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Chapter 1: Awakening

He shifted slightly under the water, his ocean blue eyes slowing opening. He stretched out realizing he was under water. Then he realized he was alive, a smile coming g to his face. he began to swim to the surface. After a moment he broke the water's surface. Looking around, he realized he was in Zanarkand...The place hadn't changed at all, Pyreflyes where all over the place, but he noticed there where....People walking around! Zanarkand had become a tourist place?! The thought kinda angered him but he let it go and swam to the beach, slowly walking through the shallow water toward the destroyed roads of the place he called home 1000 years ago....or was it more now...? How long had he been gone he began to think as he looked around. A few people where walking around the city lead by what seemed to be tour guides. he scowled a bit at the thought of it and started to walk out of the city. The people walking around start gasping as he walked by, he looked around and before he knew it there was a small crowned around him.

"Isn't that....Sir Tidus..?" he heard one girl say as another responded. "Sir Tidus died....it he a unsent?" Another said as he put his hand on the back of his head laughing a little nervously. "Uhhh....Hiya?"" He then realized that Zanarkand had changed a little....no ALOT...sections had been rebuilt! Most had been, cept the blitz ball stadium. He then noticed a Statue...of himself outside it! "What is going on....Why isn't there any statues on Yuna...or the others....only me..." he thought as he decided it would be best to get away from the people for now, He had to find the others and Yuna....Yuna, thinking of her made him smile on the spot, he couldn't remember where he had been it was like a black void.....he was stuck in it, floating around but all he thought about was Yuna....his times with her, the Kiss that they shared.

Yuna stood on her balcony in Besaid looking out over the forest at the ocean, a her eyes where a little red a puffy, from lack of sleep and crying most of the night. It was 1 AM in the morning Besaid time. Once again she had dreamed of the day he disappeared, the day he was forced to leave her. It was so unfair during her entire trip she had been set to sacrifice herself for Spira, not have the watch the love of her life sacrifice himself. For weeks after the Defeat of sin she had closed herself off from the rest of the world and hide in her room. But she realized the world needed a leader….someone to look to for guidance. As much as she just wanted to lay down and die to join the one she loved, she knew she had to keep going, he had sacrificed himself for her and the rest of a world he wasn't even from….she HAD to honor his memory and keep going to protect what he had died protecting. "Lady Yuna….its late Ma'am…"One of her guards said, she turned to him nodding. "I know….I am just admiring the quite night…."She said, She felt more like a child in her mansion, Since she was the unofficial leader of the world the Crusaders felt it they're duty to protect her, they even had guards all in her house. There had been more and more attempts on her life lately…Crazed supports of Yevon that blame her for the fall of they're religion. One would think the fall of sin and the Eternal calm would make everyone happy.

Tidus had left Zanarkand and made his way up into The mountains, Mount Gagazet. He reaches the spot where he had attempted to take on Seymour alone. His fists clenched thinking of Seymour again. After a moment he just sighs and decides to head down the mountain towards the small village of Ronsos at the bottom. When he reached the bottom he realized that things had changed, new statues where in place, One of Yuna, and once again another one of him, why was he the only guardian they made a statue for?

After asking a few Ronsos if they knew where Kimarhi was or if they knew where to find him, he was only answered with long stares and some Ronso would growl at him, he couldn't understand why they where acting so cold toward him, then he felt a hand on his right shoulder, He turned around to see Kimarhi with that weird looking smile on his face. "Kimarhi knew Tidus return." Kimarhi said Tidus a little excited to finally find someone he KNEW and didn't give him weird stares or act hostile toward him. "Kimarhi!" He yelled and kind of gave the Ronso a hug, only to be pushed back by Kimarhi. "Yuna need Tidus, Tidus must go to Besaid." Kimarhi said, Tidus nodding. "Is she in trouble!?" Tidus ask half angry half worried for Yuna. "Many attempts on Yuna's life…..Kimarhi can't leave mountain….Kimarhi must protect young Ronso and rebuild Ronso tribe." Kimarhi said. Tidus clenching his fists at the thought of people trying to hurt Yuna, Why?! They had fought so HARD to bring Spira the eternal calm and THIS is the way she is repaid? He wouldn't have it, his eyes narrowed a little angerly thinking bout it more, he would put a stop to it!. "Kimarhi…..how long has it been…?" Tidus asked looking at the Ronso. "Two years…" Kimarhi answered somewhat quietly, Tidus eye's wide.


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