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Pairing: Axel and Roxas

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The sound of footsteps echoes through the streets.

A boy, no older than 11 or 12, rushed along the roads, running into people as he sped by. His chest hurt from the lack of oxygen his lungs received as a result of his hurried behavior. But he couldn't stop. He had to get there in time. He had to.


Seeing the square in the distance, he forced his legs to move faster, and he pushed his way through the crowd. The boy finally reached his destination, and his heart sank.

The boy looked up at the man, who looked to be about 20, on the pedestal, noose around his neck. The man's flowing red hair was untied, trickling down and around his shoulders, like an unkempt mane. Two marks where under his eyes, the shape of crescents, marking his lineage. Bruises covered his face and torso, turning his pale skin black and blue. Scratches ran the length of his body, and the only thing he wore where his pants, or what was left of them.

Next to him, was a blonde with amazing blue eyes, but they were horribly swollen, almost to the point of blindness. He was being held back by a guard who had a firm grip on his hair, and his hands where tied behind his back, denying him the opportunity to struggle. "Let him go!" The blonde said, as loud as his hoarse voice would allow.

"Shut up you faggot." The guard yanked on his hair hard, and blood dripped down the side of his face because of it. The red haired man cranked his head to the side, as far as he could maneuver it, and glared at the guard.

"Just because I have a rope around my neck, doesn't mean I can't kill you." Even though the statement was absurd, and everyone knew it was false, his tone and his glare made the guard think twice and he loosened his hold.

The young boy kept his tears inside and looked around. All about the boy, people were standing, evil smirks painted on their faces. They were waiting for death. Craving it. He could see it in their eyes, and the boy despised them for it. Finally, an old man stepped upon the executions stand, a scroll in his hand. The crowd roared in cheers and applause. He held his hand up as a signal to quiet down after his few minutes of praise. He took his scroll and unrolled it, yelling out so all could hear of the man's sin. "Reno Bastion, You have been formally charged with, and found guilty in trial, of homosexuality; a crime punishable by public hanging. Do you have any last words?" The old man looked up, the same look in his eyes as the townspeople.

The man named Reno took a deep breath. "Heh. Just a couple." With a smarmy grin, he turned his head straight at the old man. "Fuck you." Within the blink of an eye, his fate was sealed and the red haired man was hanging, the blonde's scream filling the air. The boy fell to his knees, finally letting his tears stream down his face, and looked up at Reno. He saw them take him down through tear filled eyes, and they replaced him with the blonde man. Finding his hidden strength, he got up and ran away, just as he heard the old man address the blonde.

"Rufus Shinra. You have also...." The boy was out of hearing range.



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