Ronnie and Danny

"Brendon! Vanessa! Come on you're going to be late!" Ronnie called up the stairs. Outside the house, she could see a few cameras flashing and she frowned and shook her head. Ever since Danny had been in the lasted "James Bond" film, the family had constantly been hounded by the paparazzi and Ronnie could not stand it. She couldn't even leave the house to take her two children to school without being bombarded with questions and having microphones shoved in her face. "Brendon! Vanessa! Get down here now!" She called again. Ten-year-old Brendon and four-year-old Vanessa came running down the stairs, school bags in hands.

"Ready mummy!" Vanessa said with a huge grin on her face.

"You excited about your first day?" Ronnie asked, buttoning Vanessa coat and handing Brendon his.

"Yes mummy! Bden told me all about school! He said that if you're naughty then you have to go to time out but I'm not going to go to time out because I'm a good girl!" Ronnie laughed and Danny came rushing into the room.

"Hey babe, guess what!?" He asked running up to Ronnie and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"What?" she asked smiling.

"I jut got a call from these people at the record company Claudine's at, and they want me to record an album!" He said.

"Oh… does that mean you have to fly over there?" Ronnie said her face falling.

"No, no 'cause of the movie, they said they can come over here!"

"Oh well then that's brilliant!" Ronnie squealed. "Right, come on you two, you'll be late for school." Ronnie pulled on her coat and gingerly opened the door. She ushered the two children out the door, hiding their and her faces from the flashing cameras. When they finally made it to the car, they got in and slumped down in their seats. Ronnie started the engine and they drove of without looking back. As much as she hated the paparazzi following her everywhere, she couldn't help but be extremely proud of Danny. And of herself. After everything that they had been through, the whole accidental baby shenanigan, the bone marrow problem and the whole Jez being Brendon's father incident, she could barely believe they had stayed together so long. But, she guessed, that's what true love is. Together through everything, bad and good.