heavy waiting for the other to make the first move, ready to pounce and rip each other apart. Minutes passed and they seemed like hours. I wasn't sure where the desire to fight my best friend was coming from. Whether is stems from my natural instinct to protect Bella as my imprint to if I felt as is there was another male in the pack trying for my Bella. Impossible right, not really I tend not to think anything is impossible if I can shift into a wolf and there are demons like vampires that are real. Surely nothing is impossible. I waited for him to speak, as I gathered myself. He on the other hand was still tense, fire still burning but not as strong it was losing its flame and subsiding.

Look Embry you might want to go for a run or something, before you go see Bella. She is a woman and people are going to look at her.

Hell I am going to look at her, so don't tell me how to act around a lady I know.

You may be my boss and my friend but your not my alpha, I don't need that shit, no one is my alpha got it?

He was pissed. If he was Quileute he would have shifted right then and there. You could see the anger rolling off his body. I let the last comment slide I didn't want to ask and I'm sure he didn't want to explain but it made me wonder why he chose the word Alpha. I felt my body tremble with anger at that word alpha. Sam always favored Jake. And I hated how I had to obey his orders I wanted to be my own man not his pup. That was the one thing I didn't miss about leaving the pack. That and hearing each other's thoughts, I'm sure Jake wouldn't of been to happy with my thoughts in overdrive about Bella.

Ok your right look I over reacted my bad Dave, let's go out

there and I will show you off.

He relaxed and recovered quickly, I knew he had some smart comment ready to be said, and I set him up for it really.

Well Mr. Call I do declare – I do believe have the vapors.

He said in a horrible southen lady accent fanning his self with a napkin-

Well frankly David I don't give a damn.

And with that I had him in a playfull head lock dragging and laughing our way out of the kitchen. That's when I felt Bella close by me. My body started to tremble with anticipation as I searched the crowd for her face. I saw her still standing with Leah and another girl talking with one of the waiters she was looking around for someone and my heart hoped it was me. She turned and made eye contact with me and her flace lit up with the sweetest smile. The waiter she spoke to pointed over to me and the three of them made their way over. I couldn't help the smug smile creep on my face knowing she was looking at me. Although Leah gave me a quizzical look probably wondering why I was grinning like a madman. I would have to watch myself around her for sure. Bella lightly skipped over to me, placed her hand on my arm and leaned in to give me a kiss on the cheek. She was beautiful her eyes sparkling in the torchlight showing a fire inside of them that I wanted to be burned by so badly. Her cheeks were slightly flushed which was probably from the drinks that were flowing around the place and the heat. There was a desire about her I wanted to understand, my mind reeled with the thought of understanding it someday and involuntary my muscles tighten out of anticipation which in turned tightened around Dave's neck making him coughs slightly. I had forgotten that he was still in a head lock until I heard Bella gasp as his sight. I loosened my hold slightly.

Ahem do excuse my current state ladies... –

Dave wasn't really able to move; he was bent at the waist and could only lift his head ever so slightly. Really it was quite funny seeing him this way.

M name is David I'm the sous chef here tonight I hope

you all are enjoying the evening so far.

Laying it on kinda thick don't you think there Davey boy? The first to speak was the female I had not known yet. She looked at him with wonder in her eyes. Well I'd say Dave might have his hands full soon.

Well it's a pleasure to meet you Dave my name is Melissa.

He looked like he gave up squirming for a while and had his hands on his knees.

Well being in a headlock has its disadvantages… -

I heard him murmur with a slight pause-

And it has its advantages the views not so bad here... I get to uhh look at peoples shoes..?

As he finished his little rant he raised his head and as his eyes traveled up the body to her face of the woman in front of him, he took a quick breath in. It was then I realized where his point of view was... directly in chest range... of course he wasn't complaining hes been stareing at 3 sets of boobs for the past couple minutes. That cheeky bastard, couldn't really be mad at the guy I did put him in the position. Quickly I stood Dave up. And he brushed his jacket off cracked his neck and looked around.

Well the view isn't too bad from here either. It a pleasure to meet you ladies.

And with that he managed to break the ice and get a laugh out of the girls and of course Bella just smiled and blushed.

Well excuse me where are my manners

These are my friends Leah and Melissa and my name is Bella.

Of course Dave being the total suck up that he is took each of the girls hand and kissed their knuckles. I was surprised it even made Leah blush a bit.

Melissa you look very beautiful tonight,

Leah I have heard a lot about you but he never said what a beauty you are,

Ah Bella how delightful to actually see you in person.

My dear you are much prettier in here in the flesh than

in a flattened out crumpled picture from years prior.

Bella had a confused look on her face and turned to me for an explanation. So what do I do .. Either tell the truth that I've managed to keep on picture of us with me at all time?

Ah yea, I've got an old picture of all of us from a

bonfire some summers ago, it's in my office.

You know Embry we did miss you on the rez it

would have been nice to see you every once and awhile.

Yeah I know Leah.

Shifting back and forth on my feet she put me on the spot there pointing out that I hadn't come back to the rez at all. I wasn't sure how I was going to come up with an excuse.

I should of came back more I know but hey I'm here now aren't I ?

As I finished my bad cover up on why I never came back I found myself wrapping my arm around Bella and pulling her closer to me. My wolf was at work here he wanted her nearby and was acting of instinct. I was nervous as hell but when she didn't pull away from me my wolf took it's cue and pulled her even closer so that she was tucked into my side. My arm snaked around her back, hands resting on her hip I felt her snuggle into me a little more. It took every ounce of strength I had to swallow the sound of a content rumble that was trying to escape from my body. I almost lost any and all coherent thought when I felt her arm slide across my stomach tracing patterns from my abs to my hip. My body relaxed to her touch feeling the tension of the night roll off in waves. She was my rescuer and jailer at the same time. Allowing myself the small amount of freedom with her I had. I turned my head placing it on top of hers closed my eyes and just breathed in her scent. Feeling her body alongside mine made the rest of the world disappear. The bond was growing stronger by the second. I knew after this I wouldn't be able to stay away from her for to long. I kissed her hair it was like silk against my lips. I felt her chuckle quietly it was then did reality decide to slap me in the face. barely I heard the comment.

"hah looks like Monte-pumas revenge!"

Opening my eyes I looked down at her seeing that she was smiling into my side still. Ok so that hasn't changed. Then as I looked around I realized that we were in fact not alone at all like I had hoped. Leah was staring at me with a questioning look.

Huh what did you guys say?.

I was lost as all get up. Leah just laughed at me and then when Bella realized what her hands were doing she jumped back a little out of my arms her hands no longer roaming my body. I wanted to whimper at the loss of her touch but I let her go and took a step back as she shook her head and cleared her mind.

Remember Bella your Monte-puma revenge?

And cue the blush I looked at her and she started to laugh having the most beautiful smile with a bit of a mischievous glint in her eye.

Wait a minute I'm confused isn't it Montezuma's revenge.. And if its what I think it is how can it be good thing? Dave chimed in.

Well.. Melissa started out … we went to Mexico for a vacation just the 3 of us. And happened to have a lot to drink that day and well Leah and myself had found umm some "friends" to hang out with and well Bella hadn't so she was a little perturbed. That our girl's weekend had turned down a different path. So I guess she stomped off to the bar but ended up coming back with this giant mask on her face, and two shrunken skulls on twine in her hands. So our quiet little Bella shakes the skulls and yells " I put the curse of Monte-puma on you !" gets down on one knee her head tilted to the sky and spits fire from her mouth. So it gave us all a start. They two guys ended up leaving and she still in her mask said to us "Monte-puma didn't come to Mexico to watch you suck face with some natives!"

Well be glad I put that on you and be glad that you both have your kidneys or liver.

And you didn't wake up in some ice bath.

I'm sorry I still don't get it?

I guess its my turn to explain. Bella says Sorry Dave I guess I should explain ..

Well I was a little too far in my drink for the word Montezuma to come out of my mouth.. And that curse would just be horrible so the Monte-puma is what I managed to say its ..

This is where she became the shy quiet Bella.

Its where Leah and Melissa would be trying to get my attention but I would be to busy with some guy to notice .. I guess I got a little carried away relieving the past.

She blushed a deeper red which in turn made me turn a little pink know that she was talking about the time we spent together. I couldn't help but lean over to whisper to her as I tucked a strand of hair behind her ear ..

"I'd like history to repeat its self a little more often" my wolf was being bold but she sure surprised me with her reply of "so would I" as she looked up at me.

Dave coughed and cleared his throat

"Umm well I'm going to do a round of the stations make sure everything is looking good."

Good idea Dave

I replied still staring at Bella. Trying to figure out why every time I wanted to kiss her we would be interrupted.

Oh Dave do you mind me tagging along there so much stuff here I'm not sure where to start.

Bella's friend Melissa chimed in. At least she got the cue that I wanted to be alone with Bella for once tonight.

Well of course I would like to have a beautiful woman on my arm showing her all the amazing things I can do. Anything I can do to make my brother jealous over there.

As he pointed to the stage at the DJ.

Embry likes to hire within.

Two down one to go. But it looked like Leah wasn't budging. I had finally looked away from Bella to glance at where Dave and Melissa were going and to see if Leah took the hint that I wanted her to leave. She did but she wasn't going anywhere.

I think I'm going to grab a drink guys I will be right back.

Bella noticed and I could tell she felt a little uncomfortable standing there. I didn't want Bella to leave I wanted Leah to leave this is not how it's supposed to work. Why is this so complicated I love Bella I want to be alone with Bella even her damn dog had the decency to give me that it wasn't hard.

So Embry, . What's going on?

I heard Leah say as Bella was out of hearing range

Not to much Leah just working

I mean about you and Bella. Did you...

- No.

I stopped her before she could say anything else. I could let anyone say it out loud. It would show even more and Sam already said I was acting differently; soon the pack would start to notice. And then Jake would find out and I honestly don't know how he would react. Surely he has got to realized if after 5 or more years he hasn't imprinted on then it wasn't going to happen. But really who am I kidding I wouldn't of given up on Bella either.

Oh ok well…. You know I was just... well you know.

Leah stuttered back to me. She sounded disappointed. Did she want me to imprint on Bella. Thankfully David's brother Marcus came by to run some music by me which gave me an outlet to get out of the conversation.

Excuse me Miss. Embry I wanted to let you know I added those songs to the list that David said you wanted.

Songs what are you talking about?

I grab the clip board that's in his hands. I don't understand why he thinks I give a damn about the music tonight. The first page was some excel spreadsheet of songs so I turn the page only to see that is just a piece of paper that says. Who's the hottie? I look up from the clipboard just in time to catch Leah's eyes roam over Marcus's body quickly before she looked to me. While Marcus is steadily looking at me with a little more than just normal urgency, pointing the clipboard.

So anything good there Embry?

Oh no Leah just the normal stuff, trying to keep it a little classy tonight. God forbid someone get their leg humped.

Really Embry leg humping? I just don't know where your head is sometimes.

SO … Embry.

With that last statement coming from Leah's mouth I got one subtle and one not so subtle elbow to the ribs at the same time by both Marcus and Leah. Which both were unexpected I knew better to voice my irritation to the duo. So taking my cue I introduced them to each other.

Well I'm not sure where the fires are but allow me to introduce my friend Leah to you Marcus. Leah and I have grown up together; she lives here on the Rez.

I knew better to make sure I pointed the jab at Marcus instead of Leah, I was going to need her on my side eventually with all this making Bella fall in love with me. Marcus reached for her hand and I heard Leah let out a very small moan when Marcus brought his lips to her knuckles. Her moan was too low for human ears and almost too low for my wolf hearing, Interesting.

Well Embry here sure knows how to keep all the good things in his life a secret. My name is Marcus.

And that's when time seemed to slow and yet everything happened so fast. Marcus looked up at Leah's face. This in turn made her gasp; her eyes widened with love and glisten slightly with tears. Which made Marcus body take on a more defensive stance as he grabbed Leah pulling her into his side slightly behind his own. Turned on me and gave me the good ole stiff arm pushing me back suddenly. Realizing that Leah must of imprinted on Marcus I put my hands in the air and backed away as Marcus started to lower into a defensive crouch. Leah finally caught wind of what was going on, god bless her lovebird brain right then. She reached from behind Marcus and placed her hand over his heart leaning in to whisper to him. Whatever she said it worked, he stood up quickly turning around checking Leah for any sort of injury, but glancing back at me every so often. When he was done with his inspection I saw him cup Leah's face and gently kiss her on the lips.

Hello dear.

Hmm well hello to you as well

I coughed to make my presence known to and at the same time take a couple steps back. It was like Marcus just opened his eyes and realized what happened. His face palled a little and eyes got wide when he turned to face me. His mouth was moving but no words were coming out. I just laughed.

Really I understand. Trust me you don't have to say a thing. Congratulations you two! But it is kind of odd that it's the second time I was almost attacked by you Diab brothers tonight. If I didn't know any better.

I let the last part trail off. Scratching the back of my head thinking wouldn't someone here know if they were part of some wolf phasing tribe like us? Looking around for the other brother I saw him still talking away to Bella's friend Melissa. As if he some sort of spidey sense he turned around and looked at me smiled and then looked at Marcus and paled, his face almost a confused anger. This confused me and angered Marcus. He stormed over to us completely leaving Melissa hanging in their conversation. Leaving Melissa with a bit of an irritated look with a little hurt added in for good measure. This made Leah look at Melissa and me as if she was saying "what's up with this guy?"

In the end it was a lot of eyebrow lifting, eye shifting and odd glances, it made my head hurt and I just wanted to see Bella again. I felt like that all I was doing tonight looking for Bella or almost getting in a fight with two of my best friends. I found her talking with Jake of all people. Had to be Jacob Black, just thinking his name made me irritated. Who the hell did he think he was talking to Bella after everything that went down! Without even knowing I raised my arm and pointed at them, scoffing at what I saw and looked to Leah as if I was saying "do you believe this!" while at the same time asking for some kind of help to rip Jacob to pieces. While she just replied to me by the use of our expert pointing skills, "look at what I'm dealing with here would you!" pointing at Marcus and David. I hadn't even realized that David had made it over here yet. The two brothers were in a heated whispering argument in a language I didn't know, but one thing I did understand well at least a little bit was the pointing. They both looked like they were about to break out and sing YMCA. David was pointing at himself, to Marcus, to Leah back to Marcus then over to me. I even think he threw an arm out to Melissa over there. But he wasn't alone Marcus was right behind him pointing at back at all of us it was quite the circle we created.

What the hell is going on here Embry, are you guys about to break out and do the YMCA?

Leave it to Seth to come at the most opportune time

Well not quite there buddy, you see Leah here has imprinted on my DJ here Marcus.

And with that one sentence the pointing stopped and everyone looked at me.

Nice Embry real nice...Seth I'm sorry I don't mean to steal any of yours and Lily's thunder tonight I was hoping to speak with Marcus alone first but that won't be happing now it seems.

To say that Seth was surprised would be underrated. He was ecstatic. Immediately pulling Leah into his embrace saying over and over how happy he was for her and that he didn't care, Leah meant more to him that any party would. After the short lived hug-fest ended all eyes were back on me. And the arm waving and pointed started back up again but because of me this time.

What ok so it's my fault! But it's not like you can tell one of them and not the other. Trust me neither of them can keep a secret in the first place. Look lets just talk about this all later. People are starting to I wouldn't be surprised if we just landed some sort of plane in the general area with all the waving going on. Seth you go back to enjoying the party. Leah and Marc go be lovey dovey somewhere else, and you David go and apologized to Melissa and get check on the kitchen would you! While I find Bella yet again .

With that they all dispersed quietly with their heads down and it made me wonder why I just went into command mode it made me feel like I just scolded a bunch of teenagers. Leaving me to stand by myself but my luck would not have that Sam deciding to finally make his presence know comes over to me. Grinning like a child who just watched an epic fight scene. He was popping grapes in his mouth like they were popcorn.

Hah what's up with the alpha mode Embry? So what did I miss?

I have no idea where that came from. I don't know how you handled all of us. So the good news Leah had imprinted on a friend of mine.

Sounds like there is bad news?

Well I wouldn't say bad entirely, I happened to let the word "imprint" slip a bit too early in front of David while I was filling Seth in.

Hmm. Hey aren't they brothers?

Yeah they are super close but something off with them. And I just noticed it.

But you trust them and you think its ok with his brother knowing?

I do really, and I know it would kill Marcus to keep it from David.

Well if you think its ok then its fine with me.

What no "have you lost your mind" alpha mode?


So Sam just walks away from me and back to Emily. And of course she's smiling at me like crazy. What is he hiding? I mean if anyone else had of done that Sam would have been on them like white on rice. And if I thought my head was hurting earlier its really spinning now.

Hey you busy there Beth?

No boss what do you need?

Get me a Johnnie Green on the rocks would ya?

Coming right up boss.