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CHAPTER ONE: Wal-Mart is no safe haven

One day in a small town called "Small town", there lived people. But not just any people, working people! They all lived their lives to the fullest, not aware of the fact that they were just insignificant ants. But that's not the highlight of this story!


Did somebody get shot?


What is that?


What in the-


Who said-


A girl topples over the side of her bed with a thud. She sits up a bit dazed and rubs her cheek. She looks up at an old lady wearing a moo-moo and a shower cap.

"Grandma?" she says groggily. She notices the news paper gripped tightly in her grandmothers hands and figures that that's what caused her to fall out of bed.


So that's what it was…

"I was asleep… I didn't hear you knocking." the girl lied. Her grandmother starts walking towards the door "You're just like your father, always sleeping, and doing NOTHING!" She opens the door, "always thinking good things will just COME to you!" standing halfway in the room, she points the newspaper at her granddaughter, "Linda, you better get your lazy ass out of bed and clean your room before your friends get here!"

"I love you." Linda said monotonously.

"GET A JOB!" Her grandma screams as she slams the door.

Linda looks around her room and notices that without the few dirty clothes on the floor, her room would seem spotless. She lifts herself off the floor and fixes her bed, then after cleaning she heads to the bathroom to take a shower. On the way back, she passes her grandmothers' room and overhears her mumbling to herself.

"Gotta go *hich* gocey shoppin… tomorrow *hich* an sim raisinets *hich*… can'tfoget… raisinets…"

"She's been eating Raisinets again…" Linda sighs as she goes to her room to change.


"Your grandma's a quack…" Sage said as she walked into Linda's room, "She kept offering me a donut, and I might've taken it if it wasn't a plunger."

"She's been eating Raisinets again." Linda said

"Again?…" they all moan.

"Kayla said she'll meet us at Wal-Mart." Stephanie or Steph said as she finished replying to Kayla's last text message. "All right." the others said in unison. "Why are we going to Wal-Mart again?" Cheyenne asked. "Wasn't it because Linda wanted a game or something?" Steph replied. "I want the new addition to the legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" Linda said excitedly. "Are you sure it's at Wal-Mart? Steph asked. "Who knows, I just wanted to check."

"Why didn't we all just meet each other at Wal-Mart?" Sage asked as she headed for the door. They all pondered for a reason why, "No idea." The others said, again, in unison as they headed out the door.


When they got to Wal-Mart they met up with Kayla by the front doors.

"What took you guys so long?" Kayla asked irritably.

"We stopped at Taco Bell, shut up." Sage replied with a bean burrito in her hand.

"Did you get me something?" Kayla asked, eyeing Sage's burrito.

"Does it look like we bought you something?" Sage said, taking a big bite out of her burrito.

Kayla pouts a bit more as they're making their way towards the electronics department. Linda sees a display for the OOT, and runs towards it. "Well, Cheyenne and I are going bra shopping, you know where we'll be. Come on Cheyenne." Sage says as she drags Cheyenne away. Steph was about to protest, but Kayla interrupts "Ya, and I'm going to go look at some shoes, I won't be too long."

Steph sighs as she watches her friends walk off. She walks over to the game display and waits for Linda to pick which one she wants. "Ya know, it shouldn't take that long to get the game. They're all the same."

"Ya, but I want one that doesn't have any scratches on it." Linda says while looking at random game cases. "I think you should be more worried about what's inside the case." Steph says.

Steph notices a small black orb in the corner of her eye. She turns her head and sees it floating next to her. "Hey Linda, please tell me you see that black orb to."

Linda looks where Steph is and goes wide eyed "ya, I do, actually."

"What do you think it is?" Steph asks, astonished.

"A huge fly." Linda swats her hand at the orb, but she goes right through it, "never mind."

The orb starts to fly away and they follow it.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Steph asks skeptically. "No… but what else is there to do?" Linda replies, picking up speed. They follow the orb until it goes through a door that says "employees only".

"Should we follow it in?" Steph asked. Linda looked at the door hesitantly, but pushed open the door anyway. Steph sighs and follows Linda inside, "I have a bad feeling about this…"

As the two go in the door, there's a hallway going left and one going right. Linda looks down both halls and saw that the orb went down the right hallway. She quickly follows after it with Steph behind her. It looks like they've found Wal-Marts' back/storage room. To their right there were aisles of items that haven't been put out to sell yet, and to their left there was a small area where they put bikes together, and an area where they sorted broken items. They heard some questioning voices coming from further down the hall and ran towards the commotion.

When they got there, they were in a big room with shelves of unopened or half open boxes. They saw three stockmen being attacked by two flaming bats. One stockman had a broom in his hand swinging at one bat, and the other two were trying to jump out of the way of the second. One stockman tripped and the bat was about to ram into him, but Linda grabbed a small box and threw it at the bat. Luckily it was big enough to squish the flaming bat, but also caught the box on fire. The three stockmen dropped anything they had and started to put out the fire. The other flaming bat started flying around the room touching everything.

The stockmen didn't want to take their chances and ran out as fast as they could. "Hey! Wait! What about the fire!?!" Steph screamed as she just got finished putting out the first box that was on fire. The stockmen were already out of hearing distance. The two girls nodded at each other and were about to follow the stockmen, but the still flaming bat swooped down at them. Linda pulled Steph to the floor just in time to dodge his assault.

By now, half of the huge storage room was on fire. The girls tried to hurry out of the room, but the bat was making sure they had little chance of escaping. They heard the ceiling sprinklers go on, and the fire started to go down. They both sighed in relief and tried to get out of that room as fast as they could, but the bat was still alive!

"What! What do we do now?" Steph asked Linda. "How should I know? I've never fought a flaming bat before… I've never even seen a normal bat in person."

They didn't have much further to go so they tried ignoring the bat and kept running towards where they came. When they were running passed the aisles of items the black orb came flying passed them again. This time, it grew into a black hole! The girls stopped, but got sucked into the black hole anyway.

---A while before they got sucked into the hole---

Sage and Cheyenne were in the underwear and bra aisle or section looking for bras. Cheyenne was looking for a good bra when she spotted a thong. A look of disgust passed her features. "I honestly don't see how people like string up their ass." Sage looked back at Cheyenne, then at the thong "I guess it must feel good for them…" They both exchanged looks. "I don't even want to comment on that." Cheyenne said. Sage just shrugged and went back to her business.

Sage was looking around until she heard Linda and Steph coming towards them. She waited for them to come even closer, but they just passed by. She looked towards where their voices were coming from and called out their names just in case they didn't see where they were. When they didn't turn around she yelled to them. When they still didn't turn around she gave up, grabbed Cheyenne and followed them.

"What's the big deal? I wasn't done yet." Cheyenne said irritably. Sage looked just as irritated as Cheyenne "Is it too much to ask to have people acknowledge your existence? Seriously!" Cheyenne figured it would be best to just shut up and follow along. When they finally caught up to Linda and Steph they saw them going through an "employees only" door. They both looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

"What are they doing?" Cheyenne asked. Sage started to follow them, but Cheyenne grabbed her arm, "We can't go in there, what if we get in trouble?" Sage pulled her arm away from Cheyenne "If they get in trouble, it'll be up to us to bail 'em out." She opened the door and went in while Cheyenne hesitantly followed.

They looked down both hallways, and saw Linda and Steph running down the right hallway. "I wonder what they're doing back here." Cheyenne said. "Something stupid, that's for sure." Sage started to follow them. While they were walking down the hallway with the aisles of non-selling items and areas for assembling bikes and broken items, they started to smell smoke.

"Please tell me my nose is playing tricks on me and making me smell that…" Sage said. Cheyenne looked a bit irritated "No, I can smell it to. Those two do nothing but cause trouble."

"We should go get help." Sage was about to turn around, but Cheyenne grabbed her arms again. "We don't have time, look!" Sage turned and saw smoke coming from the other side of two doors at the end of the hall.

"I think we're going to need something bigger then a fire extinguisher." Sage said as she started running towards the doors. She was about to push open one of the doors, but it was too hot and she jerked her hand back. "Ouch!" She screamed, holding onto her hand, "How can those two cause such a big fire! I mean, they didn't have a lighter or matches for Pete's sake!"

Just then, the doors swung wide open knocking the two of them on the floor. They both blacked out for a few seconds. When they opened their eyes, the door was still wide open. Sage saw a fire alarm and pulled the switch. The alarms started to flash throughout the store, causing people to panic. All the sprinklers went off not only wetting the already scared customers, but also killing the fire.

"Those two better explain all of this." Cheyenne said, still a little wobbly from getting hit by the door and blinking every now and then to keep the water drops from getting in her eyes. Sage wiped her face with the back of her hand and leaned against the wall, "I hope we don't go to jail for this."

"We wouldn't be the ones going to jail."

Sage started heading in when her and Cheyenne were suddenly engulfed by darkness. She first thought she was going unconscious for some reason, but when she realized she could see Cheyenne right next to her she started getting suspicious. She didn't have time to make a comment because they both started feeling immense pain going throughout their bodies.

"What trouble did those two get us into this time?" Sage barely spoke. They fell over, clutching their stomachs, waiting for the pain to subside. But Then they really did go unconscious.

----A long while before anybody was sucked into a hole----

Kayla was walking towards the shoe department when she saw a flash of light come from a nearby bathroom. As she got closer she realized that it was coming from the boys restroom. She really didn't want to go in there, but she was curious to what was in there. "I know I'm gonna hate myself for this…" She looked around to make sure that nobody was around and ran inside.

Kayla looked around the restroom and sighed when she noticed she was alone. She also noticed that the light was gone, "if this was all a trick I'm gonna-" She spotted a golden triangle on the sink. Her face lit up when she realized it was gold.

"I'm sure I could buy a pretty good amount of shoes with this baby." She thought of all the things she could buy as she reached out to get it. Light suddenly emanated from the triangle and Kayla was engulfed by it, "WHA-AHH!"

Kayla felt as if she were on a roller coaster… without the bars and seatbelts. She was going through every color in the rainbow until she was suddenly flying in mid-air. She noticed that she was flying over a grassy plain. She stared in astonishment at the unpolluted environment.

"I'm definitely not in America anymore…"

She passed what seemed to look like a ranch and a little later an old age market place. She was amazed at first, until she realized she was flying… and it's not normal for humans to fly on their own.

Kayla started to panic and flailed her arms around like an idiot. She noticed she was about to crash into a big castle and started panicking more. "NOO, MAKE IT STOP!" She screamed and covered her face before crashing into a window. She landed on hard cement and slowly uncovered her face.

"I…I think I'm ok…" Kayla said with panicked breaths.

"I'm happy to hear that…" An irritated voice said. Kayla jolted up and looked around. From the far corner of the room an older woman, looking to be in her late 40s or early 50s, came out of the shadows. Kayla got off the floor and stood there, dumbfounded. The older woman gave Kayla a displeased look.

"Well… Is there some reason why you came crashing through the window?" The older woman asked irritably. Kayla didn't know how to respond. How was she supposed to convince an older, and probably much wiser, woman that she just came here? She said the first thing that came to mind.

"You look like you wear an E cup!" Kayla threw her hand over her mouth.

"Excuse me?" the older woman asked.

You were supposed to ask about the weather or talk about food or… Something not boob related stupid! Kayla thought to herself.

"I…I mean-"

"Impa, you're making her nervous."

Kayla and Impa turn their heads towards the doorway. A beautiful blonde girl dressed in a pink dress was standing there. Impa bowed to the girl while Kayla just stared at the girls expensive jewelry. The girl smiles at Kayla, "I hope Impa didn't frighten you too much."

Kayla shakes her head "Nah, it's cool. I just… felt a little awkward."

"I am the princess of Hyrule. My name is Zelda, pleased to meet you."

"uh… ya, pleased to meet you to." Kayla started feeling light headed.

"Your highness" Impa started, "I need to-" Zelda raised her hand to stop Impa and nodded in understanding. Then turned to Kayla and smiled "Please excuse us."

The two of them left the room.

Kayla fell to the floor clutching her head. What's happening to me? She thought to herself. Am I dying? I should've kept my mouth shut, she cursed me and now I'll die of extreme headaches! She passed out just as she heard the door open again.

Thanks again for reading my story guys. I hope you liked it at least a little. So... ya, see ya in Ch. 2.