Dom dumped his duffel bag in the room where he'd found her dogtags and sat on the bed, kicking off his boots and tugging off his socks, wanting nothing more than to crawl under the covers and sleep forever. He knew that he couldn't though, he had to tell Leon about Jesse, only then could he rest. His eyes went to the open door, seeing Leon in the kitchen across the hall grabbing a beer from the fridge. He rose and went through to join Leon, getting himself a beer along the way and followed him out to the deck, taking a seat next to him.

Leon was the first to speak. "What happened to your shoulder?"

"A train." Dom stated simply, causing Leon to look at him in confusion but he didn't care to clarify the point. "How has she been doing?" He asked, looking to the shed where his girl was still sleeping soundly.

"She's been alright. She was pretty banged up so I took her to the nearest hospital when we crossed the border," Leon saw Dom's eyes narrow at the thought, "we were careful, we used aliases don't worry, they won't trace it back to us." He turned to face Dom. "Where are Mia and Jesse?" He asked curiously, having noticed Dom was obviously on his own.

"Good." Dom nodded, taking a long drink of his Corona, his eyes cast out to the ocean. "Listen man...Jesse came back to the house before Mia and I left..." He sighed deeply at what he had to tell him, not sure how his friend would react. "Tran followed him and he...Jesse got shot. Real bad."

"What?!" Leon shook his head adamantly. "Just how bad are we talking here? Come on man, spit it out!" He was standing now, looking down at Dom, his eyes boring into Dom's face, hope shining in them that his brother was okay.

Dom pulled his eyes from the water and looked at him. "He's dead." The words caught in his throat as he spoke them, the hard reality of it hitting him. Speaking those words made it real, he couldn't hope that it was all a big mistake anymore. The next thing he knew he was hauled to his feet, the beer slipping from his grasp and smashing onto the deck, soaking his feet.

"You were supposed to find him and take him down here! You were supposed to protect him!" Leon yelled in his face, his fists clenched around Dom's shirt, glaring up at him. "You promised!" Dom didn't move when he saw him pull back his fist to punch him, his jaw receiving the brunt of the blow. He winced and reached up to rub it when Leon shoved him back. He saw the hurt and betrayal in the other man's eyes, the accusations behind them and he just nodded. He already blamed himself, for everything.

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry? Sorry?!" Leon kept yelling, causing Dom to cringe, he'd never seen him so angry. "Sorry won't bring my brother back asshole!" He made a move to punch him again but Dom reached out and stopped him this time, gripping Leon's wrist tightly.

They stared at each other for a minute before Leon wrenched his arm away and stormed inside. Dom sighed again, rubbing his hands over his face before he looked down, feeling the beer soaking his feet before he moved back into the kitchen. He walked into the hallway and frowned, seeing Leon in his room pulling a duffel bag from under the bed and opening drawers. He stepped into the door way.

"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Leon snapped with a look.

"Leon, you can't leave man. We're a team, we need to stick together." He argued, not liking that in a matter of days his team was shattered. Jesse was dead, Vince was in the hospital, his sister was staying behind to arrange Jesse's burial and now his friend was leaving him too. He only hoped that Letty would stick by him.

Leon zipped up the duffel bag when he was done and shoved passed Dom, heading for the door. "Screw the team."

Dom didn't know what else to say, he didn't really blame for Leon for wanting to leave but it didn't hurt any less to see another team member lost. He watched Leon drive away and sighed heavily, moving to sit on the porch, his head in his hands.

He wasn't sure how long he stayed like that but the next thing he heard was the creek of the shed doors and his head snapped towards it and his stomach dropped at what he saw. It was worse than he had expected, worse than what Leon had made it seem and he stood quickly to go to her. He reached out to steady her, not liking the way she was limping and struggling to walk. Letty gave him a grateful smile and he couldn't help but smile back. Dom walked her over to the porch and eased her to sit down, his eyes trailing over her fully.

He noticed the cuts on her leg and arms, marring the normally beautiful bronze glow of her skin but what worried him most was the tight bandage that showed from the loose halter top she was wearing, wrapped tight around her ribs. He could tell that was what was making it difficult for her to walk and even breathe from the looks of it. He stared down at her, not sure what to say but was comforted slightly when she rested her head on his shoulder and took his hand in hers, lacing their fingers together.

"I knew you would come." She stated simply but he furrowed his brows at her voice, she sounded so tired.

"I couldn't leave you, you know that." He replied, kissing the top of her head and wrapping his arm around her shoulders. He felt her nod slightly.

"Where did Leon go?" She asked curiously, the car leaving having woken her.

Dom groaned, what was he supposed to say? "He left."

"What do you mean? To the store or something?" Letty lifted her head so that she could look at him.



He cringed at the tone of her voice, knowing that she sensed something was up. "I don't want to talk about it right now Lett, I'm tired." It was a cop out and they both knew it but he didn't want to upset her right now. He just wanted to spend some time together before they had to figure out their next step.

Letty didn't like the answer but she accepted it, for now, too tired to argue with him. She settled her head back on his shoulder, giving his hand a squeeze when feeling the tension in him. He gave her the smallest smile before resting his head on hers, silence washing over them.