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Um... I kind of can't update at the moment because... well... you see... I'm in Korea.

And I'll be here until December 7. OTL
It was a last minute thing pretty much... the conversation was kind of like...

Mom: Do you want to go to Korea for 3 months?
Me: . . . for what?
Mom: To see family and study there to learn Korean.
Me: . . . when?
Mom: End of August to December.
Me: But... AWA... I already paid for my ticket and everything. .-.;
Me: I'll think about it... =3=
Mom: Okay, good. :)

- Go to work the next day -

Mr. Kim: Did you think about going?
Me: . . . =_= No. Not yet...
Mr. Kim: Well, you're going. I paid for the ticket, you'll be leavnin September 22. :D
Me: - WHAT?
Mr. Kim: /regrets nothing

- Go home -

Mom: So, did you think about it?
Me: =_= YOU. Mr. Kim gave me no choice.
Mom: Do you want me to talk to him? /slightly upset over the fact that her daughter's decision was not her decision
Me: /exasperate sigh. No, it's okay... I'll go... =3=
Mom: Oh! YAY! We'll go shopping! And you can get ready to go! /skips out all smiles

- End my inner flashback -

. . . some of that is open to interpretation . . .
So, yeah... sorry guys. OTL
But, in the end, I'm happy. I've made tons of new friends... andthere'saguyIlikeherehe'ssocuteandniceandsweet. Haha.
But... young. No me gusta. =_=

Que Sera Sera. (I think I've learned more Spanish than Korean here? My room mate is from Columbia and there are a lot of Spanish speakers here... and Russians... it... confuses me. Only two other students are from the states... and another one from a territory. Guam.)

Anyways, it'll probably take me a while to write a new chapter because... my English has, more or less, declined into FOB country. OTL
... "perfect"English... my words are all choppy and stuff... again, no me gusta.

Well, this is a pretty long Update, sooooo... anyonnnnnnnnnnng~! I love you guys who still review this story and favourite it! ILOVEYOUGUYSSOHARD! 3