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Itachi was usually straight forward, un-submissive, and known for being one of the most heartless people you would ever get to know if you worked with him. The whole office had been taken into shock that Itachi had come in with a lighter step in his walk and a small smirk here or there without anything causing him to do so, but when he came in on Monday with a smug look on his face, everyone nearly fainted and the ones who were still conscious took cover. Kisame had other plans, although he was still very cautious towards his business partner. "Itachi, are you feeling alright?" The tall blue man asked hesitantly, his eyebrows rose to its highest. "Never better, why do you ask?" Even though his lips were still pressed in a straight line, his eyes smiled sweetly at the fish-like man, something he had never seen before in all of his years knowing and working with the Uchiha.

"You seem…happy." He spit it out as if it were something that was inanely impossible, the raven just shrugging off his words and the word seeming very bizarre yet he took a liking to it. "Yes, yes I am." He nodded his head, Naruto popping into mind as well as the images from the weekend making him want to physically smile, although he suppressed the joy. Not only had they gave the library a meaningful memory but they had put on quite a show the rest of the weekend nonstop to the point where Sunday came all too soon and Itachi hadn't left until Sunday evening. As much as he wished he could show Naruto around his place as well as a good time there in his apartment, there was still his brother to run around. He knew he wouldn't be caught dead in the apartment in the day but he had known that the moment he found out Naruto was going to me in the mile radius of him, he would stay still where he was, which was quite a problem. Speaking of problems…

"Itachi! How was your weekend, un? Keep Naruto all to yourself?" The other blonde he had known to be the most annoying yet brightest thing on the face of the Earth trotted down the open space and straight up to the raven with a knowing smirk on his face. "Yes, we were together all weekend." He said indifferently, wanting not to give himself to anyone but the blonde. For all his co-workers knew, he was just spontaneously happy or probably playing a cruel trick on them; the last thing he needed was for them to find out he was dating someone, let alone doing him in the library. Hmm, the library….

The blue eyes looked him up and down as if trying to pinpoint evidence for the hypothesis he was going to spurt out any moment. "You got laid didn't you, un?" His voice said with undoubted and unaltered certainty. The weasel thought it over for a moment, his eyes quickly scanning around to Kisame and the blonde, the blue man shaking and rolling his eyes as if it were another thing impossible for the raven to accomplish. "Yes I did." He spoke normally, making Deidara squeal with laughter and Kisame's jaw dropping to the floor in disbelief. "Well, I never thought I would say this, but congratulations." The shocked blue man chuckled lightly, patting Itachi on the back. As much as he was in awe that his friend who never specified which sex he preferred had gotten some of what he was missing out on, he was glad that he had someone special to share it with. Itachi simply nodded his head, knowing his friend had the best intentions for saying so.

"It's about time! Where'd you do it, un? In the bed? Under the desk, un? Hmm, un?!" Deidara pressed, inching closer and closer to the weasel, making him suddenly uncomfortable and very self conscious with Naruto popping into his mind. He took a step back with an arched eyebrow, the humor that made everyone run for cover fade away and his eyes averting to Kisame as if to say something to get Deidara away from him and fast. "Er, Deidara, go with Sasori or something." He shooed away the blonde, making the bomber pout and cross his arms. "I want to hear about Itachi's first time!" He spoke a bit too loud, everyone's attention taking a turn towards the now furious Itachi. The dark eyes with torturous intentions made their way towards the onlookers, suddenly making them go back to their work with a nervous grin on their faces. 'That is better…'

"Brat, where the hell have you been? I've been looking for you." Sasori made his presence known in the room, his hand grabbing the blonde's arm with an iron grip and dragging him away from Itachi and Kisame, the redhead having an irritated look on his face. Itachi sighed to himself, his body going rigid suddenly as he felt another pair of eyes watching him. He looked up at Kisame questioningly whom had a unusually large smirk across his face. "So, it was your first time?" He smiled smugly, making the raven scoff and nod his head yes honestly. "Geez, were you aiming for celibacy or what the hell?" He chuckled, running his hand through his midnight blue hair. "No, I just never got around to dating, therefore I never got around to having sexual encounters." He walked down the hallway calmly, the blue man following by his side obediently. "You've never had a hooker or anything?" His curious white eyes met Itachi's, making him shake his head quickly. "Of course not; I'd rather wait another ten years to get laid rather than get an STD." He grimaced, trying to picture someone seducing him…as a woman. He shuddered, wobbling his head and walking on into his office.

"Changing the topic; Have you come up with a way to get my little brother's cell phone yet?" He sat on his chair, swiveling around gracefully to meet with Kisame shutting the door and moving half ways across the room. "I have a plan for it, but we require someone…" He stared hard at the weasel, making him want to squirm and get the larger man to stop it. "We are not bringing Naruto into this at all. Do you understand me?" He raised his eyebrows, Kisame opening his mouth to speak but getting cut off by the raven once more. "We can get it without his help. I don't want him his name dragged through the mud like mine. No Naruto." Kisame sighed, nodding his head yes, wondering if he could get a hold of him secretly. He knew the blonde would probably be willing to help if it was for Itachi's sake, but he would still have to keep a secret from Itachi, their relationship being one of the things Kisame dared not touch.

"I'll go ahead and go in to get his phone. I'll have it for you tomorrow, got it? I need you outside my apartment with a blanket at eight. You need to catch the phone from directly over my window, I'm afraid." The fish nodded his head, wondering if a tambourine would be out of the question. Then again, it would probably bounce back upwards, which was something they didn't want. 'Oh well, it was worth a try.' "Fine, I'll be there. Do I bring another model like his or not?" He asked, already catching on to what the weasel of a partner was thinking: grabbing his phone when he's distracted and replace it with a decoy for then. "No, I already had a copy made of his phone. I was just waiting to use it." He chuckled darkly, wondering what else he could plan out for his vendetta. He was trying to play back even this time, not just for his sake but for Naruto's to repay him for the entire nuisance and misery that his little brother had inflected upon him. Itachi's fingers reached within in pocket within his jacket, fishing out a phone that looked exactly like Sasuke's navy one, scratch marks being precise and the same small dent in the side that he had left there from when his brother had a nervous moment and bit his phone.

"Let's hack into this one first. Have it ready for me later and I'll drop this one off with you so I have no evidence he can convict me of." He threw the phone towards his partner, his graceful blue hands catching it with ease and taking a moment to notice the craftsmanship the weasel had actually put into it. 'Dear god, is that a bite mark…?'

He shook his head furiously with wide eyes, wanting to ignore his partner's precise accuracy on the phone and turned out the office to run over towards Konan and Deidara's office, wondering if either of them would be talented enough to bug into the phone. The blue man fiddled with the phone in his hands, unsure of Itachi's plan actually working out in fluid motion. Sure, the weasel was friggen brilliant and there wasn't anything he couldn't pull off without the slightest amount of effort, although he was competing against his own kind here. As beautiful as the Uchiha's were, they were anything but soft hearted and the people to show sympathy rarely often; their stunning looks being the actual meaning of 'if looks could kill'. He had the utmost faith in Itachi although he was trying to calculate what Itachi had missed: how he would retrieve the phone from Sasuke in the first place. Again, he could just ask Naruto, but it was going against Itachi, one of the last things he wanted to do while he was still alive and appreciated life.

Although he wouldn't be too mad if he would get Naruto to convince Itachi himself…

He fished through his pocket for his own phone, retrieving it quickly and looking through an assortment of contacts that he had probably used only once, finding the main phone number for the library at which Naruto worked at, pressing the red hot painted phone to his ear and allowing it to ring patiently as he slowed his walking pace until he heard the familiar voice answer the phone; the voice he wanted.

"Kohona's Main Branch Library, Naruto speaking."

"Naruto, this is Kisame, Itachi's partner. We met on numerous occasions." The blue man spoke a bit quickly through his name, hoping he was out of earshot for Itachi and anyone else that would rat him out in a minute, but then again, his reputation was just as high (probably a bit under) Itachi's at work, so the people shouldn't give him anything to worry about. He shook his head at the thought of it regardless, knowing that nothing could assure him at this point in the game unless he hung up the phone at that second. Too bad he didn't.

"Ah yes, I remember you! Hello, did you need something?" He almost felt guilty as the boy's tone smoothed out with happiness; Almost.

"Yes, actually. Are you somewhere alone? This is for your ears only." He heard the blonde shuffle through the receiver along with other various noises like the door closing and feminine voices in the background yelling at him along with the footsteps that brought him back to the phone with a cautious tone. "Alright, what is it?" Naruto was praying it wasn't something that brought on terrible news with Itachi. He didn't think he could handle it right then and there or even at all.

"I'm sure Itachi has told you about the case in court that he's dealing with right now, correct?" He heard a small, 'Mm-hmm' reply and continued swiftly. "We're attempting to fight back to win the case, seeing as how Sasuke's playing dirty to get Itachi framed and caught guilty. We need to tap into his phone but we have no way of getting it." He paused hesitantly, then going on with his intentions. "Do you think you would be able to get it from him? We –me as well as the other people you met from our workplace- would be right there covering you and we would make our sole duty to be sure that you don't get a finger laid on you."

Kisame waited anxiously as Naruto bit his lip on the phone, answering with a small sigh, "I think I could get it from him for a while or so. It's going to be tricky though." He ran his fingers through his hair, trying to come up with mental scenarios of how to get into the apartment and sneak his phone away with any talking or eye contact involved, which seemed stupidly impossible. "We can get you in and out safely and with a purpose, but you have got to be extremely careful. Itachi didn't want me pulling you into anything but I don't know how we're going to do this without someone that Sasuke knows personally given the circumstances." Kisame explained, glancing around for a moment, finding no one peeping in on his conversation so far or spotting a man of black and red clad clothes in eyesight.

"It seems like him not wanting me to get involved. Count me in then." He chuckled gently, already seeing the weasel frowning at him with disapproval and shaking his head. "It just needs to be before this weekend; I'm leaving out of town for a few days and I think you guys want this done just as quick as possible."

"You got it! I'm going to give you something later on today and I'll show you how to use it, is that alright?" He questioned, wondering if it would be too odd to have the two of them together without the presence of Itachi. "No, that's fine. I'll be seeing you later then." Naruto jumped at the sound of his pocket vibrating madly, already knowing it was Itachi calling. "Alright, thank you Naruto."

Naruto slammed the phone downwards, his fingers fishing out his phone and quickly flipping it open without looking at the screen and answering 'Hello' as usual, hearing the velvet voice pour out from the receiver. "Hello Naruto," He chuckled, making the blonde melt into his seat, his heart suddenly thumping wildly for the Uchiha. His stomach filled with butterflies that seemed to twist and mutate into ones of horror and nervousness, eating away at his stomach. "Hi Itachi," He tried to keep a smile upwards, getting a bit of practice in before he would actually have to start meeting him face to face. "What are you up to? How do you get to time to call me so often?" He chuckled, making a good attempt at keeping his tone rock steady. "I'm not that busy; I always have time for you." He chortled, the words making the blonde grin sheepishly. "Are you on your break? I don't hear any of the girls in the background today." He smirked, a bit more than proud of the fact that he had seen to Ino and Sakura's pestering coming to an obsolete end. "I get my break in about ten minutes. Oh, did you want to meet up somewhere for lunch?" He questioned, crossing his fingers for a yes, the answer coming all too soon with exactly what he wanted to hear. "That sounds nice. I'll be over at the library in a few minutes." He smiled to himself, getting up from the chair and washing over the expression from his face for the office. They had already gone into shock this morning and quite frankly, he didn't want to break his staff.

"Alright! Agh, wait, let me get out of here!" He groaned, attempting to get out of an avalanche of books, slipping his legs out of the piles expertly and able to side out of the other mazes he had placed around himself. "Are you trapped under a pile of books again?" Damn, he knew Naruto all too well. He laughed onto the receiver, replying, "Of course! With my luck, I managed to get out!" He sprung from under the basement of books and danced his way up the stairs, extremely happy he was going to be able to see Itachi once more. Any time with him made it a special moment, making it even better when they were squeezing each other into the other's schedule. It wasn't all that hard for Naruto, seeing as how he always had an ample amount of helpers there at all times in the library (except when Itachi was there of course), making it even more exciting when he was able to see Itachi during his work time.

"I'll see you right now." He chuckled, the blonde nodding into the phone with a grin. "Alright, bye." He murmured gently, both of them clicking off at the same time, Itachi walking proudly out of the building and into his car, a dance in his step as well to his anxiousness to seeing Naruto.

The grinning blonde marched over to the coat rack, a familiar ringing filling his ears. "Sakura, I'm heading out. I'll be back in an hour." He called out, the blonde popping her head out from the door to another room and nodding her head wordlessly, her face expressionless as she slid back into the room. 'Hmm, that was odd…'

"Hi Naruto,"

The blonde winced at the sound of his name, being spoken with the same boldness Itachi had and being of the same lineage, yet a different person. He hesitantly turned around with coat and keys in his hands to face the ever young Sasuke, looking just as ready for a fight as Naruto was ready to run the hell out of there, feeling his parasympathetic system kicking in suddenly. "Sakura and Ino can help you; I'm off duty." He spoke through clenched teeth with an arched brow. The Uchiha shook his head, placing his hand out in front of him. The memory of Kisame suddenly struck Naruto in the head, remembering his part in helping Itachi. Shit, this was the only way he could get as close to the younger raven without seeming too suspicious.

"I wanted to talk to you for a moment. Do you have time?" The pacific eyes flickered over at the clock, seeing that Itachi would be there in just a matter of minutes. Shit, it was even better knowing he didn't have that much time to work with. How the hell was he going to get his cell phone first of all?

"You have a minute. Go." His eyes darting from Sasuke to the clock impatiently, the Uchiha struggling for words then finally speaking out clearly yet with struggle, "I wasn't lying about my feelings about you. I'm sorry I came on strong, but it's hard knowing my brother of all people is getting to screw-have you. I want another chance, as friends first." Naruto inhaled deeply, his hands shaking on his jacket, feeling something forgein within the pocket. He frowned, his eyes averting from the babbling Sasuke to the content of his pocket, knowing his phone was in his own pocket in his pants along with his iPod. He wanted to smirk for the sudden epiphany of an idea striking. "I don't know if we can be friends if I don't trust you." Sasuke groaned, placing his head in his hands. "What can I do?" He asked quickly, running his fingers through his hair. "Let me see your phone." He held his tanned hand outwards, the pale skinned man eyeing him with confusion. "Why?" He questioned, handing over his phone regardless of the situation, knowing he was in no position to barter with the blonde at this point.

"Do you have my personal number in here?" He raised an eyebrow, Sasuke's eyes averting from his blue ones, his face staying perfectly calm. He turned his back, juggling phones between his hands, successfully deleting his number from his phone book, turning back around to hand back his phone. "I'll give it to you when I'm ready this time." Sasuke nodded his head understandingly, looking back up at the blonde. "Anything else?" He pursed his lips for a moment, nodding his head. "Give me a while to think about it. I'll get back to you later but until then, I need to leave now." He spoke coldly, the younger raven nodding his head once more and allowed Naruto to take his leave outside of the library, Naruto turning his head to see the dark figure still standing there in place, probably wondering what else the blonde was going to concoct. Little did he know he was smiling to himself, as if he had gotten just what he wanted…

The blonde breathed a sigh of relief as he saw the familiar dark colored car come to view and the window rolled down to see none other than the breath taking Itachi. "Get in," He nodded his head gracefully, Naruto following the orders and jumping in quickly, losing all insight of what he had just done and now captivated by his handsome boyfriend. Yes, all his…

"Where do you feel like going?" Itachi questioned in his gentle voice, his eyes gazing over the fixated blonde. "Are you alright?" His voice dropped in concern suddenly, making Naruto blink in surprise and shake his head with a smile. "You were disrupting my train of though." He laughed, making Itachi blush slightly and chuckle slightly as he started the car back up and he drove off straight down to the town. "If that's becoming a problem so soon, we can just skip lunch an eat something else." His eyes trailed downwards from the delicious sun-kissed neck that was just teasing him. Naruto bit his lip, the corners of his lips rising up into a grin. "That sounds better than lunch but I think it'll take longer," he breathed out seductively, trying to see if it tricks were causing Itachi to cave in. Slowly but surely, the raven was melting inside, wanting so desperately to hear those delicious sounds he craved to hear from the blonde only too soon…

"It will, but it'll be worth it," He grinned evilly, clutching into the wheel and pressed on the gas pedal a bit too eagerly. Naruto smiled to himself, enjoying the moments of bliss as they passed by rather quickly, sliced in half as his cell phone vibrated within his pocket, making Itachi pull his eyebrows together in question. Not that many people but him knew his personal number…

Naruto fished his phone out from his pocket, his heart beat raced a bit quicker and a small inhale of breath was sharper than usual. He wanted to crawl back into the library, however, he didn't have the advantage of being alone at the moment. He sighed as he pressed ignore to Kisame's call and placed the phone back into his pants pockets, Itachi's voice startling him more than it should have. "Who was it?" His voice was full of pure honesty and curiosity, even though the desire to know who would know his number other than him would be. He could get a bit possessive with his blonde every now and then, but it was a blood line trait shown through all the Uchiha's.

A cold sweat ran over him quickly, his conscious juggling with the different options and ways to answer his lover. He could lie to Itachi, which was the ONE thing he wanted to avoid most of all, or tell the truth and have what he was looking forward to ruined by a couple of words…These two were defiantly not his favorite choices. He honestly wanted to tell him the truth but didn't want to know the outcome…

"It was Kisame." He answered blandly as possible, sounding as if it were no big deal, watching the dark colored eyebrows rise in a questioning manner. "How did he get your number?" The blonde shrugged his shoulders, thinking over for a moment. "Maybe the card I gave you when I first met you. Remember?" He smiled, making Itachi's worries fade away quickly, remembering the confusion the small blonde haired boy had brought upon him and how much he just wanted to hold him with him wanting the same thing. He shook his head, a bit angry letting himself slip away so easily.

"Hn, what did he want?" Naruto winced at the 'hn', always meaning it was a bad thing when used in that tone. He had probably said 'hn' to him a total of three or two times in the whole time period they had been dating, making the blonde a bit more nervous than he should have been. Naruto shifted in his seat, turning to face Itachi almost fully. "I was helping out with your case." Itachi's face dropped as well as the brake. He pulled over to the side of the road, looking at the blonde with a blank stare on his face. "I wanted to help you but you don't give me anything to do…so I got offered to help and I did."

"What did you do?" He asked out of clenched teeth. He was angry beyond angry. He didn't understand why Kisame couldn't keep HIM of all people out of his business. Naruto knew what was going on and he accepted it, the big obstacle being jumped over already, although it wasn't necessary for him to get involved. Especially when it involved his little brother; the same one who had his eyes open to HIS boyfriend. "I just switched Sasuke's phone." He replied innocently, the name upsetting the raven even more. "What happened with Sasuke?" His eyes narrowed, making the blonde wince. "Nothing! I swear, nothing happened; I just asked him for his phone, switched them quickly and gave him the new one. After that, I left outside and you were there!" He held his hands up defensively. "Don't get involved in this, even again." Itachi shook his head, the possibilities of rape and any other cruel things Sasuke could do entering his mind and taunting him.

"Itachi, I want to help." He frowned. "I know I'm not the strongest or the brightest, but I still want to help you beat Sasuke and get this case over and done with."

"I can't risk letting you get involved in this at all Naruto. Do you know what kind of danger you'll put yourself in just talking to my little brother? I would rather you don't do it for mine and your sake. I don't want to see something happen to you." He frowned suddenly, making nod his head understandingly. "Alright, but I'm still helping. I'm risking to risk myself if it's for you."

Itachi smiled to himself gently, getting the car back on the road and heading off to somewhere to eat, having lost his energy to sit up straight without having to think of his little brother torturing Naruto and anything else related to the topic. For that moment of emotions blurring everywhere to almost cause him to go blind had hurt, confused and done so many other things to him that were unexplainable, something he had never felt before. He smiled once more, his hand snaking down to Naruto's and snatching it within his, realizing it was all of love's fault.

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