Minor Annoyances

"Light-kun! Light-kun wake-up!"

The brunette heard someone speaking, but he made no effort to answer them. His eyes stayed shut as he attempted to fall back into sleep. But, whoever was trying to wake him was persistent, and started poking him, hoping to get the brunette to awaken.

Light continued to ignore the annoying feeling of the repetitive poke. The brunette merely swung his hand, as if trying to swat an annoying fly away. That's when he felt himself jerked up by the chain on his wrist. He opened his eyes quickly, remembering immediately who it was he was forced to share his room with. Ryuuzaki, or… L. The raven-haired detective looked at Light carefully, his eyes tracing the brunette's every movement carefully.

"Light… I'm hungry," he said calmly, showing no emotion, but most definitely gauging the brunette's reaction to being so rudely awakened.

Light sighed and looked at the alarm clock on the little bed-side table. The numbers shone red, but, it was the time that those red numbers showed that made Light scowl.

"Why the hell do you need food at 3 o'clock in the god damn morning L?" he asked impatiently.

L's thumb was near his mouth, resting slightly on his lower lip, and he stared at Light, genuinely thinking about the answer. He brought his hand from his mouth and rested it on his knee.

"Well, I don't really know. I'm just hungry," he finally answered.

Light's scowl lightened a bit, but he still glared at L, their eyes meeting. L showed no fear of Light's intimidating gaze, his own eyes pleading silently with the brunette. The expression on the detective's face was a sort of put, but, with the added eyes of a begging puppy.

"Why do I have to be dragged out of bed so that you can eat?" Light asked, a bit angrily.

"Well. One, we're handcuffed together," he said, raising his handcuffed hand, "and two, if you don't come I'll be forced to suspect you more of being Kira."

Light groaned. Kira, of course. He was suspect number 1, and L wouldn't let him forget it. His suspicions of Light were correct of course, but, the raven-haired detective would never realize the truth of the Death Note, and Light's need to cleanse the world of evil.

"Alright fine… but I want to go back to sleep after," he said sternly, since, well, he hadn't gotten much sleep in the first place.
L sort of half-smiled and nodded, as if to say 'of course' to Light's request. The black-haired, baggy-eyed man climbed off of the bed, dragging Light until he finally stood up also. They walked off towards the kitchen, where L would probably grab his sweets, while Light would be trying to fight off his need for sleep.

L went straight for the fridge, grabbing the chocolate cake which had been so conveniently hidden behind the chocolate milk. Light had grabbed a plate for L, so that when he finally pulled his head from out of the fridge (the cake was way at the back), he could carry his slice of cake back to their room.

Light handed L the plate, and the detective went right to cutting a piece of cake and placing it carefully on the plate.

"Do you want any Light-kun?" he asked kindly.

"No thank you L. I just want to go back to sleep now…"

L shrugged and put the rest of the cake back into the fridge. He grabbed a fork quickly and they returned to their room. Light climbed back into the bed quickly and pulled the blanket over his head. L grinned as the brunette fell into a peaceful sleep quickly, and then he too climbed onto the bed, though sitting up, his knees pulled up to his chest like they always were when he sat. He ate his cake quickly, and then placed the plate and fork onto the floor. He didn't want to bother Light again, but, he did inch slightly closer towards the sleeping Light, staring at the brunette's serene-looking face.

"Good night Light-kun…" he whispered before he too fell asleep.

Light's dreams were filled with images he would never admit to dreaming about. L's face filled his mind, and instead of feeling Kira's hatred for the messy-haired L, he felt something different. Not love per se, but, something close to that… maybe.

L's dreams were different from Light's, but, still similar in a way. His thoughts were mostly filled with candy, cake, and other sugary sweets… and then, Light appeared out of nowhere! Even though he was asleep, L's face heated up, and a pale red color spread across his cheeks.


Light shifted slightly and he felt someone breathing on his face. The brunette blinked open his eyes, and L's face was the only thing he could see. Their faces were only inches apart from each other, and for a moment, Light stopped breathing. He moved back a little bit, still watching the sleeping L. he looked so calm, and very…cute, in his own way.

Light lifted his head to look at the clock. It was almost noon! Why was L still sleeping? L was always awake before him… the brunette moved his face closer to L's and was just about to say something when L opened his dark eyes. L was surprised to be staring into Light's eyes, and the fact that Light was staring right back.

"L, please tell me why no one seems to be here."

It was true, no sound could be heard throughout the large house. It did seem no one was here. Light wanted to know why. Weren't they supposed to be working on the Kira case today?!


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