Author's notes: I've stepped over to the slashier side of fandom. Why? Because Percy/Nico is all kinds of awesome, especially if it eventually leads to the trifecta of awesome that is Percy/Annabeth/Nico. This is my first slash fic ever (gasp!), and it's rated M mostly for language and sexuality, but nothing too graphic. I'm probably being too careful about the rating for it.

This was written for the prompt battle being held over at pjo_fic_battle on LiveJournal. Prompt: Percy/Nico, expermintation. It's open to anyone who wants to write and there's well over 150 prompts of various pairings and types to chose from. Links are on my profile page if you're interested!

Disclaimer: I don't own Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

In the Loop

Nico got kept out of loop a lot.

Not because his friends were malicious or liked to see him flail like an idiot for their amusement whenever some new development happened, but usually it was because he was off hunting down souls for dear daddy Hades for months at a time and Iris Message reception was worth jack shit down in the Underworld.

Still, he didn't think he was that far out of the loop that he missed the memo where Percy Jackson, manly hero of Olympus, suddenly started liking guys.

Especially guys who were three years younger (or sixty years older, depending on how you looked at it), pale, and stunk like death most of the time…which would be describing one confused and painfully aroused son of Hades at the moment.

Not that he minded being pinned to the wall and being kissed out of his mind by Percy, but didn't the guy have a girlfriend in Harvard who would slice Nico's balls from his body if she found out he was putting his hands under her boyfriend's shirt to feel up some really nice abs?

It must be this whole college thing, Nico decided as Percy's shirt came off. From what he knew of college, people tended to experiment with a lot of crazy things when they got away from their parents.

Percy was a junior in college now, so maybe he was finally getting around to some experimenting of his own.

Like any good demigod worth his salt, Nico liked experimenting, especially when it yielded excellent results like having Percy's hands in his jeans and on his ass.

He just hoped Annabeth wasn't going to kick both their asses if she found out.

He must've expressed that wish out loud, because Percy chuckled against his neck and said, "This was her idea, Nico. You know how Annabeth likes experiments…"

All right, that settled it.

If he was missing out on sex and potential threesomes, Nico was going to find his way in the loop and build a goddamn house there.