I do not own Lucky Star and Naruto. But I wish I did because there will be so many changes.

Lucky Star series will be a little longer.

Naruto will be smart, stop smiling so much, have common sense to know when a girl (Hinata) likes him, stop going after girls who don't like him(Sakura), and in some cases only care for himself and not care for others much less people he has just meet or do not know (Such as the stupid people in his village).

The villages will stop kissing the butts of anyone who have a bloodline. (Uchiha)

Sakura will stop being so annoying.

Naruto will hate his parent's guts.

Naruto will not forgive those who lied or keep secrets about his life.

Shikamaru will stop being so lazy, whining and complain like a little girl.

The old people in the series will stop being like perverts. (If you watch the anime, you know who I am talking about **)

Every girl around Naruto age will fall in love with him.

Naruto wearing too much orange to be a ninja. Also Naruto should shut up ever now and then.


Sorry, these are the things I have a problem with. Despite all this, I enjoy watching and I have no problem with both Naruto and Lucky Star.

It is my first story.

Chapter 1: Old Friend

It was a beautiful day in Japan, classes were over for today and a young blue hair, fox face girl wants to spend the rest of her day in the one way she knows how…..

…..going to buy more anime and manga.

As she walk into the store, the clerk behind the desk look at Konata with a determined look.

"Legendary Girl A, I will get you to buy something this time. Even if I have to sacrifice my employees to do so." thought the clerk.

"SAY WHAT!?!?" Shout the employees behind him.

Before he can initial his plans, he heard an scream.

"NO WAY!" Konata shouted as she look on the shelves and saw an new game that just came out.

Zombie poor people. To win, you must kill the poor who became zombies. (Sorry, blame Cartman from South Park).

As she reach for the anime, another hand reach for it and grab it right in front of her

"Hey! I want that!" Konata shouted

"Sorry, I was looking for this….huh?"

The blonde boy with lines on his face that looked like whiskers, who was sightly taller than Konata look at Konata in surprised.



Both of them screamed in delight and hug each other.

"Hey I miss you." Konata squealed

"I miss you too, How you been doing?" Naruto asked

"The usual……Playing games, watching anime, this and that……But some people keep talking down to me, giving me all this nonsense such school and college, I mean come on why is everyone so serious?"

"I know" Naruto said as he put the game back on the shelves.

The blonde boy rub Konata head like a pet….

"Poor Konata, why can't people just let you have fun?"

"I know" she said innocently. She loved talking to Naruto, He was the only boy who understand the poor girl's pain.

As the two walk out the door forgetting completely about the game that was put back on the shelves, the clerk look at them defeated as they walked out.


While Konata and Naruto were talking to one another, Konata cell phone rang

Konata answered it.

"Hello, oh hi Kagami"

Naruto could almost hear yelling and a some cursing coming from the cell phone.

"Oh…..was that today?"

Konata pulled the phone away from her ear as Kagami shouted even louder

"Remember to breath while you shouting Kagami or you pass out."

Kagami said something else over the phone

"Okay okay I'm coming"

Konata shut her cell phone off then look at Naruto.

"Hey Naruto, want to meet my friends."

Naruto look at her with an confused expression. "Um…..sure"

Konata giggled

"Oh I'm sure they are going to love you Naruto."

Lucky Channel:


"It's time for special episode of Lucky Channel, I'm your host Agami Kogami!..and this is…"


"Who cares!. I'm the star, anyway today we are talking about Konata old friend Naruto"

"Yes, Naruto grew up with Konata. He loves ramen an unhealthy obsession with ramen, thankfully Konata have been trying to get Naruto to cut back on ramen. It was thanks to her that Naruto started collecting anime and manga, but he doesn't have such a large section as she does. He also likes…."


Agami fell asleep during the introduction

"Um…please wake up….um and in the studio is a special guest here…Naruto Uzumaki"

"Hello, I'm Naruto Uz……"

Agami woke up and jumped in before he could finished "Oooohhhhh….sorry, out of time…..Bye me!"

"What the hell?!?!?!" Naruto shouted