Chapter 1: The Anarchist

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The rain fell with intense vigor one cold and lonely night of May. The dark clouds covered every inch of the night sky concealing any trace of the moon's rays. In a cold alleyway three figures made their way through the maze like streets. Two of the individuals held long pointed spears and wore tight leather armor while the third, which stood in between the others, hid his face under a dark cloak.

The cloaked figure stopped for a moment to catch his breath. He was an average looking man with long white hair and a bushy white beard. He wore a purple attire made of fine fabric that revealed his high social status. "This is utterly ridiculous, I am a noble! Why should I be running around the streets like a mere rat?" the man mumbled under his breath.

One of his companions stopped to peer through a corner of the alleyway to make sure the perimeter was safe while the other turned to look at the cloaked man. "My lord," he began, "there is reason to believe there is a price for your head. It is not safe for you to remain in your home. Please, I beg of you as your loyal bodyguard, cooperate and follow us in silence."

The cloaked man looked up at his bodyguard with disbelief. "A price for my head?! Are you insane! I have done nothing wrong! Who would arrange for such a thing?!"

The bodyguard sighed. "Our sources tell us that the order comes from the Noble class. They suspect you to be associated with the illegal trafficking of slaves in the area."

"Preposterous! I have done no such thing! How dare they put a price on my head! I swear they will pay!"

"The coast is clear," whispered the second bodyguard before continuing his way down the dark alleyway.

The first bodyguard grabbed the cloaked man's arm and motioned him to move forward. "Please milord, I have heard rumors that the higher ups in the Noble class are becoming cruel and corrupted and I promise you that they will pay, but right now it's our top priority to get you to safety."

"But why the hasty retreat soldier?" the man questioned.

The bodyguard took a deep breath. "They say the man that's in charge of your assassination is none other than that dreaded mercenary, Link "The Anarchist".

The man's eyes widened at the sound of the name and his skin grew pale and cold. "That man is nothing but a demon. I've heard nothing but horrible nightmares about him. Is it really true? Are you certain it's him?!"

The soldier nodded. "We believe so."

Just then, an ear piercing scream could be heard from the shadows of the alleyway and the soldier who was leading them was nowhere in sight. The man's bodyguard automatically shoved him behind himself and drew his spear in front of him. "Who's there?!" he demanded with a hint of fear in his voice.

Out of the darkness a hooded figure appeared carrying a long broadsword covered in blood. It slowly pulled his hood back revealing a young man with messy golden hair and a pair of intimidating cold golden eyes. He pointed his sword at the cloaked man and spoke with a metallic voice. "Kracious Delvara of the Delvara household, a price has been placed on your head and I intend to claim it."

The nobleman known as Kracious stood back in utter fear. His hair stood on edge, his eyes wide open, his forehead began to sweat in anxiety, he truly felt as if he was hearing death itself speak to him, claiming his soul.

His bodyguard stood loyally in front of him, spear at the ready. "Are you…. Link "The Anarchist"?

The young man glared at him with his icy stare. "You need not concern yourself with my identity. Now, this has nothing to do with you. Leave now or I will kill you without mercy," the grip on his sword tightened.

"I…" he stammered. "will not leave my lord's side."

The young man known as Link sighed. "As you wish." He grabbed his sword with both hands and dashed towards the bodyguard. With one swift and inhumane movement he managed to slice the soldier's spear in half, finishing it up by stabbing the man square on the chest. The ordeal barely lasted five seconds.

The bodyguard stood, blood gushing from his mouth and wound, eyes focused on his murderer. "Milord…. I am….sorry."

Link withdrew his sword and the man collapsed on the cold wet floor. He then focused his stare on the cowardly noble while the rain slowly washed away the blood that fell on his face.

"No! Please!" the noble begged as the young man slowly made his way towards him. "You… you are nothing but a puppet controlled by those of the higher class! One day they will turn on you and kill you! Mark my words!"

His never managed to finish his sentence as the cold and sharp tip of the large broadsword pierced his chest ending his life instantly.

Link withdrew his sword and stared at the lifeless body of the nobleman. "A puppet of the higher class," he whispered. "All I care about is ridding the world of filthy maggots like you. The rest doesn't matter." He strapped his sword on his back and disappeared into the rainy night leaving the bodies lying on the stone cold ground of the dark alleyway.

The lone mercenary made his way through the silent streets of the city, covering his head with the cloak he wore in an attempt to keep himself dry from the falling rain. Many thoughts rushed through his mind as he walked. He could hear the noble's words echoing through his head. "You are nothing but a puppet controlled by those of the higher class!"

"A puppet…" he scoffed. Link was abandoned by his parents at a very small age and he struggled to survive in the mad city of Hyrule. He stole to keep himself alive, clothes, food, it didn't matter. He quickly became used to this life although he hated it with a passion. As an abandoned orphan he could witness the cruel reality of life; the darkness in people's hearts. It was at this period in time that he vowed to rid the world of the scum that occupy it. So he picked up a sword and set of on a journey to hone his skills as a swordsman. Years passed by and the little orphan boy became one of Hyrule's most feared mercenaries, taking any job that involved the death or capture of any person that was considered a criminal or an enemy of the crown. Some people feared him, others adored him. Some called him a demon, others thought of him as a savior. It never mattered to him for his only goal was to make Hyrule a better place even if it meant for him to become a murderer in the process.

He made his way up the small hill that led towards the castle. Hyrule castle was a symbol of Hyrule's greatness; a majestic monument with spires that reached the sky and walls made of the strongest marble where all the past kings and queens of Hyrule dwelled. Link took one quick look at the structure and continued on his way towards a small mansion that stood next to the castle. A symbol that depicted two serpents wrapped around a cross could be seen at the front, a family crest. Link made his way up to the mansion where two guards stood at the entrance. They quickly realized the mercenaries' presence and allowed him to enter the building.

"Ah Sir Link," a butler quickly greeted him. "Master Vincent is expecting your arrival. Please follow me to the library."

Link nodded and followed the old servant up a set of stairs to a huge set of double doors made of strong dark wood. The butler opened the doors and motioned Link to step forward. "Master Vincent, Sir Link is here."

In a corner of the massive room, on a leather couch near a fireplace sat a young man that appeared only a few years older than Link. The young man by the name of Vincent had long fiery red hair, and menacing red eyes to match. He wore a similar attire than the nobleman Link had previously encountered, but maroon with intricate golden designs and the same symbol Link has seen in the front embedded to his chest. He slowly lowered the book he was reading and glanced at Link smiling slightly. "Ah, Link, Please, come on in."

The butler bowed before exiting the room closing the doors behind him. Link eyed the man and made his way towards him. "It is done Infiero."

"Please," the young noble said as he stood up, "call me Vincent. We are not strangers." He made his way towards a small bar that stood in the corner of the room next to a huge bookcase that took up a complete wall. He took out a small bottle of wine and poured himself a glass. "Care from some?"

Link shook his head. "I just came to let you know about the job."

Vincent took a sip of his wine. "Yes, Kracious. A pity it came to this. He was such a good friend of my father who is now with the Goddesses in the Sacred Realm."

Link eyed Vincent cautiously. "Yes. It was odd though, he did not seem to be lying when he said he had nothing to do with the slave trafficking."

Vincent placed his glass down and poured himself another. "Are you calling me a liar Link?"

"I just want to know where exactly you came across this information," Link affirmed.

Vincent took his glass and walked towards a window that showed the castle's east wing. "I trust my sources Link. Either way, I believe it's better to be safe than sorry, no?"

Link glared at the noble. "Vincent Infiero, there is a rumor going on that you wish to get rid of all the nobles so that you would have a chance at the crown now that the King has fallen ill and has no children to carry out his bloodline."

"Why Link, you hurt me," he turned to look at the mercenary, "do you honestly believe I desire the crown? You are mistaken my friend. I simply wish for this world to become a better place, just like you. Anyone who gets in my way will be… dispatched." He slowly made his way towards Link until he stood next to him. "You wouldn't want to go against me Link. After all, I am the one who rescued you from your pathetic peasant life. Do not challenge me."

The double doors opened to reveal the butler once more. "Excuse me Master Vincent. It is time for dinner. Would Sir Link care to join you?"

Vincent spoke without taking his eyes off Link. "Sir…Link here was just leaving, isn't that right Link?"

Link glared at the noble fiercely. "Yes, I better get going now." He turned and made his way towards the door but stop as soon as he heard Vincent's voice.

"By the way Link. Are you familiar with the Island of Rebirth?"

Link turned slightly. "Island of Rebirth? Isn't that just a fairy tale?"

Vincent smiled. "Of course. You're absolutely right. Never mind, sleep well Link."

Link simply turned and exited the room leaving the red haired noble smirking to himself.

Once again the young mercenary donned his cloak and made his way out into the rainy night. He went over his conversation with the noble Vincent as he walked through the empty streets. Vincent had been the first to recruit him back when he was starting out as an unknown mercenary. It had turned out that a group of bandits had been ransacking poor villages and Vincent hired Link to stop them. Link was skeptical about Vincent's decision to choose him but when he would ask, Vincent would simply say that he could feel Link's determination to help and that was enough for him. An unlikely friendship formed between the two. Vincent would hire Link for various jobs and would provide him with strategies and plans while Link himself carries out every mission flawlessly. The perfect duo Vincent would always say. Unfortunately that friendship began to take a turn for the worst the day Vincent's father, Vanguardia Infiero, died of a sudden heart attack. Vincent's demeanor changed and the once friendly noble Link knew turned cold and spiteful, eager for more power. Link himself changed as well. His only friend, a person he thought of as a brother, had indirectly cut ties with him and that made Link a cold and distant person as well. Now things were reaching a boiling point. Now all the jobs that Vincent had for Link consisted of only assassinations, mainly towards the noble class.

"This is gone way too far," Link thought to himself. "There is no doubt in my mind that Vincent desires the crown and he's using me to do his dirty work… his… puppet."

The young mercenary reached the run down inn he was currently staying at. Link felt uncomfortable the moment he stepped into the building. There was no one in sight and the silence was unnatural. He quickly unsheathed his broad sword and slowly made his way up the stairs into his room. The door of his room creaked open and he let himself in, scanning every inch of the room, nothing. Meanwhile, outside the inn, a group of soldiers surrounded the building. One of the soldiers stood behind the others with a small chubby man next him.

"You're sure that Link "The Anarchist" is currently staying here?" the soldier asked the man.

"Yes," the man nodded. "He checked in a couple of days ago. His room is up the stairs second door on the right."

The soldier smiled maliciously. "Thank you, Master Vincent will see to it that you get a nice reward." He turned to face the other soldiers. "You heard the man! Second door on the right, MOVE!"

The group of soldiers unsheathed their swords and raced up the stairs busting the door to Link's room. To their surprise, the mercenary was nowhere in sight. Link had heard them come in and quickly escaped through the window, climbing up towards the roof where he silently listened in on the soldiers.

"Damn, he escaped!" one soldier barked.

"Master Vincent will have our heads!" another one added.

Link took a deep breath. "So Vincent really did want me killed. I'll get him back, but first I have to make sure I make it out alive."

One of the soldiers made his way towards the group commander who stood outside with the manager of the inn. "Sir, he's not there, he escaped."

"WHAT?! How could you let him get away?!"

The manager glanced up at the roof where he noticed a shadow moving in the darkness. "There!" he pointed towards the roof, "there he is!"

Link noticed the man pointing at him and cursed under his breath. "I have to get out of here!"

He leaped across the roof into another roof top and from there leaped into the ground, rolling as he made contact with the ground. The fall, however, injured his left leg. Nevertheless he continued down the alleys fully aware of his pursuers.

"Don't let him get away!" one shouted.

"After him!" another added.

"Damn! If this keeps up I am done for!" Link thought as he limped through a dark alleyway. And just as luck would have it, he ran into a dead end. "This can't be happening!"

"He went in here!" he heard one of the soldiers yell. They were going to find him and he was not sure he could take on all of them. Nevertheless the young mercenary unsheathed his sword, ready for combat.

"You think you'd know the lay out of the city better than this Link "The Anarchist."

Link looked up towards the sound of the voice. Standing on the top of the wall stood a young man with dark green shoulder length hair and dark amber eyes. He wore a long sleeve tan shirt, a long red scarf, long baggy cream colored pants, some dark brown leather boots, and two scimitars strapped to his side. His whole appearance was that of a Gerudo except he was a guy.

Link quickly recognized the stranger. "Raiku!"

"At your service oh great mercenary," he bowed, "now grab hold of my hand if you don't want your ass handed to you by those military dogs." He lowered his right hand which Link took without hesitation. The green haired youth pulled Link up and together they disappeared into the night.

The pair managed to escape the soldiers and made their way towards another inn which was situated across the city. They quickly paid for one night and went up the stairs to their small room.

"So let me get this straight, Vincent, your best friend Vincent send out his own personal soldiers to kill you?" Raiku asked as he dried his hair with a towel. "Here," he passed the towel to Link.

"Thanks," Link began to dry his own hair. "It seems he sees me as a threat now."

"No, that's not it," Raiku began as he sat in a chair next to a small fireplace. "See, I've been around for awhile. It seems Vincent wants to become King of Hyrule, but he needed to get rid of all his competition so he used you to do his dirty work and now he wants to get rid of his last obstacle, you."

"I was his puppet," Link mumbled.

"It seemed only obvious. I am surprised you didn't realize it sooner. I tried to reach you but you move like a wolfos during hunting season."

"Heh, I guess deep down I knew but refused to acknowledge it," Link sighed.

Raiku placed his hands behind his head and laid back on the chair. "So what are you gonna do now?"

Link glanced at his sword. "I will infiltrate his mansion and kill him myself."

Raiku laughed and leaned forward. "You are one idiotic mercenary, you know that? Since you managed to escape there is no doubt in my mind that he will make sure to tighten the security in his mansion and with his connection to the crown, he'll have the whole Hylian army looking for you in no time. Take my advice, just forget about it."

Link ran his hand through his hair. "I can't just do that Raiku. It's not that simple."

"Yes it is! Well, here's the thing. There's another reason why I was looking for you, you see," he began to play with his fingers, "I have this friend, he's an adventurer and he owns his own ship and everything!"

Link stared and motioned him to continue.

"Ok, so he wants to go out on this expedition and he needs a body guard so I told him about you and he seems interested so he asked me to find you. Whadaya say?" Raiku smiled.

"No," Link simply replied.

Raiku frowned. "Why?!"

"What kind of expedition is it anyway?"



"He wants to find the Island of Rebirth," Raiku mumbled.

"No," Link repeated. "In search of some fairy tale island that doesn't exist? That guy is clearly crazy."

Raiku stood up. "No! It's real! He has a chart and everything! They say there is an unimaginable power that sleeps within the island. Imagine! Power! The power you need to seek your revenge against Vincent. You can't get to him now but if you had more power you could. Ah, ah, whadaya think?"

Link looked to the side. "I don't know Raiku. It sounds like a wild goose chase."

Raiku extended his arms in front of him. "Just hear me out, ok? Let's say hypothetically speaking this island does not exist, which it does but just saying, now, you return home after say a week or so. It won't be a waste of time because not only will you get well paid but it also gives time for things here to cool down. Then you can device a plan to get to Vincent. Trust me, you got nothing to lose, and you could use a tan as well."

Link shook his head. "I don't know Raiku."

The green haired youth nodded and made his way towards his bed. "I'll let you sleep on it then. How's your leg?"

"I just sprained it a bit, but it should be better tomorrow," Link answered.

"Good," Raiku spoke as he pulled the covers over himself. "Your well being, that's all that matters," he smirked. "Goodnight!"

Link sighed. "Right… goodnight Raiku."

Link opened his eyes and noticed he was standing in front of an old house. He quickly realized this to be his old home, before he was abandoned. The young teen glanced through the window and saw a woman who he knew was his mother and a small blonde boy no older than four or five.

"Mother… and I?"

"Tell me a story mom!" the young Link shouted as he tugged on his mother's apron.

The woman smiled. "Alright Link settle down. I will tell you a story and a true one at that." She made her way towards an old rocking chair and sat down, young Link quickly sitting on her lap. "Now, have you ever heard about the Island of Rebirth?" Young Link shook his head. "Well, it is an island protected by the Goddesses themselves. They say only the pure of heart can find it."

"And why is that mom?" young Link asked with overwhelming curiosity.

"That is because the Goddesses hid a special power in that island. It is said that it's what makes the trees grow, the rivers flow, everything that has to do with nature. It is a magical place where one will find true happiness."

Young Link's eyes glowed with excitement. "I wanna find that island and I'll bring you with me mom! We will be happy living there!"

The woman smiled warmly at Link. "I'll be rooting for you Link."

A flash of light filled the room and Link suddenly felt himself drift away.

"Link, wake up man!" Raiku spoke, "it's not safe to stay in the same place for too long."

Link's eyes fluttered open. "A dream?" he thought to himself as he stood up.

"Get up Link we haven't got all day!" Raiku complained.

Link turned to face the green haired teen. "When does that boat sail?"

"Well," Raiku thought for a moment, "sometime this afternoon. Why?"

"I'm coming with," Link replied.

Raiku's face beamed. "Really?!"

Link stood up and strapped his sword to his back. "What are we waiting for?"

Raiku smiled. "Right!"

As the duo left the inn towards the city's exit a flashback crossed Link's mind.

"By the way Link. Are you familiar with the Island of Rebirth?"

Link turned slightly. "Island of Rebirth? Isn't that just a fairy tale?"

Vincent smiled. "Of course. You're absolutely right. Never mind, sleep well Link."

"The Island of Rebirth… is it the power you want as well Vincent?" Link mumbled to himself.

"You said something Link?" Raiku asked as he munched on an apple he bought earlier.

"No, nothing."

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