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Max and Ash planned their move.

"I'll handle Zoe while Takuya's yours." Ash stated.

"But what about Ms. Carson?"

"Leave her to me. Nobody's going to know anything about this. Especially Zoe." Ash answered. "Now, how are we going to get formal dresses?" She wondered.

"Why not get from the dressing room?" Max laughed.

"Max you are brilliant!" Ash hugged him tightly but let go a few seconds.

"You really think so?" Max blushed.

"Nope—you go get Takuya I'll distract Ms. Carson." Ash found Ms. Carson easily and walked out of Max's sight.

"What's up Ms. Carson?" Ash said to Ms. Carson.

"Nothing. Just thinking." She answered.

Max ran as fast as he can sneakily out of the building.

Ash looked outside the doors. Ms. Carson followed her eyes direction. "What are you looking at?" Ms. Carson asked Ash.

Ash quickly took Ms. Carson's hand and danced happily. Embarrassed.

"What are you doing?" Ms. Carson asked, confused.

Ash let go of Ms. Carson, "I'm sorry, I don't know what've got into me. You see, I miss dancing." Ash confessed.

"Well, you better get clothes at the dressing room fast. Because everyone in this room is signing up there to borrow formal clothes for tonight."

"Umm…Thanks." Ash quickly walked away, jumpy. Going straight ahead to the dressing room down stairs.


Max was sitting at the back of the car, feet shaking. The familiar city was rushing around him; but Max didn't look out the window. Max pulled himself together to not lose himself. Not that their plan wasn't completed yet.

The driver ruined Max's train of thought, "Here we are, at the airport as soon as possible." Max went out with a bothered look.

Max got out of the taxi, "Yeah…as soon as possible." He muttered. He scanned the airport.

While his inside the airport. He heard a familiar voice.

"What do you mean there's no more flight for Canada? That is so uncool." The familiar voice complained. The lady didn't answer him.

"Takuya?!" Max called.

Takuya turned around and fixed his eye on his pal, Max.

"Men, please don't tell me you weren't busted." Takuya came closer to Max with his knapsack.

"Far out, I've been looking all over for you. I thought you're already flying to Canada."

"That stupid driver just tricked me. I gave him eighty dollars. He said that he will get here as fast as he can. But what he did? He got here as slow as he can." Takuya explained, almost shouted.

"Wow, looks like you're in a bad mood."

"Dude, we need you back. You're going to miss the 'Night to Remember' dance party. Don't you know that Zoe's trying to reconnect with you?" Takuya didn't answer. He stayed silence.

"Takuya, you like Zoe. And she likes you as much as you do." Max pointed.

Takuya was in a train of thought.


Ash was carrying two beautiful dresses.

"Knock, knock." Ash tapped their door.

Zoe was lying on her bed. "Go away." Zoe covered her face with her soft pillow.

Ash came in and locked the door. "Aww…cheer up. I know something that will really, really cheer you up."

Zoe put out of her face the pillow, "What?"

Ash showed the pink dress: the long light pink gown is very cute; the flower on the right hips makes the dress look pop. "Well, I think…that pink suits you." Ash gave Zoe the dress and Zoe took it.

Ash showed Zoe the other dress: the one-shoulder blue knitted dress was fortunately cute. "While blue suits me."

"Thanks, but no thanks. Without Takuya, I feel just so…incomplete." Zoe tells Ash.

"You haven't seen anything yet." Ash smiled.

"Please don't tell me you're making me going to a party." Zoe said ghastly.

"Yep, now get dress, we've got a party to crash." Ash breathed.

"Wait a minute, speaking of it…where's Max?" Zoe remembered.

"He's out searching for—" Ash covered her mouth to stop talking about their plan.

"Searching for…?" Zoe raised her eyebrows.

"He's searching for a tuxedo." Ash smiled widely.

"Are you sure? I have a feeling you're keeping something from me. Something twisted."

Ash gulped, "Uh-Oh, she's into me." Ash thought, sweating.

Zoe walked closer to Ash, "What game are you playing at?"

"Are you challenging me?" Ash said mysteriously.


"Then, shut up and get dress. It's simple as possible, very predictable." Ash pushed Zoe to the rest room with her dress. Then, Ash closed the door. Zoe agreed.

"That was close." Ash breathed deeply. Her cell phone rang, she answered it at the twice ring.

"Hello? Who are you? What are you? What do you want?" Ash said, almost losing her control.

"Dang it Ash, what's the matter with you?" Max said.

Ash went out of their room.

"Sorry, do you have any idea that my mission is a lot harder than you?"

"Yeah, whatever, do, you still got me covered?"

"Yep, got Takuya and your tuxedos in your room. I've got Zoe got dress. We've almost completed our plan, and now what?"

"You know this is ridiculous." Max hissed.

"Why does it feel like you're right behind me?"

"I'm right behind you." Max ended the call.

"Oh, there you are Max and Takuya." At first, Ash almost ignored Takuya. She gasped, "Takuya! Ta—" Max covered her mouth for shouting.

"Are you crazy? You're gonna ruin out plan?" Max whispered.

"Sorry." Ash apologized. "When Zoe sees you, she's gonna flipped." Ash giggled.

"Ash?" Zoe called over.

"Coming!" Ash called back. "Gotta go, your princess awaits. Better get dress also." Ash smiled and went back in her room.

"Dang Takuya, you look like a messed up person. I'll clean you up." Max joked quietly.

"Blah. Blah. Blah. Threat. Threat. Threat. Very funny. Come'n pal, we've got a night to remember." Takuya smirked.


Zoe and Ash were looking brilliant. Zoe was wearing her simple bracelet, white doll shoes and her wonderful gown. Ash was wearing her sliver watch, blue slippers and her pop dress.

Takuya and Max were wearing their dazzling tuxedoes. Takuya was wearing a black tuxedo with black shoes while Max was wearing a white tuxedo with black shoes.

"Where is the party?" Zoe asked Ash, sitting on a chair. "And, what are we waiting for, Christmas?

"At the lobby and no." Ash answered. Ash's cell phone rang once but didn't leading that as a sign to go. "Okay, enough waiting, let's go."

Zoe and Ash proceed to the lobby. And so are Takuya and Max. In the lobby, there were colorful disco lights, tables and chairs were at the side, The DJ was in front, controlling the music, people were dancing. The music was a little hip-hop ("It's On" Superchick).

"Okay Ash, what game are you playing at?" Zoe asked devilishly.

"It's a surprise." Ash answered joyfully.

There was a new song being played, (I Will Be by Avril Lavigne).

"I know this song." Zoe said.

"I love this song." Max said by surprise.

"Ugh…I hate this song." At first, Ash almost ignored Max. She gazed to Max and was shocked. "Max, you made it." Ash grinned.

"Okay, guys, I know you're hiding something, spill it out." Zoe pouted.

"You really wanna know?" Ash wanted her to guess.

"Look around." Max said.

Zoe scanned the lobby. After a slight turn of her head, her eyes were burning but she doesn't care because Takuya was there going in her way in front of her. She walked straight ahead to Takuya. Zoe was smiling widely while Takuya's grinning mysteriously.

"You came back." Zoe stated.

"Because…I believe this is where my future starts." Takuya answered with a smile.

"Wanna dance?" Ash asked.

"Sure…"Max smiled. Max took Ash's hand and dance slowly on the lobby.

Zoe took Takuya's hand. Takuya took a breath and pulled Zoe close and they took one step. They keep each other's eyes locked and they let the music their guide. Takuya took the lead. Zoe realized that they were already turning.

"One question and one answer." Zoe said.

"Yes?" Takuya replied.

"When you love someone, are there any options?"

"There are no options." Takuya responded.


"But you said one question and one answer."


Takuya grinned, "Because if I can live forever, I would be with you forever." He answered.

Zoe was touched and the two teenagers shared a sweet kiss.

After the romantic dance, there was an announcement by Mr. Baker.

"Good evening everybody!" Mr. Baker greeted. "This is the night we've all been waiting for. The 'Night to Remember'. And you know what the best part is? Dance all night long like there's no tomorrow!" Students were shouting for joy. The DJ played a rock song.

People started dancing in their own move.

While Zoe, Ash and Max are dancing with praises on the disco floor with the disco lights Takuya was sitting on a chair watching how fun Zoe dance.

"Zoe's a very loyal friend, isn't she?" A familiar voice said.

"Yes, she is." Takuya agreed. Takuya look at the voice he heard, it was Ms. Carson. "Hi, enjoying the party?" Takuya laughed.

"I forgive you Takuya for lying about Zoe and the rest." Takuya rose kept his head high. "Do you have any idea that Zoe told me the whole story, the truth?"

"She did?"

"Yeah, that's what makes her being so-called-loyal. Enjoy the party, smiggles." She insulted.

Ms. Carson proceed to the disco floor and danced.

Zoe and the rest went back to Takuya.

Max gave his friends a one glass of energy drink.

"Cheers! For a wonderful life." Zoe smiled.

The gang cheered and drinks their juice.

The gang snuck away from the party and went up to the roof to talk.

"At last, guys! Our wish came true." Ash shouted.

"But out vacation's not yet over." Max reminded her.

"Yeah, but it's half way there, silly." Ash giggled.

"Yeah…Max, we had a New York Adventure together." Takuya agreed with Ash.

"Max, Ash, thank you for the set-up game. It was crazy." Zoe was grateful.

"With pleasure." Max signaled.

While they're watching the stars. There were fireworks. They were beautiful and shiny.

"You're the best friends I ever met!" Ash said.

"I'm the King of The World!" Max shouted, it echoed.

"I love New York City!" Zoe screamed with all her might.

"New York rocks!" Takuya yelled with all he got.

After they yell a few times, they went back to the party because they had enough trouble for one day.

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