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Title: Repairs and repercussions chapter 26 Shades of grey are all that I see

Author: Tsumi

Rating: teen

Warnings: violence, possible slash, and possible character death, possible OOC.

Pairings: pending BeexSam, JazzxProwl, RatchetxIronhidexChromia, OptimusxElitaXMegatron,

Synopsis: the battle in Mission city ended the war or did it? What will happen to the Autobots and their new human allies. And what is happening to Sam?


Part 26 shades of grey are all that I see


"Where are they?" Megaton demanded of the security director.

"If I knew that they would not be missing, sir." RedAlert replied; he was more annoyed than worried, since his own human partner had vanished out from under him stepping out of the room for a minute before he noticed she had gone.

"Megatron." Optimus said quietly, "let Redalert do his job, all of us are worried about them."

He led his mate away from the security hub. Passing the command room and out of the dome. Towards the medical and science area; where their plans for rescue rested on the hands of the Heads of those departments.

The medical area was an ant's nest or activity, medics and science teams ran about working on Omega supreme. The Guardian lay on the ground unmoving as Ratchet worked on his open chest plates keeping an optic on the spark. Surprisingly Halo sat on the medic's shoulder chattering.


"Optimus, Megatron, we are getting closer to getting him ready."

"What's the issue at this point?"

"The damage to his CPU was extensive. He had no time to recover before the Wreckers had to use him to leave Cybertron.

"Can Halo repair any of it?"

'Tried, did what I could Guardian will live." Halo leapt from Ratchet's shoulder to the ground. Showing off how much he had changed over the last few months now that he wasn't hiding what he was. He had grown to a good five feet and was nearing six.

"At least that is good news." The medic grumbled optics on the large spark before him. "Now we only have to worry about the CPU."

"Is there any way to fix it?"

Wheeljack's team is on it, with Perceptor here they are moving a lot faster."

"Perceptor is a lot more focused than Wheeljack."

"And Drift can keep both focused."

"The odd one is watching Roadbuster and Topspin, they know what they are doing when it comes to engineering."

"True but then I know Topspin graduated top in his class for weapons upgrades."

"That explains a few things."

In the main lab the team was working hard on the CPU of the guardian. Wheeljack was deep in the circuitry; while his partner a man called Dr. Jonson did very delicate work in the palm of one hand. Perceptor was going over computer files to try and find the sequence for Omega Supreme's algorithms. They didn't even notice the entrance of the CMO or their leaders.

"Wheeljack tell me we have something." Ratchet said approaching.

"We are close very close we had to reboot his whole system but there was a backup he won't remember anything after the last time he woke up though."

"We will have to inform him of what happened then."

"And how he ended up on a planet he doesn't know."

"That too, it might be best if you both were there when he reboots." Ratchet pointed out.

"When?" Optimus asked.

"Within the hour." Wheeljack answered.

"Good." Megatron nodded looking up at the Guardian.

The rebooting of Omega Supreme was not much of a show they reinserted his CPU and the spark connected to it bringing life back to the guardian. Once his optics flashed on he looked around surprised. This was not Iacon though it seemed similar there were other creatures here which were not Cybertronian. Finally his optics landed on the Prime and Lord High Protecter.

"Sir what has happened?" His voice was slow and it sounded like he was having difficulty speaking.

"Things have changed Guardian, our world is gone, you brought the last of the survivors here to another world we have been given sanctuary on."

"And the war is it done?"

"It is and our world has died."

"We did find the cube and can restore it in time but first there is an issue, we must go and rescue some of our allies among them a young Prime."

"A Prime has been kidnapped?"

"Yes, "

"This must be remedied."

"We are aware, a team is being put together." Megatron informed him. "Our air and ground commanders are taking care of the situation." Megatron informed him.

"Of course, I will wait for this team as I know nothing of these prisoners."

"I'll give you the data file to look over while you wait." Ratchet sent an information packet to the larger bot.

Optimus looked at the large mech and back at hi men. This was not the same as their own had been; these were the ones who supposedly made their people and now had some of their men. Worse those taken were for the most part children, Still teenagers with the exception of agent Simmons and Ms Karuma. Their choice for who they grabbed made little sense to any one. Sam yes, but Miles Trent and Mikaela and Chip made little sense. Neither did taking Agent Simmons or Ms. Kuruma, though Reggie was practically the one running the base most of the time and Ms. Kuruma was in charge of security. The worst problem of their kidnapping was that it was distracting their partners; not to mention agitating most of the others over the situation.

As Optimus mulled over these thoughts Ratchet and his team along with the scientists were educating Omega supreme. He exchanged a glance with Megatron and the sliver mech nodded following his lead out of the area. Their next stop was the training field where Ironhide and Will were drilling soldiers and discussing who should go on the mission.

The large black mech was talking with ultra Magnus when they arrived. The wreckers and a few others were shooting targets close by while some of the planes were flying above in formations. He already knew the wreckers were going it was their ship after all. Most of the men wanted to go as did the guardians who had lost their charges. There was no telling Bumblebee or the twins no and he was sure Arcee would be going. Prowl and RedAlert could not go they were too important to running the base. Will's team wanted to go but they would not send all of their warriors out into space even with the war over there might still be cons who would disobey their prior lord just to fight. There were too many variables and even Prowl had gotten lost on exactly how much trouble this situation could bring. It also did not help that Agent Simmons second in command and Prowl were not seeing eye to eye on anything.

Megatron looked over the gathered group with a critical eye, he could see where they needed to improve or where they had pushed themselves to hard. He caught Optimus deep in thought out of the corner of his eye and went to speak with Ironhide. The old mech had not forgiven Megatron his indiscretions but was willing to work with him as their military leader as long as he seemed sane enough to lead it.

They exchanged a nod and he looked at the men. Who continued to train even with their commander's attention no longer fully on them.


"We have a full crew ready to go, the Wreckers the kids and a hand full of soldiers. They need to learn a bit about ships that is all."

"You have always been the best to count on for choosing who was best for positions Ironhide."

"It is my job, Will was the one who chose out of the human soldiers."

"Major, no wonder your men were so good against my cons."

"Just doing what we do best sir." The man said simply.


The team gathered at an order from Ironhide. The Wreckers and the other bots behind the humans as much larger. He counted five from the security team, and five from the normal soldiers among the humans.

Megatron frowned at Bumblebee's presence not that the yellow scout wasn't a good soldier he just did not want anything more to happen to the bug. The others had promise, the wreckers he knew were some of the best, if any of them ever took human charges the team would be unstoppable, and the one thing he had come to admire in these insects was their tenacity. The humans were interesting, as the security team were all in tight fitting black uniforms with no insignia visible, while the soldiers were all wearing the new NEST patches.

"These are the ones you've chosen for this mission Ground Commander?" he spoke to the black mech optics still on the gathered group sweeping over them noting the slight fear and awe from most of the humans.

"Yes Lord High Protector."

"You all know what this mission entails?"

"We know sir." They chorused.

He nodded sharply and looked them over again.

"The ship will be ready at Dawn, be prepared for launch." He ordered, and they saluted.

"Sir yes sir." Was the team's only reply.

Dawn arrived with little fan fare. The team being sent along with the entire command staff was ready to launch the ship. Omega Supreme stood in ship mode tall and proud gleaming from a good polish and repaint courtesy of Sunstreaker who had been unable to recharge so spent the night making the Guardian more presentable.

As the crew were ready to board, Optimus and Megatron stood before them. Optimus steeped forward and nodded once.

"Good luck on your mission, and may Primus lead you to our comrades and safely home." He intoned and the crew saluted.

"Thank you Optimus, we will return with the children." Ultra Magnus promised. Then gestured to the crew to board the ship and prepare for the launch sequence.

The crew was quick to make their stations and even the humans made to scramble where they had to be as the sequence began.


Space was not all that exciting to Miles who had just been shuffled along with his friends between space ships and going from one prison to another. Of course the Kamojin were treating them better then the Quintessons had. They were more like guests though they were not allowed to leave the room they were being kept in but they did have food and drink and could talk to their "captors" with out being treated like specimens.

The real big problem there was that they had not seen Sam since they had come here. He had been holed up with Nikjita since their Rescue. He was really wishing Sideswipe was here with him and the others seemed to feel the same. Taking a quick look over his comrades he frowned. They had no idea what had happened after or during their capture. They had grabbed none of the bots not even Bumblebee, and that scared him. The others were talking quietly amongst themselves. Chip was watching their guards under the guise of looking at Agent Simmons as he talked. Agent Simmons and Ms. Karuma were assessing the Kamojin and their ship for weaknesses. Trent was standing over the group in a rather protective stance even if he had no weapons he would not let anything happen to the others. Mikaela was staring at the door they had been brought in through as if that would make Sam just walk in. He sighed a little, that had been the biggest reason for their fight, Sam, not that the brunette realized it he had Bumblebee and they had just ended up together really because of their mutual like of Sam.

As if thoughts summoned him Sam and Nikjita walked through the door and he smiled at his friends.

"Hey guys you okay?" he asked them.

"Yeah." The five looked at him surprised. Sam had not been wearing much more than pajama bottoms when he had been grabbed and in the bluish light of the Quintesson ship none of them had gotten a good look at him. The Cybertronian writing swirled along his torso like waves centering just above his heart. Then trailed down his arms to the back of his hands. The skin between the dark metallic markings was pale but he looked healthy enough even with the marks another set seemed to trail down under his pants as well.

"We're fine Sam what do they want?" Agent Simmons asked and Sam gave hi ma small smile.

"Well since we are technically prisoners they want to trade us to a group of Cybertronians they have been fighting for some of their people they captured."

"And which Cybertronians are they?"

"They don't know the factions from one another, but their intelligence indicates there were two groups fighting one another on the planet. The one they have spoken too is called Cosmos I didn't recognize the name."

"So we don't know if they are friendly or not?" Chip asked.

"Not a clue."

"It might be best to accept the deal anyway, after all we might still be able to contact the others some way if we can get to other Cybertronians." Miles pointed out.

"Tough choice." Trent muttered.

"No much of a choice at all we should take it." Kuruma told them.


"Like she said not really a choice." Mikaela told them.

Sam turned to Nikjita who had been staying by the door so as not to eavesdrop in the conversation, it did not miss her notice that though they spoke as a team the choice seemed to be the boy Sam's at the end.

"Have you decided?"

"We will accept the trade if they do." Sam informed her.

"Very well please come with me to the communication room."

The followed her through the ship seeing other Kamojin and pilots who continued about their business not even paying attention to them. Once in the room she shooed off the officer and took charge of the station herself. After a few buttons the screen lit up showing a stout green mech with a boxy yellow head and blue optics.

"Nikjita how may I help you?"

"Cosmos, I have a group of beings here that are of an interest to your people I will hand them over to you if you return our men to us."

"A valuable hostage a spy." A voice said off to the side.

"Silence Astro, it is a good deal let me see them."

Nikjita waved Sam over and he nodded once to the Mech.

"I am Sam Witwicky I am a student of Optimus Prime."

"Student?" the mech took in his appearance the dark marks on pale skin and nodded once. "I see, we will do this Nikjita, your men will be returned unharmed if you bring these people to us." He told her.

"Thank you Cosmo, we have no interest in Titan, and shall leave your people in peace."

"And we shall leave yours as well." The screen flipped off and she smiled behind the fan in her hand.

"Thank you," she said turning to Sam and the others.

"If you have no interest why do they have some of your people?"

"They crashed on titan's moon, they were not spies as they believe and this is why we were hoping to find something or someone we could trade. Our fight was with the Quintessons not the titan people."


"Long ago we fought under the orders of our gods, but not anymore, we prefer science and study to war these days."

"And you attacked the Quintesson ship?"

"We were not sure it was not derelict, a lot of their toys are still floating about from the war with the Vox."

"You couldn't tell from energy signatures or what not?" Miles asked.

"Not with their ships, many were like Cosmos and his comrades at one point but like the one you were on the sentience has been muted or removed all together, they still give off energy but you can no longer communicate with them."

"That's terrible."

"No Sam."


"You were thinking of fixing it."

"Of course I was."

"And that could be dangerous."

"It's not like I have a choice in thinking it." He muttered.

"You can fix their ships?"

"Only the ones with Sparks I'm no good at the mechanics yet but I can coax something out of them."

"You can try but the Quintessons have never been known for being happy with their creations having minds of their own but then neither were our gods and we did finally break free of them."


"We fought back, they were so busy trying to push us into the war they could not keep up with us and try to contain their enemies, they were so spread thin we were able to leave, a few other races were the same."

"So this whole war thing is over?"

"As far as we know."



Titan was not a planet really, it was a moon, specifically a moon of Saturn. The humans exchanged a glance, they were sure they knew that planet they passed.

"So there is life in out galaxy besides us, cool." Miles pointed out.

"Guys we are not that far from earth. "

"Yeah the only problem is how do we get back even from Saturn?"

"lets figure this out once we meet this Cosmo."

They landed close to a temple like structure. At the door to the temple was Cosmo with a small pink female with small antennae coming from head and green fur at her shoulders. Her clothes were a simple green skirt and blue wrap around top. She slid down once they arrived at the group from the ship.

"Nikjita, "

"Cosmos." She replied and gestured to the others to lead the humans forward.

A group of Titans approached leading a pilot and a kamojin from the depths of the temple, the pair looked well and bowed to their "hosts" as the exchange was made.

They waited for the ship to leave before Cosmos turned to the group

"You are humans from Earth how is one of you a Prime?"

"A long story, and if you know about earth you know the others are there."

"We know, but those of us who ended up here had already left the war behind when the AllSpark was found on earth." He admitted, turning for the temple and they followed.

"I am Cosmo this is Talaria the leader of the people of Titan."

"Sam Miles, Trent Mikaela, Agent Simmons and Ms Karuma." Sam introduced them.

"The human who killed lord Megatron?" a voice spoke as they entered the temple where a second larger mech stood, this one was tans and purple with red optics.

"The same, but he's fine now." Sam told him.

"I wouldn't squish you either way, I left the war."

"Astrotrian was a Decpeticon, like myself who was an Autobot, but we could not fight anymore."

"Well the war is over anyway, the Decepticons lost."

"You should tell us more."

They settled in a comfortable place and they told them of the end of the war. The pair and the Titans listened rarely interrupting with questions. Talaria kept glancing at the humans as if more than worried about them being there. Kuruma noticing this shot her a questioning glance. She made a slight head gesture and Kuruma nodded.

"I hate to interrupt, but I need to." she looked at the bots.

"Oh, yes Talaria could you show her."

"Of course Cosmos." She lept down agilely and gestured. "Please this way."

The two females moved far enough away that none would over hear them.

"You seem worried about something." Kuruma said to the other woman.

"many thingsā€¦among them your comrades presence here, the last time earth knew about us there was war."

"We will do what we can to not let that happen. Optimus would never condone such a thing, nor I think would Megatron these days."

"We must make sure, to many races fear the Decepticons to attack earth."

"Really? you must explain everything."

"I will."