Hey everyone!!! so here's my Twilight story finally!! i hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: I'm not Stephanie Meyer, although i wish i was :( And since i'm not Stephanie Meyer, i don't own anything Twilight related. So, if you've read it before (like in one of the Twilight books), it's not mine, if you've never read it before, it's probably mine.

I had just left the library, with my mythology books. I live in a small mountain town named Ruidoso. It was getting dark, so I decided that I'd take a short cut, behind the houses. I turned onto the alley-like, path. I froze, there, in front of me was a man, leaning casually on the concrete wall. In the failing light, I saw that he had unnaturally white skin, and was extremely beautiful. When I looked closer I noticed his eyes were red. I frowned, he must be wearing contacts. I just stood there, staring at him.

Move! Leave! Do something! A voice inside my head screamed at me.

However, I stayed where I was, just staring at him.

The man chuckled.

"Shouldn't you be running away?" He asked in a bell-like taunting voice.

Yes! You should! The voice screamed again, but I ignored it, intrigued by the man.

A light breeze ruffled my strawberry-blond hair. He sniffed the air, and smiled widely at me.

"Mmm. My do you smell good." He said.

This made absolutely no sense to me, but I said nothing.

It all happened in a split-second. The man crouched, and then launched into me. He bit into my shoulder. I screamed in agony as fire erupted in my right shoulder. I felt very strange, almost like the blood was draining from my body. Suddenly, he dropped me on the ground and disappeared.

What just happened?

I could barely see. The pain was blinding. I cried in agony, but immediately regretted it.

What happens if someone finds me? How would I explain a 'human' bit mark and all this blood? I had to get out of here.

All of a sudden, I heard something, like running feet, and panicked voices.

Dread filled me. Someone heard me screaming. Perfect.

I used the wall to help myself up. The fire was slowly pulsing through my veins and through the rest of my body.

The voices were getting louder, so I forced myself to ignore the pain and best I could and concentrate on getting out of town.

I gasped, in pain as moving made the fire worse. I forced my feet to walk into the forest, in front of me. I didn't stop walking, until I was positive that no one could find me.

I lay on the forest floor, listening to the animals coming out to hunt. Surprisingly, it didn't bother me to think of a bear, or a wolf. I just wanted the pain to go away.

I slipped in and out of consciousness. When I was conscious, tried my best, not to scream. That didn't work too much. I still screamed, although I knew it wouldn't help me any. When I screamed, I made sure to scream into the ground, so it wouldn't be so loud.

I didn't know what was happening to me, but I had a feeling, it wouldn't be good for people to find me.


I re-gained consciousness, after what seemed like ages. The last time I was conscious, it was dark, but now the sun was shining through the branches of some of the trees.

The first thing I noticed was that it was gone. The fire was gone. Relief filled me. But then I noticed something else. A burning pain in my throat. It felt like I hadn't drunk anything for ages, which was true. I felt, different. It seemed like my senses where all super-active, and I felt a little cold.

I was still in the shade, so I figured that was it.

I heard a bird and some small animal scamper up in the tree above me. I smelt something too. And it smelt wonderfully appetizing.

I stood up, and as I did this, I noticed I was white. I frowned. That was weird. Oh, well. It was probably because of the loss of blood. That reminded me of my shoulder, and I looked over at it. The dried blood, smelt good. That scared me. What was wrong with me?! Blood wasn't supposed to smell good!

I sighed. Something defiantly happened to me. I thought back to the night it happened. The man was pale white, like me. And he had red eyes. I gulped. Did I have red eyes?

I was distracted by the smell of something. It smelt good, so I started to follow it. As I was following the scent, I thought about possible things that could have happened to me. My memories where kind of fuzzy, but I remembered them well enough.

I suddenly thought of the ancient myths of the Quileute Indians. The 'Cold Ones'. They were cold, beautiful, and immortal. They also drank blood. I gulped. Could that man possibly been something more than human?

I nodded, yes he could have. He attacked me didn't he? Does that mean that I'm the same thing as him now? I shuddered at that thought.

The smell I was following was suddenly very strong. I looked around; I saw a herd of deer a few feet away from me. Could that possibly be what smelt so good? The burning in my throat was unbearable now. I knew what to do for some reason. Must be instincts. I crouched, like the man that attacked me. And then I launched myself at one of the deer. The rest of the herd scattered as I caught the deer and bit into its neck. The liquid cooled the burn in my throat, and it felt good. After I'd drained the first one, I went after another. The deer ran as fast as it could, but I caught up instantly. I repeated the process with another one.

I had drained three deer of blood by the time my throat didn't hurt anymore. The burn was still there, but it wasn't unbearable, like before.

That's when I noticed something sparkling. I looked around, but then noticed it was coming from me. I looked down at my hands. All of the skin that was exposed was sparkling, like a thousand tiny diamonds. I gasped. I was sparkling! Okay. Yeah, that's not normal. Something's defiantly wrong and I knew that there was only one explanation. Vampires are real, and I am one.

I looked at the dead deer.

Well, that's defiantly enough proof. I was a monster.

I sighed, before running away from the deer. I had to find somewhere to hide until the sun went down. I didn't notice exactly how fast I was running until I looked around me. The trees where flying past, yet I didn't even have to pay attention. I automatically knew where they were and didn't run into them. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad……..