This is my very first story, I hope you all like it.

One evening, 4 best friends are having fun at a festival. Zoe is a 18 year-old girl, a straight 'A' student. Ashley but everybody calles her Ash, who is extremely stubborn, trouble maker she's also best friends with Max a Cyborg and and Takuya who is very close to Alyson where Ashley and Max always teased him about it.

"Who's up for some roller coaster?"Max asked excitedly.

Everybody agreed except the girl named Alyson who doesn't like roller coasters.

"What's wrong?"Takuya asked concern his best friend, Zoe.

"Yea, don't tell us you're not coming."The girl's closest friend, Ash

"No it's just that—"

"Alyson it's just a roller coaster, now this is where you face your fears."Ash interrupted.

"Oh Jake, you're girl friend's a scaredy cat."

"She's not my girl friend," Zoe stared up at him with a weird look. "I mean you're my girl friend."His friends stared up at him with a weird look. "I mean a girl, who—who's a friend."He corrected. "Please stop staring at me like that?"And they stopped.

"And I'm not afraid."She fought back.

"Oh come on, do it for our best sake."Ash pleaded.

"Sweet miserable life, okay, fine, you guys win. But only for once just once."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!"Max ran to the counter of the roller coaster.

The other boy ran into the counter to get tickets. And the others

"Hey let's go!"—Max shouted going inside

The roller coaster named Heller, once Zoe got in and after the tickets we're gave, she changed her mind.

"Alright I changed my mind."She tried to run away at the back but Ashley grabbed her left hand.

"We're in, there's no going back. You could sit in the back if you want to. Jake do you mind sitting with Alyson at the back?"

"It's okay."

"Atta boy Jake, okay, let's go Ash."Max grabbed her hand and they sat at the roller coaster.

The girl was taking pictures. She felt something that there's something going to happen, something bad. She hid her camera in her pocket. The roller coaster was on, and she was trying to get out, but she's too late.

"Calm down. Everything going to be just fine."

"Easy for you to say."

Once the roller coaster was on a swing it went out of control. The girl was the only on the roller coaster and the roller coaster was falling. The girl was screaming like hell. Zoe was screaming while she's waking up and recognized her alarm clock was ringing.

"Weird."She told herself.

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