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Dom waited until she was gone before slipping the covers off and moving to the bureau on the far wall and opened the top drawer, fishing around for what he wanted. He didn't have much in there; a few tshirts and some boxers, some jeans. Truth was he wasn't planning on staying in LA for much longer. It was too dangerous here for him. The cops would eventually come for him if he didn't keep moving. He was sure they had caught him crossing the Mexican border into the States. Not to mention, he was going to find the person that had killed Letty and return the favor. But having his sister have to sneak around so much to see him made him uneasy, so the sooner he was out of there the better.

Mia still spent most of her time at the house and overlooking their store. The FBI had seized the garage and torn it apart looking for clues to Dom's whereabouts, and the goods, after the last truck heist. Though it was back in Mia's possession, with no one to work there, she'd closed it down permanently and only went there to tend to the team's cars that they had left behind. She spent her nights here in the scrapyard house on the hill. She would wait until the cops did their hourly drive by the house then slip out of the window in the basement and head down the lane behind their house to where she parked the car registered in their aunt's name. She would drive there and be back before morning so the cops could witness her leaving the house as if she had been there the whole night.

He wasn't sure how his sister learned to be so sneaky, just like he wondered how she had gotten so tough. Dom appreciated her efforts though. He knew he needed her close whilst he grieved over Letty and he wanted to be there so she could grieve her friend too. It wouldn't last much longer though. She seemed to be doing well with O'Conner by her side, so he could slip back underground soon.

Dom's hand finally found what he was looking for and the cool metal against his fingertips made his shoulders sag even deeper. He pulled Letty's dogtags out of the drawer and stared at them. This was how he knew she was really dead. There was just no way she would leave them behind if she was still alive somehow. They meant too much to her. He rummaged in the drawer some more and pulled out his cross. He couldn't bear to wear it yet. The inscription on the back felt like it burned his chest whenever he tried. It accused him, mocked him. Shamed him. He'd promised her forever then left. How could he possibly hang her declaration of love around his neck and stand proud again? His eyes returned to the dogtags and his mouth curved into a sad smile.

He was giddy, and Dominic Toretto was never giddy.

His eyes trailed up to the clock, reading that it was 4:56. Four more minutes, he thought. Letty had been at the community college all day and he had missed her terribly. He was so proud though, that she'd decided to go that he'd practically bought out the whole campus store so the house was filled with Razorback memorabilia.

It was hard being a man down at the garage for the two days she would have classes but it was worth it and he encouraged her and helped her pick the classes she was taking. Her major was going to be in Mechanics, of course, but she was also taking electives in Psychology as well as English Literature. The fact Letty was such a bookworm still amused him. Finding her in their room, propped against the headboard with her nose in a book or a magazine was becoming a common occurrence, but he was still often surprised.

Everyone usually considered only Mia to be book smart, but Letty was smarter than people gave her credit for. She read everything. For her Christmas, she had asked for a subscription to Scientific America, to which Vince had obliged. It was like she couldn't absorb enough information about the world and he loved that about her; loved watching her nose crinkle as she considered a debate on cold fusion on MPR or the way her brows furrowed as she scrutinized a diagram of an atom bomb. He'd once joked she was a Russian spy and would take everyone out in a nuclear explosion. She'd rolled her eyes then they'd both laughed at the smirk that she couldn't stop playing on her lips.


Two more minutes, then he would see her. That is, if she was on time. Normally he would expect her a few minutes late, more like ten, but he had told her that it was important so he was hoping that she would meet him on time. He felt his heart pounding already. "Come on Toretto, get a grip of yourself…" Dom muttered, trying to stop himself from acting like an excited teenager. He turned back to the car he was working on but couldn't help himself glancing up at the clock in hope.


"Whatcha doin'?"

Dom jumped at the husky voice brushing his ear right behind him. He frowned, turning and looked at her in confusion. "I never saw you come in."

"That's because I came through the back. It's easier for me to come through the back after school. Otherwise I have to drive all the way around the block." She told him with a shrug but he had stopped listening. Instead, his eyes were taking in the new feature on her face. He reached forward and pulled the glasses off her face, chuckling at the way she scrunched her nose and slipped them on. His vision blurred a little and he smirked.

"Baby, why didn't you ever tell me you were blind?" He teased and handed them back after a minute.

"Shut up. You know I wear lenses, jackass." Letty smacked his arm and put her glasses back on. Dom nodded a little, he knew but he usually forgot because he rarely saw her in her glasses. "Anyway, what is so important that you just had to have me here at 5? And, you know, I'm early." She grinned at him, reaching back to pull her hair up from her face, securing it into a ponytail as some strands stuck to her cheek from the warmth of the garage.

His hand came up to brush the locks behind her ear and he leaned in to kiss his girlfriend. "I have a surprise for you."

"Ooh, surprise eh? Do share, papi." She encouraged, already taking his hand and tugging on it lightly. "Is it bigger than a breadbox?" She joked.


"It is? Well, come on, show me!" Letty's smile was contagious and he glanced at the clock once more.


"Okay, come on, it's out front." He pulled her towards the garage door and nodded to Vince and Leon as he went. They smirked knowingly back at him, having helped him with his surprise for Letty. Dom pulled her towards something covered in a large tarp. He took a corner of the tarp and handed it to Letty. "Alright, baby, take a look."

She looked at him with big excited eyes. "Ooh, this is just like the first time we had sex and I pulled back your boxers to find a big surprise."

"Lett…" He groaned but chuckled at her knack of bringing everything back to sex. "Just pull back the damn tarp will you?"

"Yeah, you said the same thing back then too." She laughed and felt him nudge her. "Okay, sorry!" Letty laughed and curled the tarp in her fist, glancing at him before she pulled it off what was hiding beneath it. Her eyes bugged out and she stared. "Dom…You got me a wreck. This is so romantic." She teased, but she could see even from the mangled car parts that the engine block was still intact and that it was going to have some serious power behind it. "I don't know what to say, this is amazing."

Dom watched her walk around the beat up old Nissan and beamed with pride at his ability to surprise her. He stepped forward after a minute and wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his chin on her shoulder. "I take it you like it?"

"Understatement. This is unbelievable. Thank you…" She leaned back in his arms and sighed happily.

"You're more than welcome. Harry is under strict instructions to give you whatever you need to fix this baby. You up for the challenge?"

"You bet your ass papa." She smirked, turning her head to kiss the corner of his mouth before something caught her eye in the front of the car. Letty tugged out of his arms gently and stepped back to the car, crouching into the driver's window and reaching up to the rearview mirror.

"What is that?" Dom asked curiously, folding his arms across his chest as he watched her pull what looked like a chain out of the car.

Letty shrugged and held it up, watching the dogtags dangle from the chain and smiled. "I think they belonged to the owner of the car? James T. Doyle. Huh, looks like you two share the same birthday too, that's cool."

"Should we try and send them back?"

"Nah, I think we should keep them. I mean, if they were important enough, why would they be in a wrecked car? Besides," Letty continued, slipping the dogtags around her neck before stepping back into his arms and kissing his lips, "when I don't have the car, I'll have these to remind me of how amazing you are."

Dom cocked his head with a smirk. "Well, when you put it like that…." He muttered against her lips before deepening their kiss.