Ginny walked past the blank space of wall where she knew the secret entrance to the Room of Requirement was concealed and sighed. Walking past this spot just reminded her of Harry and made her sad that their relationship was over now that he was off fighting Voldemort. In her heart she knew that they couldn't last with him having to protect the wizarding world but she was still upset about it. She'd liked Harry for six years so it wasn't that easy to get over.

She turned the corner and into the Girl's bathroom, a regular jaunt for her now where she would sit in a cubicle and cry. She wasn't one to cry but she was just so overwhelmed with everything going on right now with Harry, the Death Eaters at the Burrow and her family up in arms with the war. She couldn't handle it if she got an Owl telling her one of her family members had died, or even Harry.

She didn't hear the door open but knew someone else was in the bathroom when their feet sloshed through the water.

'Is there anyone in here?' said a deep male voice which shocked Ginny. What was a guy doing in the girl's bathroom? What if they'd heard her crying?

'Whose there?' she called suspiciously. She stood up and opened the door. The blonde and buff Draco Malfoy stood there in the flesh. She hadn't been expecting him to return to Hogwarts this year but there he was, a smirk on his face and his bag slung over his shoulder.

'Been hanging out in cubicles a lot lately, Weasley?' he sneered. What did he know? Had he heard her crying? She wouldn't mind if it had been another girl but Draco Malfoy? She hated him. And what was he doing in here anyway?

'Been stalking me lately, Malfoy?' she retorted, flicking her flaming red hair over one shoulder. No matter how much she despised Malfoy, she couldn't deny that he was beyond gorgeous. If he wasn't a Slytherin and hadn't done so much to her family she would totally snog his face off.

Draco eyed Ginny. The youngest Weasley had changed a lot over the years. She was no longer the sniffling little girl who'd come to Hogwarts with a major crush on Potter. Sure, she'd dated Potter last year and he didn't know what had gone on between them but was almost positive they weren't still together. Weasley sure had filled out over the summer. She had nice legs and ass, and her chest was impressive.

'I have better things to do with my time,' he replied shrewdly. She stood tall, one hand on her hip. God, she had nice legs. He could just imagine running his hand up them. No, she was still Weasley. No matter how nice she looked he wasn't going to go for her. She was a filthy blood traitor for god's sake.

'Like what? Hanging out with your new Death Eater pals?' she said. He spun around, pinning her against the wall. He had one hand on her shoulder and couldn't stop himself running the other hand up her leg. The look in Ginny's eyes wasn't anger or even malice. It was one of shock but pleasure as her eyes closed and she let out a low moan.

Draco lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her hard, loving the feel of her lips on his. She responded eagerly, kissing him back hungrily and locking her arms around his neck. He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist, biting his lip and running her hands through his hair. He carried her into the cubicle and shut the door, pushing her up against the wall.

He lowered her down again and his hand snaked under her shirt, cupping her breast in his hand and squeezing. She moaned and he slipped his tongue in her mouth, kissing her harder than before as she groaned in delight.

'Oh, Draco,' she moaned against his lips, lowering her hand to the bulge in his pants and grasping him. He groaned, tightening his grasp on her breast and caressing it in his hand. She ripped his shirt off and ran her hands over his bare chest as he tugged at her bra strap at her back. He tugged her shirt off and her bra came off as he undid the hook, exposing her breasts to an eager Malfoy.

He took one of her breasts in her mouth and she moaned, tilting her head back as his tongue flicked over her nipple. A groan rumbled in his throat as he moved her hand up and down on the bulge in his pants which she still held. He brought his mouth back up to hers and kissed her, running his tongue along her bottom lip to allow him entry.

'Draco,' she whispered, nibbling on his lower lip as he squeezed her breasts. She wanted him badly but they were in a bathroom. She wanted her first time to be in an actual bed and not against a wall in a toilet cubicle.

'I know, baby. Come by my room later and I'll give it to you,' he reassured her as she nuzzled his neck.

'I can't wait that long. I want you now,' she protested, pulling his hand to her lips and sucking on his finger. She knew they had to go but it didn't stop her being upset as he put his shirt back on and she hooked her bra back in place. She shot him a naughty look as she buttoned her blouse and he kissed her one last time.

'Later, we will,' he promised as he left her alone in the cubicle. She sank down onto the toilet seat. What had she just done? She'd made out with Draco Malfoy. Draco Malfoy! And she'd liked it. He'd turned her on more than she ever had been before. He'd made her feel like a woman and not a girl. She loved the feel of his hand on her breast, his mouth on her nipple, his finger grazing her leg. She wanted to touch him, to feel him inside her.

She felt wet between her legs and pulled sheets of toilet paper from the holder. As she cleaned herself up she couldn't get Draco from her mind. His sleek blonde hair, his firm, muscular chest, the sound of him groaning as she grasped him, the feel of his lips on hers. She'd never imagined that she'd be falling for Draco but she wanted him so badly. And he wanted her. She knew he did. He hadn't had any snide remark or sneer as he left. He wanted to see her again.

Despite Ginny's eagerness to see Malfoy again, they were both studying for N.E. which kept them apart for the last few weeks of term. There would be an entire week for Christmas break for them to be together. She could wait for that.

On Christmas Eve she had just finished packing up her things and was hauling her trunk along the seventh floor corridor when Draco himself appeared in front of her. He took her hand and led her into a room and directly over to the fireplace.

'What are we doing?' she asked excitedly, but warily. Draco was still kind of a Death Eater. He could be leading her into some sort of trap.

'Trust me,' he whispered huskily into her ear. He threw a familiar green powder into the grate and pulled her inside.

'Malfoy Manor,' he said clearly and they were whisked away from Hogwarts as they spun through the wizarding fireplaces to reach the one that Draco was taking her to. They stepped out of the grate and into a quaint room, brushing the ash from them.

The room was styled with wooden interior and thick plush rugs thrown across the floor. The emerald and silver of Slytherin adorned the wall hangings and the bed spread and as Draco opened the closet to deposit his things she could see many expensive looking garments hanging fresh and waiting in its depths. He turned to her and in one second held her firm against his body.

'What would you like to do first?' he asked smoothly, his face about an inch from her own. She closed the distance and planted her lips firmly on his, breathing in his scent and loving the feel of him on her. Kissing Draco was like everything in her world was on fire and exploding with happiness and she had grown wings to soar above the treetops.

But just kissing Draco wasn't enough. She had to have him touch her, to taste her and want her completely. She flicked her hand over his pants teasingly and he groaned against her lips. She grabbed his hand as it darted dangerously close to the bottom of her dress, depriving him of what he wanted just a second longer.

'Ginny,' he moaned, desperate to be closer to her. Finally she gave in and he carried her over to the bed eagerly. She manoeuvred herself so she was positioned over him, ripping his shirt open and running her hands over that smooth chest.

He slid her dress down so her torso was exposed with her lacy black bra. Ginny gladly undressed as did Draco so nothing separated them from each other. Draco moved over her, his hand on her breast and the other at her back.

'Are you sure?' he asked, his gray eyes locked on hers to make sure she was positive.