HaNeul: Yep, changed the pen name.

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HaNeul: *sweat-drops* Anyways, this is another story, I know that I have yet to finish the Naruto one, but a friend and I were doing a Vampire Knight RP and I thought that this would be a great fic; granted, it's still a bit rough around the edges since most RPs have repetitive beginnings in a post and aren't quite as detailed as fan-fictions..

Shin'ya: Get on with it woman... *scowls*

HaNeul: *Shoots a glare at the other* Some friend you are.. ANYWAYS, this can be seen as a preview of an upcoming fan-fiction, so.. yeah.. Also, I have added and edited the original posts from the RP so that it will make more sense.

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This fanfiction contains yaoi, OOC..ness, and is slightly AU, if you don't like it, then gtfo my internet!
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Ch. 1:

It was dusk and a looming building could be seen on the horizon. In front of the building, there was an iron gate. The gate seemed stable enough, despite how old it looked. After one looked past the beauty of the landscape, their eyes would fall onto a rather large group of chattering females, and perhaps a few males; looking further on, one would see two teenagers with arm bands trying to push the group away from a path that led to and from a large school like building, the path then made it's way to the gates. One of the students trying to keep the crowd in check looked down at his wrist, only a few more minutes until they came chattering seemed to grow louder as the minutes passed. These girls were always so annoying to the silver haired teen. He crossed his arms as he stood there, taking secretive glances at Yuuki as they waited for the night class. Said girl appeared to be oblivious, of course.

When the doors opened, the eruption of squeals and sighs assaulted his ears and he growled softly, scanning the sea of girls. It was always like this when it was time for the night students to head to the school building, and it annoyed the silver haired teen to no end. The night class students made their way out of the dormitories, some looked annoyed whilst others impassive. Kaname Kuran had the latter of the two facial expressions on his pale face. He gave a mental sigh before steeling himself so that the squealing the female students made wouldn't hurt his ears too much. One of the female night class students, Ruka, walked behind Kaname, sending him a wistful look. The brown haired male looked over at where the two 'guardians' were. His eyes traveled to Yuuki, resting on her for a few seconds before his optical devices looked over to find the silver haired male, Zero. He frowned a bit, he knew about the secret the male was trying to hide from everyone, and it seemed to him that the silver haired teen was trying to hide the fact from even himself, it was pathetic really, Zero, in his mind, should just come to terms with the 'change' he has and had been experiencing. He slowly shook his head, not wanting to ponder the 'stupidity' of the 'guardian' any longer. Zero eyes immediately focused on Kaname once he was in his field of vision, brows furrowed when he realized he was watching Yuuki, the older male also seemed to look somewhat smug when he was looked to. His eyes narrowed slightly and he simply stared back bravely, almost in challenge, silently wondering why the other, arrogant, male was looking at him in such a smug manner. He scowled a bit when he thought about his secret, maybe that was what that look was all about. Kaname stared at Zero before he smirked a bit, his brown eyes gleaming in the moonlight before he closed them and faced forward, heading to the school building. Ruka frowned at the small exchange between vampire and vampire hunter, she glared at Zero before following Kaname.

Kaname stood slowly, it seemed as if the class hours were becoming longer and longer. He pondered on the thought for a few minutes before he began to make his way out the school room and building. His thoughts turned dark as a small frown graced his face. He needed to speak to Zero about his inability to contain his blood lust, he didn't want his precious Yuuki in harm's way. Once out of the building, he started to search for the last member of the Kiryuu clan, the urge to confront the other male was becoming strong.

At that moment, Zero was walking around the school grounds, making sure that none of the day class students were out and about. It had been a few hours since he had excused himself from Yuuki's presence, the last conversation he had with the petite girl had stirred that horrible feeling in him again, and he thought it best to leave her and not speak with her until the next stopped and leaned against a tree, heaving a sigh and closed his eyes for a moment. He didn't know what to do about the blood lust, he had drank from Yuuki ocassionally, but he didn't want that anymore, he didn't want to be dependent on her or her blood. He opened his eyes a bit, especially her blood. As the young ex-human was thinking these thoughts, Kaname happened to spot him. The class president of the night class started to approach the ex-hunter, he then stopped a few feet ahead of the teen and waited to be acknowledged, one such as his self would not startle a vampire hunter, less he wanted to risk his life. A few seconds had passed and Zero's purple eyes finally opened, widening as a barely audible gasp left him when he saw that the other had approached him. He frowned and brushed it off, trying to look as if he hadn't been taken by surprise at all.

"What do you want?" He asked in a rather hostile manner.

'If he were a cat, his fur would be erect and his claws would be out.' Kaname thought, hiding a smirk and swallowing a chuckle. He opened his mouth and started to speak. "I came here with a proposition in mind.. in order to keep Yuuki-chan safe.." He started before taking a few steps forward; albeit, they were slow and cautious, almost as if he were trying to approach an injured animal. For a reason that Zero couldn't place, the statement that came from the pure-blood's lips caused a quiet panic within him. He wanted to take a step back, but the tree was there.

"And what would that be?" he questioned, keeping his gaze and posture strong. Kaname looked at him before sighing and opening his mouth in order to speak once more.

"I will allow you to... feed from me... so long as you no longer take blood from Yuuki.." He said softly. He opened his mouth once more, this time his gaze was on Zero. "Does that sound acceptable to you, Kiryuu, Zero-kun..?"