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Book I

Part I:

Chapter One

Introduction to Magic

Green eyes shot open, wide in terror, his body shooting up in the air as sweat dripped down his body, the nightmare that haunted him moments ago, quickly disappearing from his mind.

Green eyes were briefly blocked from view as the owner let out a sigh of frustration into the cramp area before allowing his body to hit the hard mattress wincing as a spring hit his sore back.

He turned, a soft clanging noise echoing throughout the silent room and a pale hand reached out to grab the beautiful golden heart shaped necklace around his neck bringing a sense of comfort and relief to the owner and he sighed again, pressing the soft necklace against his lips, feeling the familiar raised vines that he kissed so many times before.

His eyes moved towards the door as soft steps were heard and waited patiently for the call.

"Get up boy!"

He lifted himself up from the cot, slipping on his slippers and slipped out of the door and into the barely lit room.

His face snapped to the left and he blinked as the first taste of the morning began.

His aunt's scowled face sneered at him, her teeth slightly protruding from her mouth as her neck leaned away from him, as if he was a disease, "Go make breakfast and this time make it quick!"

"Yes, Aunt Petunia," he answered in a small voice as he stared at the crème carpet covering the hall.


He walked into the kitchen; his hands trembled from the lack of food.

He sighed as silently as he could as he cracked the eggs against the bowl and adding the proper spices to make the proper English breakfast.

Flour was mixed with another batch of eggs to make pancakes; water was set out to boil for tea and bacon on the pan to fry near the eggs.

The familiar sound of heavy steps from the hall had his hands twitching as he worked.

"Freak! Give me breakfast!"

Harry ignored the whiny voice behind him and pulled out the breakfast plates as he flipped the bacon, barely wincing as the grease flew and hit his arms, burning him.



He didn't answer as he heard her dainty heels came down the stairs

He grabbed the plates and placed them on the table just in time for his aunt to come into the kitchen, her face properly powered and her lips a pink hue.

She shot him a glare as she cuddled her son with kisses, leaving lipstick marks behind.

"Here's the breakfast mummy made for you, now eat. After all, boys need to eat."

Harry glanced through his fringe at his overweight cousin who was already sweating through his shirt and felt his lips twitch up. There was one boy that didn't need a meal.

He turned back around to clean all the pots and pans he used to make breakfast and placed them in the proper cabinet.

He quickly filled a glass of water and guzzled it down, hoping it would starve off the hunger for a couple of hours.

He set out the tea, looking up just in time to connect eyes with Uncle Vernon.

His nose wrinkled as he glanced at him, his mustache quivering with an emotion Harry couldn't detect at the moment as he looked at him up and down.

He closed his eyes as he was harshly pushed; his body hitting the kitchen counter. Red hot pain flashed through his head before it faded and he walked out of the kitchen to get the newspaper.

As soon as it was placed down, it was snatched out of his hands and Vernon immediately started to tisk, "People these days," he started and Harry felt a migraine coming, "Listen here, Dudley, the only good folk are the British and no other."

"What's wrong Vernon?" Petunia asked as she sipped her tea.

"Nothing of your concern," Vernon said, peering over his black and white newspaper, "This is a man business."

"Alright dear," she gave a sickly sweet smile and turned to pinch Dudley's cheek.

He let out an inaudible sigh; this was his life as Harry Potter.

He could not wait for university.

Part I

Harry wiped the sweat off his brow as he paused from his work in the small garden, fanning himself with his shirt.

He glanced back to see his Aunt peering out of the window and turned back to work, pulling another weeding and placing in the growing pile behind him.

"Good Morning, Harry."

He looked up to see Mrs. Klein staring behind him, her blue eyes glancing around the house, trying to pick out anything that's wrong.

"Good Morning, Mrs. Klein," he said, his voice completely changing from the submissive voice he used with the Dursleys, "Can I help you?"

"Is your Aunt here?"


"Good Morning, Mary," his aunt stepped out in yellow dress, a hat with a daisy perched on her head covered her eyes slightly.

"Hello, Petunia, are you ready for tea? You do remember we are having a tea party today? I brought my famous lemon cake."

"Of course," she said with a smile. Harry tilted his head down to hide his smirk, she completely forgot about the tea.

"B- Harry, come here."

He stood up and walked towards his aunt, lightly brushing the dirt off his jeans.

"Go set up the tea and biscuits."

He trading his sneakers with his inside ones and started on the cheap tea his aunt purchased.

"Come inside Mary, I love your lemon cakes."

"Why thank you, Petunia."

Harry rolled his eyes as he placed the tea on the stove, knowing that just last week, his aunt had complained at the amount of sugar that was in that same lemon cake.

"Good Morning, Mary, Petunia."

"Good Morning, Louise."

"Good Morning, Louise, "the three women walked past the kitchen, his aunt giving him a look as they entered the living room to continue their talk.

He pulled out the 'special' tea dish that held the biscuits and placed them on it, arranging the way his aunt liked it and carried it into the living room.

"Did you hear the news?"

"Oh, what's the latest news?"

"Apparently, Katherine caught her husband in a 'promising' position with the secretary."

"Ohhh," both women sighed together and shook their heads.

He stood near the kitchen and listen to the three women talk.

"I warned her that something wasn't right about her husband but would she listen? Nope. She insisted that her husband was working late nights," Mary said, taking a sip of her tea.

"It's her fault for not performing her duties as a wife. If she did, he would not find the need to cheat on her."

"That's right," Louise said. Harry could see her nodding, her curls bobbing against her lime green hat.

"So, Petunia, where's your husband?"

Harry's eyes widen and he swallowed down a laugh as he understood where Louise was going with conversation as if someone would be interested in Uncle Vernon, he still didn't understand how Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia got together in the first place.

'If Alice and Elizabeth were here,' he thought to himself as he refilled the tea.

The door bell rang and he went to open it to see Alice and Elizabeth peering over his shoulders.

"Pet!" Alice shouted, her blue dress, flowing after her as she ran inside while Elizabeth gave him a nod and followed Alice in.


Harry's lips twitched, knowing that the entire neighborhood secrets were going to get revealed.

Part I

Harry sighed as he cleaned the bathroom floor, his mind ringing from the information from the collected neighborhood gossips.

He dumped the wash rag into the basin and emptied the water into the tub, rolling his shoulders to relieve the stress from scrubbing the floor.

He grabbed the basin and headed toward his cupboard when a conversation caught his attention.

"When do you think they will send the letter?"

"I don't know but I'll burn the damn thing. Such an unholy thing should never exist," Vernon muttered as he glanced around.

Petunia wringed her hands as her face shifted into a scowl, "If my sister hadn't-"her head snapped up, giving her an appearance of a surprised horse, "What was that?"

Harry silently cursed and started to backpedal into his cupboard, the door was opened a second later as he placed the basin in the small corner.

"Yes Aunt Petunia," he said as he placed the rag into a small bag that held all the wash rags.

"What are you doing?" She sneered at him.

"I'm putting the basin away," he said slowly, his heart beating slightly in his chest, did they know he was listening in?

She glared at him as she left, slamming the door behind her in a huff. He frowned in the darkness of his cupboard.

What did his mother have to do with anything? What letter?

Part I

Harry went outside, breathing in the morning air as he ignored Vernon's proclamations of Britain's superiority.

He flipped through the letters, automatically sorting them to leave on the small table near the door so his aunt could boast about the amount of magazines and offers they receive to her guest. He frowned when he noticed an off color letter and pulled out, turning it around in confusion.

It was for him.

To Harrison J. Potter

He stared at the letter in surprise before opening the letter:

We are pleased to inform that you have been invited to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Wait what?