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Title: Repairs and Repercussions
Author: Tsumi
Rating: teen
Warnings: violence, possible slash, and possible character death, possible OOC.
Pairings: pending
Synopsis: The battle in Mission city ended the war or did it? What will happen to the Autobots and their new human allies? And what is happening to Sam?

(hello everyone i have redone most of this story so please bear with me and i hope t flows better, thanks yuuzai for your help )

Part 1: It's the end of the world as we know it

In the aftermath of the battle they transported everything back from the damaged city; the Autobots, the remains of the Decepticons and everything in-between. The remaining cons; the pair of them were on ice, in the center of the convoy weaving down the road towards Hoover Dam.

The area was by no means secure, but they worked with what they had; their medic getting work on his comrades' injuries. It would have been easier to accomplish if he wasn't plagued by the native species underfoot.

At least the young humans were in the hands of their own medics. Samuel had gone under protest; he'd wanted to stay with Bumblebee. The scout however, was not going anywhere until his legs were repaired; although he did seem worried about the boy. Ratchet ignored the younger bot's reservations and set to work.


In other parts of the Dam, it was business as usual. The remaining agents of Sector Seven and the few uninjured soldiers worked to round up the newest batch of sentient machines, many of which reacted like frightened children. The few that didn't attacked with a vengeance and were neutralized just as quickly. In the end it was Agent Reggie Simmons that found himself in charge of the little machines and the tow truck being hailed as a hero for helping the boy's Camaro.

Thankfully they'd allowed themselves to be herded away to the recesses of the Dam. Currently six small machines were huddled under the protective stance of a larger robot in the remains of the Iceman chamber. The larger bot had been a Mountain Dew vending machine, until his awakening, some of his team had affectionately dubbed the creature DewBot despite their superior's misgivings. Also among the collection was the battered white tow truck and a large grey vehicle that had once been an assault craft. They watched the agents warily, protective of the much smaller members of their kind. Simmons shuddered under their gaze and stayed out of their way. He'd had enough angry robots for a lifetime.

"What do we do with them sir?" An agent asked, watching the newborn robots with trepidation. They were nothing like the radiation born monsters they'd had experience with.

To be honest Reggie wasn't sure what to do with them, but as long as they remained there, away from civilians, it was fine. To be fair they hadn't done anything, well anything aggressive. They were much like the somewhat peaceful Autobots. The only noticeable difference between the newly spawned robots and their Cybertronian counterparts were their eyes, each new alien had purple eyes. Well, all except for the weird little thing with golden eyes. Reggie would have loved to get a better look at it, but it was holed up on the back of the Tow truck. Reggie didn't recognize it from there sweep of the Mission city wreckage. They hadn't grabbed that one had they? He couldn't remember anymore, too much excitement. He shrugged and turned back to the agent who'd addressed him.

"Just watch them, but do nothing for now; they're not a threat," he told them and went to see how their fellow humans were doing. He almost hoped they would do something, anything to show their true colors. After so many years of keeping an eye on the silent NBE-1 and the cube, all of these moving robots gave him the creeps.


Up in the Dam's medical bay, the humans who'd been dragged into the robotic conflict were being thoroughly examined. The boy's hands were bandaged heavily as was his torso; Mikaela was talking with him quietly. The soldiers across the room were covered in dust and debris, congratulating their captain on bringing down the thing that had attacked the base in Qatar. Upon Simmons' entrance however they grew quiet eying him warily. They didn't know whether to trust him, but then he felt the same, they were good men, but they all had their own agendas.

"Hey, Agent Simmons," Glen called out, he and Maggie were talking with Secretary Keller as the doctors bandaged his minor wounds.

"How are the others?"

"Good, they're good," He said with a nod. "Is everyone here okay?"

"We're fine, clean bill of health. In fact only one of us is in any bad shape."

As he spoke they all spared a glance in Witwicky's direction. The young man looked pale as a sheet, but then he had not only run from thirty feet of nightmare fuel and fallen off a building; he had shoved the one thing the Autobots had come for into the chest of a monster. No wonder he had bandages all over his chest and arms; from the look of it, his skin was red and angry beneath them.

"I'm fine. Just a few burns," the boy said simply. "I'm fine." He insisted as the others scrutinized him incredulously.

"As fine as any young man who faced down the largest, nastiest piece of work the universe has to offer can be I guess." Mikaela teased him with a smile. He smiled back, still unsure of their relationship.

"So when can I see my parents?" The teen asked. Simmons had to smile. All of this running and fighting and the first things the boy asks about are his parents. He had been expecting him to bother him about the Camaro again, but the boy had to have seen that ambulance dragging that yellow thing off.

"Soon, Tom should be getting them cleared soon." Secretary Keller told him, looking away from his conversation and his two new employees.

As if summoned by their words, three adults entered the clinic and the woman threw herself at Sam, hugging him close, examining him as any worried mother would. It was not hard to miss the bruises and scratches he'd gotten in the last fight. He just hoped he could talk her into believing it was not as bad as it looked.

"My baby! Are you alright? They told us such fantastic things and- What the hell happened to your hands?"

The bandages looked far worse than the other injuries. He also looked like he hadn't slept in days and was a mess.

"Hi mom, um, they kinda got burned."

Not a lie, they had been burned, just not by the kind of fire a human could make. "I'm fine, mom. Really, I'm fine."
"Sam what's going on?" his father asked. He looked unimpressed and hardly believed half the things they'd been told while in the holding room.

"It's a long story." he told them, not sure what he was allowed to say. He looked at Agent Banachek as spoke.
"We've already explained about your friends." Tom Banachek told him, nodding slightly to the young man telling him it was fine.

"Oh good. Wait everything?" He asked quietly, unsure whether to be relived or terrified. He really did not want to explain they'd bought an alien as a car.

"Most of it." The man nodded. He knew little about these Autobots as of yet, but he hoped to talk to them as they sounded fascinating.

Sam's father broke the silence, distracting his son from the so called secret agent. "Sam, is your car really alien?" His tone was one of disbelief and the teen was hardly surprised. He still had trouble believing his car was really an alien robot.

"We really got a deal on that." He admitted soft, before nodding to his parents. "I mean a giant alien robot should be way more then four thousand dollars. The insurance premiums will never go up, He's smart, he's got a great sense of humor and he's my friend." he said quickly.

"You're kidding right?" The man frowned. This whole aliens and robots and intergalactic wars thing was stretching things

"No. I'm serious." He looked around. "We could probably go see him, if Ratchet's done fixing him."

"Ratchet?" his mother asked confused.

"Well, there are five of- I guess, four of them now." He said, suddenly remembering Jazz. Ratchet had said he might be able to fix him on the ride back to the dam, but that seemed like ages ago. "Like a doctor, I think they said he was their chief medical officer."

"I'm not sure if that's wise; their medic seems kinda violent." Simmons began.

Sam shot him a look. As much help as the man had been he still had not forgiven him for what had happened to Bumblebee.

"Actually, I believe I need a word with Optimus Prime, their leader, anyway. Come along son, let's go see your friends," Secretary Keller said, heading for the door.

"Okay." Sam followed him trailed by his parents, Mikaela, Agents Simmons and Mr. Banachek. After a moment Maggie and Glenn behind, their hands linked at their sides.


Most of the damage was repaired and Ratchet had turned his focus to the unmoving Jazz. Even if he was gone he intended to give their comrade as much dignity as they could. They owed that much to the second in command who had stood by them for so long as an officer and longer as Optimus' friend. He only hoped he could repair the worst of the damage before any other Autobot landed. He shuddered to think if one in particular arrived any time soon. So involved in his work Ratchet did not see the recent additions to the room, namely the arrival of the humans. The other Autobots did however and the youngest of them perked up immediately.

As soon as he saw Sam, Bumblebee went for the entrance examining him all over. He had been flexing his little doorwings in an unconscious gesture of uneasiness since he had regained enough of himself to realize where they were being repaired. Even with most of the equipment gone, he knew enough to be nervous. He was the room where they had held him and he didn't like it one bit. As soon as he'd been repaired he'd been trying to get Ratchet to let him go find Sam just so he could leave the room. That boy had gotten him out of there once, he could do it again. Reprieve had come for the medic in the form of the humans. And Bumblebee, despite his location couldn't have been happier. Sam noticed as well and crossed the space, worried for his friend too.

"Sam, are you alright?" the mech asked, ignoring the others.

He was not trustful of the S7 agents where his human friends were concerned. He knew Mikaela was fine and the other humans looked to be in better shape than his charge that he had been unable to protect in the most critical moments.

"I'm fine Bee. Umm, these are my parents. Mom, Dad, this is Bumblebee. He's kinda my guardian," he introduced as Keller approached Optimus.

Sam noticed the flexing of Bee's doors, wing like things which might have been a possible clue to the origin of his name. He'd seen it before, and hoped that the bot was okay, they stopped moving as he turned to the two adults and Sam found that he relaxed too. He could ask about the significance later, his car was meeting his parents.

"Hello." Ronald Witwicky stared up at the yellow mech that was his son's friend and car. He had not believed the men when they had told him about the aliens or even the footage he'd seen. Now looking up at one he was sure this was real and that he'd bought his son way more than just a car. He swallowed hard and held out his hand.

"Nice to meet you Bumblebee." He greeted, though he was small among his own kind Bumblebee still towered over the humans.

"My pleasure Mr. Witwicky." The mech answered holding out a hand and the man shook one finger.

"You are really the car?" Judy asked. This little yellow guy seemed nice and certainly cared enough for her son to worry about him. He seemed like such a nice little car/ robot.

"Yes, I could demonstrate," his voice crackled slightly as his vocal processor was only recently repaired.

"No, no. That's okay." she was sure there was more than they were telling them, like about Sam's hands or what happened in Mission City and why Sam had been there in the first place.

"You could go elsewhere to talk." Ratchet grumbled. "You all are functioning."

"Of course, old friend we will go." Optimus said and the others left, splitting off. Sam and Mikaela along with his parents and Bumblebee went off one way. Keller and his new assistants as well as Optimus went another. Ironhide, grumbled about nothing in particular, went to find a quiet place to recharge.


"Sam, when exactly are they going to let us go home?" Ron asked taking a sip of the soda he was nursing. He didn't like being in a government facility around all of these alien machines.

"Soon, I'm sure once everything is in place, though you know Bee's coming with us?" the boy pointed out motioning towards the bot.

"Well, he is your car." He said looking back at the yellow mech that followed close behind the small group of humans. Sam sighed aloud.

"And my friend." It might take awhile to convince them he was an intelligent being after all.

"Yes, dear." His mom wasn't too comfortable either, but he was not about to leave Bee.

"So, what exactly happened to your hands Sam?" his mother asked, changing the subject. There was fear in her voice and she glanced at the mech behind them

Sam railed for an answer and his gaze flickered to Mikeala.

"They got burned." She announced solemnly.

Sam found his voice with the flicker of blue optics. "There was a fire and it got my hands. That's all. A few days of bandages ointment and I'll be fine, barely second degree. Nothing to worry about."

He looked back at Mikaela and smiled weakly as she nodded.

"Yeah, he's gonna be fine. I mean it was Bee that got hurt after they separated them." Mikaela jumped in, hoping to get them to not be so leery of the bot in question. She thought he was a nice guy, and he cared for Sam even if he was under orders to protect him.

"He did?" Both adults looked to the Autobot. He seemed so bouncy and yellow, nothing like the hulking machines his companions seemed to be.

"Yeah, but he still there to protect Sam and he was great. Weren't you, Bee?" she asked the small mech, smiling as she patted his leg.

"I do not think Ratchet would agree; he kept grousing the whole time he was repairing myself and Ironhide," the yellow mech told her.

Catching on to her plan he tried to look solemn. His doorwings would have given the game away if the older humans had known how to read them like his companions did. He could simply not keep them still. He really wished he had listened to Prowl more on the subject.

"Well, that's Ratchet. Even though I've only known him for a day, it's clear he's a bit grumpy." Sam told him.

"He is as he has always been," the little mech said.

Ratchet had his reasons for being so grumpy. Bumblebee hoped two of those reasons would be arriving once Optimus called for them like he planned. That should perk the medic up a little so he hoped.

They came to the N.B.E-01 chamber and Sam looked in to see the Earthborn that had been affected by the All Spark. They were all sitting there quietly, still under the protective stance of DewBot and the other two. The Tow truck looked at them, his purple optics shifting slightly blue as he did.

"What are they?" Sam's mother asked. They were like the others yet obviously they were being kept apart from the ones in the medic bay. "Why are they in there?"

"They are young. I do not know if they are stable or not. This must be where they were put when we returned here." Bumblebee said, looking at them.

"Poor things." Mikaela said with a frown. She and Bumblebee owed the tow truck, at least, as he had helped them when Bee had been injured.

"We should find somewhere to talk." Sam's dad said, distracting the trio from their thoughts and they all went to find somewhere more comfortable. The bots watched them go. One of the smaller ones chirped and scrambled onto the towtruck's shoulder and he nodded.

Bumblebee stopped for a moment to watch the Earthborn, they seemed scared. He nodded to them. The tow truck returned his gesture.

"Thank you," he said quietly.

"You are very welcome," the truck said as the Camaro followed the humans away.


Secretary of Defense John Keller settled onto a bench as his own analyst and hacker found their own seats. The leader of the Autobots watched him, getting comfortable himself on the floor of one of the many large rooms in the dam's interior. Traveling along the hallways was easier to do in his alt mode but sitting and talking he preferred to take his proper form.

"How may I help you, Mr. Secretary?" the Autobot leader asked solemnly.

"Call me John, please," the man told him.

"Very well." He nodded once.

"We need to figure all of this out, Optimus Prime."

"Optimus, and yes, one of my men has already asked to remain with a human," he told the man, looking slightly pleased with that situation

"The boy and the yellow one right?" Keller asked. Sam seemed like a good kid and that Camaro had certainly been brave from what he had heard.

"Yes, Sam and Bumblebee," Optimus corrected.

"Well, I can't blame 'em. He's a good kid. Even under all this stress. He's holding up well." The man had to commend the kid as he had done a lot to keep the cube safe.

"They both are," was all Optimus said, seeing no use in letting the humans know just how young that officer was. "Even with Megatron's death, the other Decepticons might return to avenge him or even go after Starscream."

"I understand, but those of you who are here and others who follow would be a shock to the people. It might be best if you remained under the radar for now. I will speak to the president and we can sort this out."

"I understand, I must at least let my men who are still among the stars know what has occurred here."

"Of course, and I'm sure everyone wants to go home," he said simply.

"Yeah, my grandma's gonna be pissed that I've been gone this long." Glen said suddenly, as if that was the worst problem they had, but then for him it probably was.

"And the whole arrested thing," Maggie reminded him. She knew his grandmother. She almost wondered if they should have sent her up against that Megatron guy. She might have killed him with her yelling.

"Oh, that too." he looked slightly abashed, but not by much.

"Once I have spoken to the president I'm sure everything will be cleared up," Keller told them with a small smile.

"I hope so," the large mech said with a sigh.


The bodies of the Decepticons were disposed of in the deepest undersea trench, even though the Autobots had wanted to handle the bodies themselves the humans had taken matters into their own hands. Sector 7 was officially disbanded, though most of the agents were instead put in charge of working with the Autobots to train in preparation for any other Cybertronians who came to earth, along with Will's men who had unanimously volunteered to remain with the bots.

After a week of recovering, the remaining Autobots escorted their young heroes back to Tranquillity. As sunset approached, they came to the lookout near the lake and stopped for a while. Optimus stood on the edge while the others sat back in their alt modes. And he sent out a message he had carefully prepared over the last week while working with Secretary Keller and Agent Banachek.

"With the All Spark gone, we cannot return life to our planet. And fate has yielded its reward: a New World to call... home. We live among its people now, hiding in plain sight... but watching over them in secret... waiting... protecting. I have witnessed their capacity for courage, and though we are worlds apart, like us, there's more to them than meets the eye.

I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars: We are here... we are waiting." He looked up at the sunset and the slowly emerging stars.

They had hope, their world was dead, they were being given a new home, and they had new allies. Perhaps someday they would all be one.