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So this is how the story goes: Uchiha Sasuke had some issues from his previous school and finally moved to the well-known school called Konoha Shounen High, an all-boys school which definitely helps Sasuke's girl problems. Shortly after arriving there, he finds that this school is anything but normal. There are animals running all over the place, unusually motivated teachers and their weird teaching habits, and of course the the principal with inappropriate sized breasts for the school. But what really catches the raven's attention is the popular ring of friends that all the boys seemed to have their eyes on- a quiet redhead, a very feminine brunette, and of course, a loud hyperactive blonde who Sasuke finds bound to him by unintentional means! Sasuke already hit rock bottom before he changed schools, so things can only go up, right? Right?

WARNING:Yes, this is in fact, a SasuNaru fanfic, meaning that it will contain shounen-ai moments, and even some heavy smutty yaoiscenes. If you are under the age of 17, dislike shounen-ai/yaoi, or do not like the pair Sasuke and Naruto or even not like Naruto as the uke in the relationship, then please close the browser now. Do NOT leave any rude comments or flames. Criticism is one thing, bashing my preferences is another.

Disclaimer: Masashi Kishimoto made Naruto and all related characters and themes. I only made up this storyline containg said characters.

P.S. I spell blond as "blonde" with the extra "e" at the end. It isn't wrong, but it may be a bit unusual to some.


The pale boy sprinted down the sidewalk, not paying attention to the buildings zipping by while keeping a tight grip on the bag slung over his shoulder. The winter air bit at his skin as he continued to move further down the walkway. His destination was the only thing in mind. He looked back through the midnight black fringe of his hair for only a second to see if anyone would be following. No, he wasn't in any trouble...or any of that kind of trouble.

Was it mentioned that this pale boy with dark, short hair also had gorgeous black orbs for eyes and a tall, well built figure for a boy his age with a matching drop-dead handsome face? Because that is kind of important. It's been his blessing and curse since he was little. Girls would always start cat-fights to play with him when he was young. As soon as he was deemed old enough for a girlfriend, the fights got so much worse. High school was no different or any better. School clubs were made by his fangirls to praise and worship him like some kind of mortal god.

The raven boy had no real good excuse to leave until only a few months ago when his math teacher left her husband just for him. It became worse when he flat out refused her and she made a late-night visit into his house trying to convince him to marry her. After the police came and took her to- well, he didn't care as long as she was far away from him- it was his chance to get the hell out of the city and enroll to a promising, well-known, all boys school. Girls were one thing, but boys were something he could handle. If they hated him, so what? He needed to focus on graduating anyway. He didn't need any friends along the way, not that he had any at his last school. Being alone was just fine for him.

He looked a bit foolish running, but hey, he finally shook off the girls who followed him for several blocks. When the boy finally made his way around a corner, he leaned his back against the wall and let out a heavy sigh. No more girls at school that he had to deal with, meaning no more fan clubs that stalked him on a daily basis. The boy wiped the bit of sweat forming on his forehead, minding not to ruin the heavy blue coat covering his white buttoned shirt as his school uniform along with black pants, and looked down the road that he just turned onto. The building at the end of the road was the girls-free zone as well as his new school, Konoha Shounen High.

Once he made his way past the front gate, the boy stopped to take a good look of his surroundings. He had a few more minutes before school started, so why not take a look around? So he shoved his bare hands into his coat and started to explore. The school was just about the same size as any other normal school, but looked a lot newer, or cleaner in this case. The walls were pretty high and smooth, so no one should be able to climb over it whether they were trying to get in or out.

'So I guess I don't need to worry about any psychotic stalkers,' he thought to himself.

Feeling more relaxed with the 'secure' environment, the raven made his way around the school hoping to waste a few more minutes before he had to go in. The whole area looked deserted, possibly because it was almost time for class to start, or maybe for the fact that it was mid-January. Even so, he continued to walk around the perimeter of the school, looking for a good secluded area for himself, until something frightening caught his eye.

In the courtyard was a lone tree with cherry blossoms starting to bud. But what got the boy's attention was the person underneath. A young girl with a beautiful face stood under trying to grab hold of something in the lowest tree branch. Her long dark hair hung over her shoulders bunched up in her own heavy dark-green coat while stretching to the low branch. The lower part of her body was completely exposed to the cold air except for the fuchsia miniskirt that barely covered her upper thighs.

'W...why the'd she get in here?'

As soon as she stood on the tip of her shoes to get a better reach, the young girl suddenly turned her head to meet the pale boy's gaze, immediately putting a hitch in his breath. After a moment, she gave a warm smile and pulled from the tree a single cherry blossom in bloom. Letting her feet come back to the Earth, she turned her body and began walking to the lone boy. He didn't know whether he should be panicking or calm. How she managed to get onto school grounds, or maybe wondering why she was walking towards him, made his heart skip a beat, something that has never happened before. Before any final decision could be made in his head, the girl was only a few feet away and parted her lips to speak in a heavenly voice he never thought was possible.

"Are you new here?" she asked so sweetly. "Because I'm sure I have never met you before."

His body remained frozen. Not because of the weather because he couldn't feel that either. The young girl fluttered her eyes a few times before her chocolate eyes were fully visible to the pale boy. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't seem to get a word out of, so all he managed to do was give a weak nod while trying to maintain an emotionless fa├žade.

"Well then, I suggest you go to the front of the school. That's where the main office is. You can go see the principal there and figure out what class you're in."

The raven boy didn't make any other movements, not even one for acknowledging her statement. He only continued his calm breathing that escaped into the air as puffs of smoke. So she gave another soft smile and looked down at the full bloom flower she picked moments ago.

"I'm sorry that I can't escort you there myself, but I have somewhere else to be right now before class. I hope you can understand. And good luck."

Taking a step back, she let her dark-brown eyes meet with the onyx ones one more time, accompanied with a wave, before making her way into the school. Only after she disappeared behind the school did the boy let out a heavy sight to recollect his thoughts. Okay, so there was a girl and she was on school grounds. However, there shouldn't have been a way for her to get through the front gates. Would that mean....the girls here were crazier than the boy thought?

Before he could run over the info in his brain one more time, a warning bell sounded across campus, indicating class would start in a little bit. He let out another heavy sigh and readjusted the bag on his shoulder. It looked like the school year wouldn't go as smooth as he had hoped for.

Short, right? Well, just like the title of the chapter says, it's a teaser. It contains the full summary and warnings.

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