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Chapter 6:

Tidus slowly struggled to get to his feet. His mind was dazed and he was confused….not only that he was STILL stuck in Bevelle. No guards around, yet that is. "N…now what….?" Tidus asked himself. True he had somehow gained power to use the Aeons….but he had no training on how to call for them.

"Freeze!" A few crusaders yelled rushing up aiming at Tidus with they're rifles. "Shit, how am I going to get out of this now?" Tidus was defenseless no shield, no weapon and no energy to summon up his magic spells. "You fight Tidus you fight me!" Women yelled from behind them. Tidus looked up toward her, she was a…odd one to say the least she had gray hair, a black Goth like outfit different from Lulus. Not a dress but a half black tube top with no sleeves…and red straps under it. With high up black shorts. And black stocking coming up to her thighs.

"Kill her!" The crusaders said as the women smirked and rushed them quickly with a one handed sword. Jumping up above them, also while above them she slowly powered a firega spell, right as she came down slicing one across his face she jumped back toward Tidus throwing the spell toward the rest of them with a massive explosion. "W…who are you..?" Tidus asked weakly as she grabed him throwing him over her sholder. "I am here as a personal request from a friend to save you. The name is Paine." She said as she ran toward the ledge of the building jumping off it with him. "This is some fucked up way of saving me!" he yelled watching them both free fall toward the ground quickly.

"Damn your loud shut up and just wait…" Paine said as a Airship flew toward them, Paine pulled out some kind of weird looking gun shooting it toward the Airship, a line coming from the gun attaching itself to the airship. Paine used the line to pull them on top of the airship, by this time Tidus was drained of energy and was already out cold again. Paine scuffed looking at him. "This is the "Great" Tidus….?" She asked looking down at him as Brother came up behind her. "Bring him inside Paine! We must get him to Yuna." Brother said in his weird Al bhed accent, Paine sighed picking him up carrying him into the airship to rest.

"Hey boy!" Tidus opened his eyes finding himself back on the farplane with Auron, Braska and Jehct. "Why am I here again?" Tidus asked, Braska smiled. "We did not have enough time to tell you about your new powers. So we brought you back." Braska said to him, Tidus looked over toward him with a slightly confused look on his face. "You know have the power over EVERY aeon….but unlike a summoner you're a warrior….so you can ride them into battle…use them as distractions and such WHILE you continue to fight." Braska said to him.

Tidus was shocked to say the least. "How do I summon them…?" He asked lightly as Jehct laughed. "Just call them boy….no go your out of time…" Jehct said Tidus was about to yell no but he was already gone awake in the real world. "I see your awake…"Paine said to him as he looked over to her. "Where are we?" He asked. "The Celsius." Paine said. "Tidus!" Brother yelled as he looked over seeing Brother coming into the cabin. "Brother I am shocked you can speak our language now." Tidus said smiling as he greeted his old friend. "Took a long time but I learned it. We must hurry home is in danger. Crusaders are going on all out offensive on the AL bhed accusing us of kidnapping the High summoner." Brother said as Tidus eyes went wide. "How far are we?" Tidus asked as brother sighed. "We are blocked our airship is currently trying to outrun some crusader ships chasing us for you…but we are bout 2 miles south of home…" Brother said as Tidus got up grabbing his sword rushing out of the cabin, he knew Yuna was in Home he had to get there before they got her.

"Tidus what are you thinking?" Brother yelled as he and Paine followed him to the roof of the Airship. "Just get to home ASAP I will meet you there!" Tidus yelled as he rushed to the edge jumping off the ship quickly. "The hell?" Paine yelled watching him jump eyes wide. "Bahamut!" Tidus yelled out, a glow surrounded him and shot off into the air. The legendary Bahamut flew down seconds after, catching Tidus on its back. "To the north we must get there before Yuna is hurt!" "Bahamut understood and blasted off as twice the speed of the Celsius toward Home.

"We must hold them back from Lady Yuna!" An Al bhed solider yelled out. There was fierce gun fighting going on inside Home. "uncle I can't allow your city to be destroyed cause of me again!" Yuna yelled to her uncle helping the injured with her white magic. "We take care of our own Yuna! Until Tidus returns your in my care and hell if I let these bastards have you!" Cid yelled throwing a large grenade out into the crowd of Crusaders blowing a lot of them up. "Pops! An airship has hooked onto the outer wall! Its going to tear it down!" Rikku said. Cid growled, if that gate fell they would be over whelmed. "Use the Cannon cut those damn chains!"Cid yelled.

Tidus was fast approaching Home, seeing the largest Crusader airship with its anchor chains in the main gate for Home. "Bahamut Mega Flare to that airship after I jump onto it! Right after break those chains!" Tidus yelled Bahamut nodded as Tidus jumped from his back landing on the crusaders ship. "Shit got to move fast!" Tidus yelled as he broke into a dead sprint to the side with the anchor chains. "Well its not like it's the first time…here I go!" Tidus yelled jumping over the side grinding down the chains toward the gate right as Bahamut fired through the lead Crusader airship. The Airship starting to blow up all over. Tidus grunted and jumped from the Anchor over the gate and to a rough landing inside Home right as Bahamut smashed the chains then faded away.

"Tidus!" Yuna yelled rushing over to him quickly rolling him over. "That's twice I grinded a suicidal chain to save you…" Tidus said out of breath smiling. Yuna was shocked about seeing Bahamut but was happier to see Tidus so it kind of skipped her mind. She clung to him tightly. "I am so so sorry Tidus!" She said tears in her eyes almost. "Hey its ok. The evidence was against me. Lets talk later we got to get to a safer place." He said and she nodded them both standing up together. "They're retreating!" An Al bhed yelled. "Sir Tidus drove them off with that blast did you see it?" Another yelled as Tidus looked around seeing them all cheering around him and Yuna, He smiled rubbing the back of his head.

"Tidus why where you riding Bahamut?" Yuna asked he looked over to her. "It's a long story, let's relax for now I will tell you EVERYTHING later." Tidus said and Yuna just smiled at him and nodded. Right now all she cared about was that he was right there with her. She took his hand leading him through the celebrating crowd.

"You all should have seen it!" brother yelled to Cid Yuna and Rikku and the others in the living room of Cid's house. "As soon as Tidus heard Yuna was in danger he jumped from the airship without even thinking, next thing you know he is flying off on Bahamut toward home!" Brother was telling them all the story of how they found Tidus and what happened when he found out Home was under attack. "Woooow Tidus you're a summoner now?" Rikku asked all excited.

"Wow I am no summoner I am not into that hole praying thing. These are borrowed powers." Tidus said as Yuna tilted her head to the side. "from who?" She asked as he looked at her and sighed. "I guess I better explain everything to you all." Tidus said. "When I was knocked out I woke up in the farplane with my father….Auron and Braska." Tidus said as Yuna's eyes went wide hearing her father's name. "They began to explain why it is I am here in the world of the living." Tidus said as everyone was listening carefully. "Two reasons I was told by them. The first is to stop the coming of the new sin, and if that is not possible then to destroy it. But if I cannot stop it I fail my second reason for being here and in my opinion my reason to live." Tidus said as Yuna looked at him worriedly, not to mention shocked about the coming of Sin. "The second reason was a personal request…not that it had to be requested of me for me to want to do it. Was to protect you Yuna and be by your side. It was your fathers request." Tidus said as she gasped almost, tears slowly forming in her eyes, ones of happiness. That he father cared for her so to send Tidus back to her. "So your telling me that the Crusaders are after my niece to use her to recreate sin?" Cid asked and Tidus shock his head no. "The ones controlling them are…Seymour and Mika." Tidus said as everyone gasped. "We killed Seymour!" Rikku yelled. Tidus shock his head. "He was the one going to execute me before Bahamut stopped him, then Paine saved me." Tidus said. Yuna was still to much in shock, he put his hand on her shoulder. "No matter what I have to go through and no matter who I have to fight I am going to stop them both and bring back this calm. It's the reason I am back." Tidus said to reassure Yuna and to make her feel safe.

"Not alone brother!" Wakka said walking into the house Tidus stood quickly turning to the voice. "Wakka!" Tidus yelled happily. "We are Yuna's guardians as well Tidus. Its our jobs to protect her as well." Lulu said following in behind them, Yuna smiled standing up running over to Lulu hugging her. "Sorry to put you through all that Tidus. We had to be sure you where you. We were on our way to save you when we watched the Celsius fly off. We got a call from Paine saying she had you." Lulu said, Tidus shrugged. "Mistakes happen. I am glad to have you guys back!" Tidus yelled as Wakka crushed him with a hug. "Like I'd let you go ya?" Wakka said as Tidus struggled to get away.

"Wait so how did you all find out I was really me?" Tidus asked. "Kimarhi tell them Tidus in orb not Tidus but fake." Kimarhi said. Tidus looking over at him with a smile. "Thanks for coming everyone. Its going to get rough from here." Tidus said.

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