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Book I

Part I

Chapter Two

Introduction to Magic pt.2

"Boy! What's taking you so long?"

He snapped out of his shock and placed the letter back into the mail box.

He entered back into the kitchen and the mail was quickly snatch out of his hands by his uncle. He hid a grimace on his face, why the hell did he put back in the mail box? Damn it.

A sense of foreboding went down his back and he glanced up to see Dudley counting his gifts that were lying on the ground.

"Thirty-two," Dudley said, his watery blue eyes narrowing into slits, "I had thirty-three last year," he started, his voice rising on the last word.

His aunt gave him a small smile, "Don't worry dudders," she cooed at him, "We'll get you two more gifts while we go to the zoo."

Harry was more impressed that Dudley could count pass ten at the moment then the fact that his aunt managed to prevent another one of Dudley's famous tantrums. The phone rang as Dudley started to rip open his presents.

"I'll get it," Harry said, walking passed the gooing scene of Petunia kissing Dudley across his face and into the hall where the telephone was.

"Dursley's residence how can I help you?"

"Harry deary," a small voice said.

"Hello, Mrs. Figgs," he said, "Can I help you?"

"Well, you see, I accidentally tripped over Mumsey and broken my leg, I won't be able to babysit you today."

"Oh, I'm sorry Mrs. Figgs,"

"It's alright; can you pass on the message please? I hope you aren't disappointed."

Spending an afternoon not drinking her stale tea and reminiscing about her late and present cats, "I'll try not to be."

"Goodbye Harry"

"Goodbye, Mrs. Figgs."

"Boy who was that?"

Aunt Petunia demanded when he came back into the kitchen, he opened his mouth to pass on the message when another idea popped into his head, "Mrs. Figgs, she wanted me to go to the store to buy her some cat food for her cats before I come over."

Aunt Petunia sniffed, distaste coloring her features immediately. She never held any love for Mrs. Figgs cats. They always gave her a bad feeling and reminded her of her sister. And everyone knows how her sister was a good for nothing.

"Alright," she said, turning her gaze back to her son. He was getting so big now. He'll be a ladies' man for sure.

"I want to go to the zoo, now!"

She smiled at her boy, "Ok, its best that we get going, Vernon."

Vernon placed his newspaper on the table and nodded, "Yes, let's go."

Harry held the door open and walked out with them, walking towards the direction where the pet store was several blocks away.

He slowed his walk down when he heard the car starting and took a sharp corner as the Dursleys left to go pick up Piers.

He sighed in relief when the Dursleys didn't seem to notice his actions and walked behind the houses until he reached the Dursley's. He opened the gate that led to the yard and crossed over and opened the back door.

He walked up the stairs and opened Dudley's playroom, wincing as the door slammed against a toy, smashing it completely. Hopefully Aunt Petunia doesn't noticed it.

"Where is it?" he mumbled as he dug around. He finally found a small chest box and opened it, revealing it to hold several wads of pounds.

He grabbed the stash and a bag and changed into the worn out jeans and t-shirt that he's been hiding from his relatives and stuck the cash into his pocket.

He straightened himself up and headed for door, glancing through the windows to see if any neighbors were watching. When he made sure no one was watching, he took the letter out of the mailbox.

He sighed in relief and stuffed the letter in the messenger bag.

He walked to the back and stuck his hands into his pockets. Eventually, he ended up into the city part of Privet Drive and headed into a store.

The store owner gave a smile and a wave and he waved back, grabbing a bag of cookies, crisp and a bottle of water.

"That will be three pounds."

He waved goodbye and opened the bag of chips as he headed toward the library. He nearly moaned as the salty treat hit his taste buds. It's been a while since he ate.

"Hello HJ," Mrs. Javes said with a smile and a wave.

"Hello, Mrs. Javes," He responded to the alias he told the librarian when she asked for his name.

"Here for another read."


He wiped his hands on his jeans and headed toward his section and sat on the soft carpeted floor. He glanced around before pulling out the letter.

Dear Mr. Potter

We are please to inform you that you have been invited to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A guide will be arriving on July 31st to help you pick out your supplies.

We'll see you soon.

Albus Dumbledore

Order of the Merlin

Supreme Mugwump

Chief Warlock of Wizengamort

He stared at the letter for several minutes not understanding the words that he just read before setting the letter down.

"There's magic," he finally said after several minutes of silence, "Bullshit," he scoffed.

"This is one of the worst pranks ever played by the Dursleys," he mumbled, ripping the letter to shreds and stuffing it into the messenger bag.

"Are you alright my dear?"

He jumped slightly and turned around, "Yes, I'm fine, Mrs. Javes."

She stared at him for several moments, her baby blue peering through her glasses at him, "Are you sure?"

"Yes," he gave her a fake smile and she smiled back at him after a few moments.

"Alright dear, you know where I am when you need me."

"Thank you," Harry watched her walk away and the smile slipped off his face. As he began to stand a memory passed through his mind.

"There's no such thing as magic."

He frowned as the familiar verse went through his mind. His aunt and her husband have, over the years, repeated the phase several times when the subject of the supernatural ever came up. Green eyes darkened slightly as he tried to think of a reason for the prank.

If the Dursleys had repeatedly and severely stated that there was no existence in magic why would they take out the time to prank him with a letter to a magic school, it didn't make any sense to him at all.

Unless He shook the thought away, it was impossible, magic couldn't be real.

The Dursleys said...a light bulb went off. If magic wasn't real, why have the Dursleys protested against it so much?

The constant threat over the years over the slightest thing, the yells of freakishness when common sense could have easily explained it, the strange panic that enters his aunt's eyes when she gazes out the window and sees a shadow; the frown on his face deepened as a headache made itself known.

He was over thinking this way too much.

There was no possible way that there were witches and wizards in Great Britain. Where would they hide? There's a breaking news report every time Prince Harry is seen out of the castle. How can there be a school full of preteen students doing magic. Parliament would practically have a field day with the press. Heck, the Americans wouldn't leave them alone if there was proof of magic.

Impossible completely and utterly impossible.


Harry stared blankly at the large man standing in the living room, a pink umbrella in his grasp and pointed directly between his uncle's eyes.

"No one talks bad about Dumbledore, no one!"

The giant man growled and jabbed the umbrella on his uncles forehead, Harry would have laughed at his uncle's fearful expression of the pink, frilly umbrella if it wasn't for the fact that the same umbrella had given his cousin tail.

A pig's tail to be more exact.

Happy Birthday Harry.