DigiBleach: Okay for all of you who read this before you might have noticed that it changed.

Kassandra: Well that's obvious.

Keiko: Yeah!

Kari: True (nodds head)

DigiBleach: Ughhh. At least Itachi isn't here...

Itachi: (thirteen-year-old walks in) I heard that TobiGB wanted me here.

Kouichi (walks in) Digi you said you needed me.

DigiBleach: Yeah... (sweatdrops)


Itachi: Wow...

Kouichi + Itachi: you have an awesome outfit!

DigiBleach: (sweatdrops some more) Um guys...

Kou + Ita: Yeah?

Keiko+ Kari+ Kassandra: You guys have the same voices! And you knida look a like too!

Koji: (walks in and sees Itachi) Kouichi since when do we have a triplet?

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Crispin: ( to Kouichi and Itachi) Wow we have the same voices!

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I SPY a… Digimon!

Kari Kamiya was walking through Shibuya Park on the lovely spring day. She entirely glad that she ignored that stupid prank call on her cell phone and spent the whole day in the park with Gatomon. Today was perfect, there wee no police sirens going off, no stupid boys around to trying pickup lines on her, and most important of all… no evil in the Digital World. All was well in the world, until a giant black and purple dragon wearing a gold mask came out of the subway station!

"Gatomon is that a Digimon?" Kari stared with horror.

"I-I d-don't kn-know Kari. I think it is." Gatomon stuttered, and was shocked by the sight of the large monster.

Suddenly, the two of them saw a smaller Digimon come from the station as well and grabbed onto the dragon's tail. The dragon struggled against the smaller, yet powerful Digimon as it was being pulled back into the station. Kari and Gatomon could barely make out the Digimon, but it looked similar Omnimon. Kari and Gatomon ran towards the station to get a better look. However, their journey was halted as a Paramedic Team came was coming out of the station, and carrying someone on a stretcher.

"Miss I need you to step back. You need to let us take care of the situation." A young police officer said as he obstructed Kari's field of view.

"But sir you don't understand! That's a Digi…"Kari was interrupted by one of the paramedics.

"Sir we need to get to the hospital quickly, the child in very unstable and could crash at any moment." The older man said with concern in his voice.

"Right!" The officer started speaking into his radio "All troops make a path for the paramedics. They need to get there quickly."

Kari seized this opportunity to run in the station. The mysterious Digimon were gone, and now she had to find out where they went. However the officer had keen eyes and grabbed Kari by the arm as she ran toward the blocked station. Kari struggled against the officer's tight grip and tried to escape. All of Kari's efforts were in vain as she was taken by the officer towards one of their cars.

"Sir I really need to go inside the station. It really important that I do!" Kari said as she continued to struggle.

"I'm sorry miss, but you have to get in the car. I'll have one of my officers take you home. So what's your name?" The officer asked as he opened the car door.

"Kari Kamiya." said with sadness in her voice, as she entered the car.

"Good. Officer Shibayama I need you to take Miss Kamiya home." The officer said to a muscular man with short brown hair and brown eyes.

The officer was about to get into the car when a chubby boy in a blue jumpsuit came out of the station and ran up to him. "Dad…" the boy said.

"J.P.! what are you doing here? Better yet why are you in such a hurry?" Officer Shibayama asked his son.

"It's a long story which I'll explain later, but now, I need to know where the nearest hospital is." J.P. said concerned.

"It's three blocks down the street and then you make a right." The officer said dumbfounded.

"Thanks dad!" the boy said before running off with a group of three other boys and a girl.

'J.P. when did you make friends?' The officer started rubbing his temples.

"What was that about?" Kari asked curiously, as the man got into the car.

"Oh nothing just my son and his… friends." The officer said as he started driving.

After driving around for about an hour, they finally arrived at Kari's apartment complex. Kari didn't give the officer directions right away, so they spent most of the time driving around the city. When they reached the third floor of the apartment complex, Kari nervously hugged Gatomon closer to her. Officer Shibayama noticed this, and chuckled to himself. When Kari's parents opened the door, they were shocked to see their daughter next to a police officer!

"Kari what happened!?" Mrs. Kamiya starred shockingly at her daughter.

"Oh nothing Mrs. Kamiya. Your daughter here was near the sight of an accident, and we didn't want her to enter. So, my superior asked me to take her home safely." Officer Shibayama said cheerfully.

"Oh good. I thought for sure that she was in trouble." Kari's mother breathed a sigh of relief.

Kari walked into the house to sound of the news on the tv. "In today's news a mysterious electrical phenomenon happened at the Shibuya Subway Station. Only one person was hurt during this event, and was immediately rushed to the hospital. Five children were also seen getting out of a smoking elevator shortly after this event, and one young girl trying to get into the station was taken home before further accidents could happen. In other news a strange creature was seen running around the city. If you have any information, please call Animal Control immediately."

"Aggghhhh!" Kari sadi as she turned off the tv."Gatomon what do you think we saw today?"

"I don't know Kari. But it was some sort of powerful Digimon. We should probably ask Gennai about it later." Gatomon said as she jumped on the couch next to Kari.

"Yeah you're probably right." Kari said looking feverish, and getting off the couch.

"Kari are you feeling okay?" Gatomon looked at Kari with concern.

"Yeah Gatomon I'm f-" Kari fainted on the floor.

Tai was just coming into the room when he saw Kari laying on the floor. "Kari ! Kari! Please wake up!" Tai said fantically.

"What happened?" Mr. Kamiya asked as he saw his daughter lying on the ground.

"I don't know, dad. I think she fainted." Tai said confused.

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