The Date of Hell

L and Light walked into the café a while later; Light was almost immediately mauled by a blonde girl, who had been waiting for them. She hugged him tight, and though he didn't like her as much as she wanted him to, he put up with it. She finally released him, but proceeded to grab his arm.

"You're late," she said angrily, pouting, and she started pulling Light towards their table.

The three of them sat down, Light and Misa beside each other, and L sat across from Light. Misa still clung to Light's arm, resting her head on his shoulder. L glared at the blonde, clinging to Light like she owned him, but Misa didn't notice L's gaze, she was staring up at Light's face.

"So, what will you guys be ordering?" a voice chimed in beside them.

All three of them turned to see a waitress standing by the table. She smiled at them, mostly at Light and Misa; the waitress obviously thought the two of them were together.

"Tea please," L and Light both said at once, at the exact same time.

"And some cake," L finished, the two men looked away from each other, and Misa wondered what was going on.

"Just some water for me please," Misa said, smiling.

The waitress left the three to go relay their orders. Misa stared at L for a moment and then looked up at Light. She wondered if it was just coincidence that they had said the same thing at the same time. But, if it was coincidence, why did they look away from each other so quickly? Misa was about to ask them when the waitress came back with what they ordered.

Both L and Light reached for the sugar cubes, their hands touched and Light pulled his hand back almost immediately; he turned his head so Misa wouldn't see his face turn red now. L grabbed some sugar cubes and dropped them in his tea. Light grabbed some as well, an amount close to what he had had in his tea earlier. Misa frowned in confusion; she didn't remember Light having such a sweet tooth before.

"Light-kun~!" Misa said, poking the brunette.

"What Misa?"

"What were you guys doing yesterday? Y'know, since you all took the day off," she asked, hoping Light would tell her exactly what he did. She enjoyed listening to his voice.

"Uhm, well… we didn't do very much. Nothing worth mentioning anyways…" he answered, his face heating.

"Really? Then why is you face red silly?"

"It doesn't matter Misa."

"Yes it does, I want to know~!" Misa said annoyingly.

"It doesn't concern you Misa!" Light shouted now.

L grabbed Light's hand to calm the brunette. Light was glaring at Misa, not making any move to move L's hand. Misa narrowed her eyes, staring at the L had his hand curled around Light's. She shrugged it off, but she had her suspicions. She snatched up Light's hand from underneath L's, holding it to her face. Light moved his hand, breaking her grasp easily.

"You'll let L hold your hand but not me!?" I'm your girlfriend!"

"Misa, I'm sorry, but this just isn't working for me," he said, closing his eyes and sighing, "and besides, you're not my girlfriend."

"Well… then, can I be your girlfriend?"

"No," he said it so bluntly, and Misa frowned in disappointment.

"Why not?"

"Because I already have a girlfriend… her name is El..la. Yes, her name is Ella," he said quickly and looked over at L, they were both chuckling silently.

Misa looked at L and then at Light and back again. She didn't know what was going on, but she had a strong feeling they weren't telling her something. She rested her head on Light's shoulder, closing her eyes. L ate his cake, watching the tortured look on Light's face, and the calm one on Misa's face. He really did wish he could help out Light right now, but he seemed to be doing alright. Misa opened her eyes again and looked up at Light.

"Am I making you uncomfortable Light-kun?" she asked innocently.

"Just a bit, Misa. Do you think maybe we can just leave now?"

"I guess-""I'm not done my cake yet!" L interrupted Misa, but, he wouldn't mind her leaving.

Light caught on to what L was doing. "Why don't you leave now Misa, and we'll see you later." Light smiled at L, and the detective had to refrain from smiling back, he was very serious about his cake, but he was glad that Light was trying to dispose of the blonde.

Misa understood that she wasn't wanted right now, but she really didn't want to leave. Misa stood up to leave though, but she paused to wait for a moment. Light moved out of Misa's way, and sat down beside L, making L move over to make room for the brunette.

"Ok then, bye Light… L, see you guys later," she said, and then left the café quickly.

Light sighed. "Thank goodness she's gone," he said, grinning.

"Yeah, I know what you mean."

"So, are we going to leave now..? I kinda want to get back to your place," Light said.

"But… what about my cake?"

Light sighed. It figured, the one time they get Misa to leave, and L is more concerned about finishing his cake. Light figured it would just be best to let L finish, and then they could leave… for some more alone time.

"Fine, finish your cake…"

L noticed a different tone in Light's voice… boredom maybe? He sighed, Light had looked away from him, and it was bothering him. L frowned at his cake and he grabbed the brunette's arm. He rested his head on Light's shoulder, like Misa had done earlier. When he looked up, Light was looking at him again. Light was about to ask L what it was he was doing, but no words had even started to escape his mouth before L kissed him. It was a deep, passionate kiss, which caught Light by surprise, but he kissed back, lifting one hand to L's hair, tangling his fingers in the raven-black colored mess.

It was L who broke away, and he stared into Light's eyes. Compassion and understanding brightened his gaze, and he kissed Light on the cheek quickly.

"Alright… let's go," he said, wanting to leave as much as Light did now.



"Did you know..?" Light started, but instead of finishing his sentence, he kissed L again.

This time there was a bit of tongue involved; a normal kiss for them. Light had one hand in L's hair, the other hand lightly touching L's face. Neither wanted this moment to end, but Light needed to finish speaking.

"You taste like candy," he said after they broke away.

L blushed, but he hugged Light; holding him close. They both sighed, fully realizing their love for each other. L smiled, and looked up at Light, his eyes lighter than normal.

"Another 'candy kiss' before we go then?"


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