Playing with Nightmares

Chapter 1 - Prologue


Author's Note: This is more of a prologue than anything else, that's why its more short. Then the next chpater will move onto other things and it'll be a while till you hear more about the aftereffects of this chapter. And when I mean later, I mean, later of next chapter. Haha. Enjoy! This is my latest DWD fic. The continuation of Toymaker Madness and all the stories before it!


The chill of the night air was brisk as the breeze swept by, the cloudless night having no pity on those out in the cold. It was colder than it should be for this time of year, not quite fall yet.

The sound of a store alarm was going off near the center of the city of St. Canard. It wailed endlessly, alerting those that it had just been stolen from. No one was in the streets at this time of night, for the streets were empty save for the occasional car driving by, the passenger on its way home from a long day at work.

The sound of little bells jingling could be heard through the streets a figure dressed up in a jester's costume ran down the street as fast as he could. Actually, he was bouncing on a pogo stick as fast as he could, his ends of his harlequin hat bouncing along with him.

Quackerjack looked back, his crazed eyes scanning the wide street behind him. Headlights suddenly blinded him, making him toward back and look forward.

Darkwing Duck was speeding along on his Ratcatcher, turning on the gas in hopes to gain speed. Instead of his infamous purple fedora hat he was wearing his safety helmet. In the sidecar beside him sat Launchpad McQuack, his goggles on over his eyes instead of sitting on top of his head.

Up ahead, Quackerjack continued to bounce on his pogo stick, trying his best to go faster. He looked up towards the sky, his gaze looking ahead of him a ways, mainly towards the light poles.

"Oh, Megavolt!!!" he cried out in a whiny and high voice. "That's no fair! You're faster than I am! I can't skate like that!"

Megavolt was in fact skating along the electrical wires between each light post, skating by with ease, little sparks of electricity flickering along at his blue boots. He was much farther ahead of Quackerjack's bounces on the pogo stick, which was the jester's current distress.

Megavolt looked back and down at Quackerjack, an eyebrow raised behind his purpled tinted goggles. "Not my problem! You're the one who insisted on getting away by bouncing on your pogo stick!" he turned his head back to watch ahead f him for a moment, skipping over from hitting the top of a light post. He adjusted his arm a bit, feeling the weight of the bag over his shoulder. He continued to speak. "This is just one of the many perks of being a electrically charged villain!" He snickered, feeling no real pity for his friend. It was usually him who was lagging behind when being chased anyways, so it felt good to be in the lead for once.

Quackerjack just scowled up at him, sticking his tongue out at him like a little kid. But Megavolt never saw it, his attention back on his skating, making sure he didn't hit any of the light posts.

Darkwing pushed harder on the gas pedal, trying to gain more speed to catch up to them. It seemed to be working for the most part. He grinned. Quackerjack wasn't going nearly fast enough on his pogo stick to outrun him, but Megavolt on the other hand was a different matter. He hated it when the electrical rodent skated on the electrical wires. He was never able to catch him that way. Darkwing glanced over at Launchpad for a brief moment. "We're gaining on him, LP!" he cried out triumphantly.

Launchpad nodded, looking strange with his goggles on. "It would appear so, LP. But what are we going to do about Megavolt. I don't think we'll be able to catch him."

Darkwing nodded. "I agree. I guess we'll just have to wait to catch him at his next crime spree. It won't be long. Not with his 'precious luminaries' out there waiting to be saved" he mocked, referring to the many times Megavolt had talked about his light bulbs.

Hitting the gas pedal once more, Darkwing gained ever more speed, making him inches away from a bouncing Quackerjack. The jester looked back, seeing Darkwing's outstretched arm. Darkwing kept one hand on the wheel as he stretched as far as he could to try and grab the end of Quackerjack's harlequin hat.

Quackerjack cried out, his eyes wide as he saw how close he was to getting caught. "MEGAVOLT!!!!" he shouted as loud as he could. But Megavolt was still a ways up the road, little sparks proving this far out in the distance. Quackerjack reached into his large clown pants pocket and pulled out several pair of toy teeth, throwing them in front of Darkwing's bike.

Darkwing cried out, retracting back to a sitting position on the Ratcatcher as he tried getting control of the bike as the toy teeth snapped at them. It was then that Darkwing lost control slightly, making the Ratcatcher swirl in circles. Launchpad and Darkwing both yelled as their world became a blurred circle. Darkwing slammed on the brakes, finally getting the bike to stop. Launchpad's head spun, even after the bike had stopped spinning. "Whoa. Let's not do that again, huh, DW?"

But Darkwing was distracted by the toy teeth, which were still trying to bite at them. Luckily the Ratcatcher was too tall for them to jump up on. The Masked Mallard reached into his purple jacket and pulled out a stick. "Here, boys! Go get it!" He threw the stick as far as he could, knowing the toy teeth could never resist running to get it.

Darkwing didn't waste a second. He got the bike going again and hit the gas, catching up to the still bouncing Quackerjack quickly. Once again, he was close enough to grab at Quackerjack's hat; this time being successful. He wrapped his hand around the small bit of material and yanked hard, making Quackerjack stop in mid bounce, crying out as he did.

Darkwing stopped the Ratcatcher, his grip tight over Quackerjack's hat. Quackerjack landed on the cement of the road, looking worn out, his head down. "Ooooh. You'll no fair! Party crashers!" grumbled Quackerjack, his gaze never leaving the cement.

"Yep, yep, yep. Come on, Quackerjack. Maybe they'll have your favorite cereal at the jailhouse this time…" snided Darkwing darkly.

Quackerjack sneered at this, finally looking up to see his capture's face. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hush up, Darky. Or you're face will freeze that way." It was a lame come back, but the jester really didn't care at this point. "How's Bushy? Is he pushing up daisy's yet?" He giggled a bit at his pun.

Quackerjack was referring to Reginald Bushroot, ex member of the Fearsome Five. The mutant plant duck had reformed eight months ago. 'Hmmm….a lot has happened since then…' mused the childish duck.

Darkwing pulled hard at Quackerjack's hat, making him stand up. He grabbed the jester's wrists and started pulling him along. Quackerjack's wild eyes moved in the direction of where Megavolt had skated off to. He could no longer see his best friend down the road. He figured megavolt had made a right turn to head to his Light House. He grumbled darkly as Darkwing pulled him along. It was then that his eyes landed on an object that was sitting on the sidewalk across from them. He squinted at it, ignoring Darkwing as he spoke to Launchpad.

He could feel Darkwing tying his hands together, pushing him closer to the Ratcatcher. The object that was on the road was still too far away for him to see, even when he was squinting. For some odd, unknown reason, his curiosity was peaked. He just had to know that it was. He tried moving closer to it, but this just caused Darkwing to snap at him angrily, saying something about not getting away this time. The jester wasn't hearing him though.

OH, it was a box. A colorful looking box. Why, it was a jack-in-the-box. Quackerjack blinked at it, a shiver running up his spine. The last two times he had messed with a Jack-in-the-box had been nightmarish. The first time was the infamous time when Paddywhack had come out and later on sucked him into the toy and into the world of misery. The second time had been when he was working with his newest project, at the time, and needed it to be charged up by Megavolt. That was the day he thought Megavolt had been killed, instead just severely burned and with a loss of recent memories. Poor thing hadn't even remembered he was Megavolt.

"What are you looking at, Quackerjack!?" came Darkwing's angry, demanding voice, piercing through his thoughts. Quackerjack snapped out of it, looking at the angry crime fighter. He nodded towards the other side of the street. "There's a jack-in-the-box just randomly sitting there on the other side of the road."

"Oh, no, you don't, Quackerjack! I'm not being fooled by one of your tricks!" snickered Darkwing.

"No, it really IS there" insisted Quackerjack, ignoring the fact that he was being arrested. Darkwing finally dared to look over in the direction the jester was talking about, but he saw nothing.

"There's nothing there, Quackers. I think you just need a nice loooong vacation in a snuggly little prison cell for a while. Maybe even with a straight jacket on" spoke the duck sarcastically.

Quackerjack gasped when he looked back over to the where the toy had been to find that it was in fact, gone. It was as though the toy had never been there. He stared at the spot with wide eyes. He could feel himself shivering slightly. Too many bad memories came from that toy. But why would he suddenly be seeing jack-in-the-boxes that weren't there.

He could feel Darkwing pull at his wrists, making him come closer. Just as Darkwing was about to push him into the sidecar for Launchpad to look after, a bolt of electricity hit Darkwing in the hand, making the masked mallard jump back with a shout of pain.

All three of them looked up to see Megavolt standing up on the electrical wires of the light poles, glaring down at them. "My, my. It would appear I shocked you Darkwing" chuckled Megavolt in a sneering, nasally voice.

"Megsy!!" cried out Quackerjack in delight. He tried to pull away from Darkwing's grip, but was unsuccessful.

"Oh, come on, Quacky! Don't make ME do all the work!" groaned Megavolt, sliding down the nearest light pole. The bag he had been carrying was gone, his hands empty and now glowing with electricity.

Quackerjack, his crazy grin on his face, just blinked at Megavolt for a moment, then before Darkwing could react, the jester did a back flip around Darkwing's arm, which had been behind Quackerjack's back, and escaped from Darkwing's loose bonds.

"Tada!!" cried out Quackerjack, his arms out wide.

Darkwing growled under his breath at the site of Quackerjack getting away and tried grabbing him by the arm, but failed as Quackerjack did another back flip in the air, landing on his hands, then pushing himself upright on the cement. "Can't catch me, Darky!" he taunted, sticking his tongue out.

"Uh, DW….?" stuttered Launchpad's nervous voice. Darkwing looked back to see what the fuss was about, his back almost touching his sidekick's. He looked around Launchpad's tall form and could see Megavolt edging closer and closer to them, a leering look on his face, electricity coming from his hands and plug hat. It didn't help matters that Quackerjack was gloating in front of him, seeing that the two villains had the do-gooders cornered.

Just as Quackerjack was about to pull out something from his pants pocket, his eyes widened. There it was. The jack-in-the-box. It was back. Only this time it was sitting right next to Megavolt's foot. Fear overtook him as he watched as the handle slowly started to turn, his crazed eyes wide. He felt the very air around him grow colder.

"Quackerjack…?" Megavolt's nasally, concerned voice pierced through his fear, making him blink, the jack-in-the-box disappearing from sight once more. Quackerjack looked up into the faces of Darkwing, Launchpad, and Megavolt. And in that order. Darkwing was glaring daggers at him, Launchpad had a look of pure confusion of his face, his neck craned over his shoulder, since he was still facing Megavolt, and Megavolt's face was filled with concern and worry. It was rare for Megavolt to show such concern in public. He usually saved that for when the two of them were alone. He used his bitter, villainous side when out and about causing trouble.

Quackerjack opened and closed his mouth several times, not being able to make anything come out. Darkwing just continued to stare him down angrily. He growled a bit before pulling out his gas gun. "Suck gas, Quacky!" he shouted, pointing it at the jester's overly large beak.

Quackerjack seemed to come back to reality at this, blinking at the gas gun that was touching his bill. He gulped. "You're not in the mood to play, Darky?" he asked in a strained voice.

"Sorry. I'm usually not…" Darkwing seethed.

"Tsk, tsk…" sighed Quackerjack, shaking his head. The bells at the end of his hat were not jingling like they usually were. No one seemed to notice this but Megavolt, who was still watching him with concern, the electricity in his hands and plug hat having gone out.

Quackerjack glanced back down near Megavolt's foot, where the jack-in-the-box had last been. It still wasn't there. That was the second time that night he'd seen it. What was going on?

Darkwing took Quackerjack's lack of concentration to his advantage, pulling the trigger on his gas gun.

Instead of the usual purple gas that come out, a large net toppled over the jester, hitting him in the face. Quackerjack cried out. "No fair! Nets are no fun!!" he wailed.

Launchpad looked back at Megavolt just in time to see the rodent zap him with electricity. Launchpad's eyes went wide with pain as the electricity shot through him, making his body go rigid. It was over a moment later, but the pilot was in shock, making him fall to the ground with a groan. "DW!" he managed to cry out. Darkwing looked behind him just in time to dodge one of Megavolt's electric shocks.

"Oooh, would you just hold still!? It's awfully hard to zap you when you keep moving!!!" raged Megavolt, getting more and more upset each time he missed the dodging Darkwing.

Quackerjack meanwhile, had fallen to the cement hard on his back, his legs flailing about miserably as he tried to get out of the net. It was tight against his body, not allowing him to move much. The majority of the net was around his arms and the little he could move them didn't help. His legs were mainly free but he was unable to stand up. His eyes were closed tightly in concentration when he suddenly felt himself being lifted up. He could hear Megavolt grunt close beside him as he was lifted. He opened his eyes to see Megavolt holding him, his attention on Darkwing and Launchpad.

"I'll fry you dim watts later!" he threatened. He took several feet back, Quackerjack still in his arms. "Yeah! I'll fry you like an old computer disk!" He laughed at this, being the only one who found it funny. Quackerjack just looked up at him, unimpressed.

"Enough talk, Megsy! Playtime's over! Let's skedaddle!!" he cried, anxiously moving about in Megavolt's arms. He hated to be tied up like this. He also knew Megavolt wouldn't be able to hold him like this for long. Megavolt wasn't physically as strong as he wished to be. Besides, he had his electricity to help him in times his strength couldn't.

Megavolt freed his hand a bit, nearly dropping Quackerjack in the process, and started zapping at Darkwing and Launchpad, who jumped and dodged at the attack. Megavolt then hit the Ratcatcher's front tire, making it go flat instantly.

"No!" cried out Darkwing, pulling off his helmet to look at the damage. When he turned back to Megavolt and Quackerjack, he could see Megavolt running away down the street with Quackerjack in his arms.