'Yes,' Ginny whispered, nodding firmly. Draco lowered his head to her waiting lips and kissed her more passionately than he had before. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his body onto hers, loving the feel of her breasts meeting his smooth chest. His lips left hers and nuzzled her neck, trailing kisses all down her body until he reached her stomach.

He was about to enter her when he paused and she could feel his hesitation. He pulled himself off her and she was left lying alone on the bed, unsure and confused.

'Baby, what's wrong?' she asked, sitting up as he dressed himself.

'I'm lousy,' he said as he zipped up his pants.

'What?' she asked confusedly.

'I'm a sad excuse for a guy. I bring you here just to sleep with you and we haven't even gone out together or anything,' Draco explained. Ginny's mouth dropped open. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Draco Malfoy, the smooth, suave Slytherin was worried about being a romantic. She didn't mind of course. It was just... unexpected.

'We can go out if you like,' she suggested, pulling her clothes towards her. Once they were both straightened up Draco led her towards the door.

'Wait, what about your parents?' she asked worriedly.

'Relax, they're not here,' he said reassuringly, his hand at her back as he guided her downstairs. He left her in the living room as he went into the next room to fetch something. She wasn't expecting someone to come out of the other room.

The man who stood before her was filthy and covered with hair. His robes were tattered and she had the inkling that they were stained with blood.

'Such a pretty girl,' he muttered, the stink of stale bread on his breath. He crossed the room and grabbed her around the neck, fingering her hair with his long nails. She let out a scream as the nails dug into her neck and Draco came running in from the other room.

He pulled out his wand and yelled something at the man but Ginny couldn't tell what spell he'd used because stars were exploding in front of her eyes. The man was sent flying into the cabinet and Draco caught her just in time before she fainted.

When she came to the sharp pain of the cut on her neck stung and tears burned in her eyes. Draco held her to his chest as she sobbed, her tears staining his shirt as he brushed her hair away from her face.

'Its okay baby, I'm here,' he whispered soothingly and she choked back sobs to look up into his eyes. She saw warmth there as he wiped her eyes and helped her to stand upright. Suddenly the door was flung open and there on the threshold stood none other than Lucius Malfoy.

'Well well, what is this?' he said loudly, his voice echoing through the empty house. He fixed his cold, gray eyes on his son who had one arm around Ginny's waist and the other clutching his wand.

'Father, I can explain,' Draco began but was shushed. Lucius's eyes flitted over the state of his house and the man who lay unconscious in the smashed remains of his finest cabinet, glass littered over the wooden floor.

'I bet you can, Draco. And I'm dying to hear why you brought a blood traitor here to demolish my house,' he said hollowly.

Draco's mouth curved into a snarl and he approached his father.

'She isn't a blood traitor! And I didn't intend to wreck the house but Greyback attacked her,' he hissed.

'As well he should. We can't have that sort of filth in our home. This is where we eat, Draco,' Lucius said coldly, eyeing Ginny with disgust.

Draco whipped his wand up and pointed it at his father. Lucius took one look at his son and laughed, the sound of it ringing through the halls.

'Get rid of her, Draco. I have company and if you don't want her to be dinner then I suggest you clear out,' Lucius said briskly. He flung his cloak over a hook and swept out of the room. Draco held Ginny close and turned on the spot and he felt the suffocating sensation of being twisted through time and space into darkness.

'I'm sorry about him,' Draco apologised as he pulled Ginny through Hogsmeade Village. He led them inside Madam Puddifoot's tea shop where they weren't likely to run into anyone. Draco waved the waitress away and pulled Ginny into his lap on one of the lounges.

'So, what do you want to do?' he asked playfully.

'You,' she whispered cheekily.

'Besides that,' he said.

'I don't know,' she sighed.

'I have an idea,' Draco said.

'Okay,' she replied.

He took her hand and Disapparated, reappearing in an empty field. A broom lay against the fence. He pulled a reluctant Ginny over to the broom and helped her on in front of him.

'I'm not too sure about this,' Ginny said hesitantly.

'Don't worry,' he whispered in her ear. He kicked off from the ground and she screamed, her breath getting lost in the wind that whipped her red hair back from her face. He steered the broom over the treetops and into the sky, soaring higher and higher into the clouds.

She screamed against as the moisture of the cloud hit them. Draco soared down to the ground again, coming to a halt next to a tree. He helped her onto a branch and sat next to her.

'Didn't expect this when you woke up this morning?' he said thoughtfully.

And he was right. Ginny hadn't expected anything. She hadn't expected to fall for Draco. She hadn't expected to be ready for sex at sixteen. She hadn't expected to be putting her whole life on the line for the enemy. But she was.