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Cold. That was how someone would describe that early December morning. Cold and boring. The four boys were in the parlor of the west wing, going out of their minds with boredom. There isn't much to do in the palace, and seeing as it was freezing outside, no one really wanted to venture out there. Axel and Demyx lounged on the sofa's that adorned the room, while Roxas and Zexion stood behind the couches, looking somewhat professional. Standing closest to the door, Roxas was first able to hear the footsteps approaching the boys.

"Axel," said the pink haired figure that had emerged. "Your father requests your presence."

Axel slowly turned his head and stared blankly at Marluxia. "And? I hope you aren't suggesting that I go see him."

Marluxia sighed, knowing that if he went back without Axel, there would be hell to pay. "I'm simply the messenger boy. I just tell Person B what Person A wanted them to know. However it would be nice if you came with me for a change. You know he's just going to come storming down the hall anyway. Why not make it easier on all of us for once?"

Sighing dramatically, Axel stood up, raising his arms above his head, stretching them. "C'mon Roxas, lets go see what 'papa' wants."

"I do not recall him requesting the presence of Roxas..." Marluxia started.

"Hey, I don't recall caring." The redhead said, motioning for his blonde to follow.

As they walked down the corridor, Roxas started fidgeting. "Why do you want me to accompany you Axel?"

"What, you don't want to be with me every waking second?" Axel said, winking at his new lover of three weeks.

"It's not that. It's just, I have a bad feeling about this..." the blonde said. None the less, the pair kept walking towards the main hall. Taking a left, Roxas was introduced to a section of the palace he'd never seen before. "This place goes on forever." He said, marveling at the size of the walls and space.

"It may seem huge, but it's damn near impossible to escape wandering eyes and ears." Axel said, a bit of anger working it's way into his voice. Finally they came upon a large entrance way to a bigger version of the parlor he was in not even ten minutes ago. With Axel leading their way through the grand archway, they walked towards the center of the huge room, where a reclining couple sat. Axel walked up to them, Roxas staying a few feet behind. "Hello father. Mother." Axel said, his polite greeting laced with tension. "You requested me?"

"Drop the polite act crap Axel." The king said, already fed up with his sons behavior. "Your shitty attitude is the last thing I need right now. I called for you to discuss your twenty first birthday."

Axel scoffed, a sarcastic grin splayed on his face. "Oh joy, do I get my pony this year? Oh how I hope I do. You know that prince of Twilight, oh whats his name... Sora! You know Sora got a pony last year. It's a white stallion as a matter of fact. Oh I know! I want a black stallion! Oh please daddy? Pretty please?"

"Stop this Axel..." The quiet redheaded woman spoke from beside her husband. "Please..."

"As I was saying before I was interrupted by this sorry excuse for anything," Lexaeus spoke, "Your birthday is in three months. Because it is your twenty first, you will legally be allowed to take the throne in case of my death. This will also be your wedding day to fix any lose ends and to ensure that the throne will continue in my absence."

"Wait, I'm getting married on my birthday? I thought birthdays were supposed to be happy occasions." Axel said, glaring at his father.

Glaring back, Lexaeus spat, "This will be a happy occasion you worthless shit. How many times have I told you that you are going to marry Larxene? There is no way around it, so you might as well get over yourself and get on with your life."

"Gee dad, I always knew you cared about me." Axel said sarcastically. "I mean I wish everyone else's father used them for ways that only suited their needs. The world would be such a better place. Who cares about how I feel when it is so much more convenient to tell me to fuck off? You know what dad, I think I'll follow your example." Axel dramatically cleared his throat, coughing loudly. "You, King Lexaeus, can just fuck off." With that the redhead turned on his heal and stormed out, Roxas following right behind him, and the words 'ungrateful bastard' lingering in the air behind them.

Axel and Roxas sat on a bench outside, on the outskirts of the estate. It was an overgrown section of land, long since forgotten. The once properly trimmed trees had become overgrown and entangled with each other, and the wild flowers grew everywhere. Now, it being winter, it was even more depressing, with no leaves on the trees, or flowers at their feet. This place hardly resembled the garden that was once for their mother, soon cast aside after the death of Reno. Now it was a personal haven for Axel when he didn't want to be found.

Roxas scooted closer to Axel, resting his head on his shoulder, trying to warm up. The redhead wrapped his arm around the smaller's shoulder, and buried his head in the soft golden spikes. He gently kissed the top of the blonde's head, before he turned his head away and looked straight ahead.

"I thought you said it was impossible to escape from prying eyes Axel." Roxas said, trying to lighten the mood a little.

"I said it was damn near impossible to escape. That means that there is a slight glimmer of hope. This is that slight glimmer." Axel said, slightly grinning. "God, three months. What the hell am I gonna do?" The redhead removed his arm from around Roxas's shoulder and buried his head in his hands. "This fucking sucks."

Roxas looked at his lover with sad eyes. "I never imagined that someone could hate their child." The blonde finally said. "My parents are dead, and know one knows what happened to Leon or Zexion's parent's so...." he trailed off.

"Yeah... who would have thought it..." Axel said. "That's the thing. People believe that it is so great to live here, in this palace, with a "privileged life." Truth is, all you are is a bartering chip. Father lost his good bartering chip with Reno." Axel's eyes glistened a little at the mention of his name. "He always said how much better Reno was than me, and that when he died, he lost the better son. You know, he told me that I was the one that should have been caught, and excuse my crude language here, 'with my dick up some faggot's ass.' Who says that to their son? Especially after being the person who killed the 'better offspring?'" After a second of silence, Axel continued. "I guess the joke's on him. Turns out I'm gay too. Who would have thought?"

Roxas was about to break down. "Axel..." He said his name softly. "I'm so sorry. No one should ever have to go through that. Ever." Roxas crawled into the redheads lap and wrapped both arms around his neck. Cuddling his head to his chest, he finished, "And I'm glad your gay. I wouldn't be happy if you were different." Roxas looked up and smiled a bit before burying his head back into Axel's chest.

Axel ran his hand back through those golden spikes. "Neither would I."

"I wish....." Roxas started, but never finished.

"What?" Axel asked, curiosity piqued.

"It's cliche, but I wish we could run away. You know, like off into the sunset and all that." The blonde said, slightly embarrassed.

"And leave all this behind? Now why would I do that?" Axel smirked.

"You wouldn't leave all of it behind. I'd be with you." Roxas said, returning the grin.

"That's right." The redhead captured his lips in a kiss. "Forever."

"What do you think of running away?" Axel said to Demyx. Once again the boys had convened after hours, and everyone else had fallen asleep. Axel had toyed with the idea all afternoon, well into the night.

"Running away? From what?" Demyx asked, not yet hearing of his friend's birthday plans.

"Because, it's the only way I can see out of this marriage, and to be with Roxas." The redhead explained. "He wants me to get married on my birthday."

"Really? That's only like three months away!"

"I figured." Axel rolled his eyes and continued. "Anyway, would you like to come with us, if we do leave?"

"Woah, wait, have you thought this through?" Demyx said, for once acting as a voice of reason. "Your brother is dead and your sister is much to weak. You are the only plausible heir to the throne. If you run, who knows what will happen!"

"Yeah, but I know what will happen if I stay." Axel said, looking away. "God dammit! What the hell am I supposed to do?"

"You could try what Reno did. Just try and wait for your old man's death." Demyx suggested.

"Oh yes, that worked so well for him." The redhead let out a defeated sigh. "I just want to be with Roxas. Why can't I have that?"

"Because, life sucks that way."

"That is a terrible answer." Axel said, laughing. Because if he didn't laugh, he'd sure as hell start crying.

"Good morning Axel." said a voice from the doorway. Axel stirred slightly in his sleep, hoping to God it was still night. Peaking out from the covers, he disgustedly realized it was indeed morning. Also he noticed that his blonde lover was standing at the door. "It's time to get up." Roxas said, imitating a mother's voice.

"I don't wanna!" Axel whined from his bed. "And you can't make me!" He curled up into a ball with his quilt wrapped around his head.

"God, you are such a baby" The blonde said, sauntering over to Axel's bed. "Come on don't you want to see me?"

Axel poked his head through his quilt and mock-glared at Roxas. "Oooh low blow, Roxy. But I still don't wanna get up."

"Hmph. Fine. I guess you don't like me then. I see how it is. I'll be on my way then..." Roxas turned around grinning, but before he could make good on his 'threat,' the redhead seized his hand and pulled him on top of his bed.

"I don't recall saying you could leave." Axel said, ear next to Roxas's ear, making him shudder. "Besides, aren't relationships about compromise?" The elder pulled Roxas closer to his chest. Even through the quilt, Roxas could feel his arousal, partly because of him, and partly because it was the morning.

"Well, I see someone is happy today." Roxas said, giggling a little.

"What can I say, I'm holding you, and duh, you did just wake me up." Axel said, lightly hitting Roxas on the top of his head. After pulling off the covers and trying to get off the bed and head towards the shower, Axel was immediately pushed back onto his covers. "What the hell?" The redhead exclaimed, slightly confused.

"I don't recall saying you could leave." Roxas said, imitating Axel's voice.

"Oh you..." Axel was cut off by a kiss. The blonde's lips fit perfectly, before they moved, tongue trying to gain access. Running his fingers into the blonde hair, Axel gratefully opened his mouth, and greeted the slick muscle. A battle ensued tongues fighting for dominance. Everything heated up quickly, and ending in a stalemate, both needing air. "You aren't exactly helping my problem Roxy..." Axel breathed out.

Smirking, Roxas ran his hand down his lovers chest, and down to his sleeping pants. "I'm not?" His hand settled on the bulge trying to escape the silk. Squeezing slightly, Axel turned to goo in his hands. "I thought I was doing a good job."

"What... do you think you are doing?" Axel's eyes had been screwed shut from the unexpected pleasure.

"Isn't it obvious..." The intruder had made it's way inside his pants, and was slowly fondling the redhead's erection. Scooting back a bit, Roxas became face level with Axel's crotch. Ever so slowly, he removed the offending garment, casting it aside. His erection stood tall and proud, slightly weeping with pre-cum. With a devilish grin, Roxas bent his head down and kissed the inside of his lover's thigh, his hand never leaving it's destination. Pumping his hand casually, he earned soft moans from the redhead's lips.

"God Roxas..." Axel couldn't finish before Roxas had wrapped his lips around the tip of his cock, and sucked slightly. "Ah..." Axel was panting now, fighting the urge to push Roxas's mouth further down. Thankfully he didn't have to, as Roxas gently took in more of him, still sucking his way down. Using his tongue, he swirled around the tip, gathering all of the pre-cum, and running it down the sides and back up. He ran it along the vein, teeth scarping the sides. "Ro...xas..." Axel let out a louder moan when he started humming, sending a volt of electricity up his spine. "Damn, I'm....." Not being able to finish a coherent thought, Axel came, into an expecting mouth that swallowed all he had to offer.

Taking his mouth off his dick, Roxas crawled back up to Axel's shoulder. "There... problem solved."



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