Title: When The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game

Author: Eloni

Series: Bleach

Pairing: Grimmjow/Neliel

Summary: There are two types of people in the world: hunters and prey. But what happens when those who are hunted decide to go after the hunters? The pursuit begins… and soon the role of hunter and hunted blurs. AU, Grimmjow/Neliel

Disclaimer: If I owned Bleach we wouldn't suffer from Grimmjow and Nel withdrawal. Title stolen from the Massive Attack song "The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game"

Major thanks to EmperorBassExe and codegal for betaing the fic for me.

Halibel pulled her jacket around herself tighter as a chill ran down her spine. She rubbed her upper arm with her hand, hoping the friction would warm up her prickling skin.

"When?" she asked curtly, looking over her shoulder at the other hunter who was crouching over a lifeless figure.

The cold night wind started blowing again, gently swaying the leafless trees and bushes what were scattered among the old, historic houses. The small town was asleep save from the hunters and their preys, the vampires themselves. The dark streets of the town centre were illuminated by old-fashioned candelabrums what were shedding light on the place where the two hunters were currently standing.

"I'd say an hour ago."

There was a rattling sound from one of the dark alleys and Halibel's hand instinctively moved to her hip, her fingertips lightly tapping on her gun. She let out a relieved sigh as a frightened cat ran into view and, just as quickly as it appeared, vanished into the darkness.

"Do we know the culprit?" she asked, adjusting the white, silky scarf around her neck and chin.

Green eyebrows furrowed in concentration.

"I doubt it." Came the reply a moment later. "This one seems to be rather violent." The green haired hunter leant a little closer to the corpse, examining the gaping wound on its throat.

The victim was a young man with dark hair and pale skin. His slender body was visibly rigid and his wide, honey brown eyes were staring into the dark sky, preserving his last, horror-stricken expression.

"Whoever did this is way more violent and out of control than any of the ones we know of. It basically tore a chunk out of the victim's neck. I haven't seen vampire acting this way before."

Halibel nodded, mostly to herself. It certainly was a relief.

Neliel stood up and pulled off her rubber gloves, throwing them in a nearby thrash bin.

"I think we should split up and search for it till it's still dazed from the feed. It'd be easier and safer to kill it before it regains its senses." She said as she reached into the pocket of her coat and took out a pair of black leather gloves.

"Shall we leave the body here?" Halibel asked as she started toward her motorbike.

"We don't have time to do anything with it." The other hunter answered. "The police will probably take care of it when they discover it. I doubt they'd find out what caused the victim's death and even if they did they wouldn't believe it."

It never ceased to amaze her how ignorant humans could be. The race of vampires were as old as mankind, many nation had countless myths and legends about them, some people were even lucky enough to see one without being killed by them yet they still brushed off their existence as a fairytale. She didn't have any idea how they explained away those mysterious disappearances and murders what were committed by vampires.

She discarded the train of thought, knowing it was useless trying to figure out mysteries like that. She pulled on her gloves and straddled her own motorbike. "I'll go search for it in the Northern part of the town." She stated and started the motor.

"I'll check the Southern region then and ask Stark to keep an eye on some potential victims." Halibel pulled out her mobile phone from the inner pocket of her jacket and dialled the number. "Hopefully he won't fall asleep on his shift." She added, half joking.

A small chuckle left Neliel's lips, the first one that night.

"Hopefully." She agreed before putting on her helmet. "Take care." She said and the motor roared up in the silent night as she took off.

"You too, Nel." The other woman said on a low voice as she lost sight of her friend.

Neliel muttered a light curse as she turned another corner. No one was on the streets of the small town at this time of the night but it was still hard to locate the vampire. She had been searching for it for about an hour now without avail. If she didn't hurry up its daze would fade and the search would be even more hopeless.

She slowed her motorbike down, stopping at the edge of the road. She closed her eyes and extended her senses, looking for that typical suffocating feeling what the vampire aura emitted. She could feel the dozens of humans peacefully sleeping in their houses but not a single trace of vampire aura.


She concentrated on the faint feeling on the periphery of her senses. From this distance it almost felt like an aura of a particularly evil human. There was no stifling feeling to it but it was dark and repelling, a property what most vampire aura had to them. Even if it turned out that it wasn't the vampire she was after, it was still better than nothing. She couldn't tell if it was moving away or toward her so she quickly started her bike again and set out to catch up with the creature. She followed that trace like a real hunter would follow the trail of the game. The closer she got to it the darker the aura turned and soon enough she felt a lump forming in her throat, stifling her.

'Got you.' She thought and suppressed a little smirk. It was better not to sell the skin before you'd killed the bear. And judging from the energy the aura emitted this one was a really big bear.

She planned on approaching it only if it was absolutely necessary. She loathed shooting them from far away without them having a chance to fight back but if this one was really as savage as they thought it was, she couldn't afford the risk of being killed and letting it continue its rampage.

She was rapidly nearing the source of the aura, which, she could feel now, was motionless, so she slowed the motorbike down and stopped a few blocks away from the vampire. She quickly got off the bike and unzipped her jacket to have access to the quick-draw holster and more importantly the gun in it.

As she started walking toward the source of the dark aura the lump in her throat got even more stifling, but not only from the proximity of the dark creature. No matter how many times she was out on hunting her body still couldn't get used to the stress and adrenaline. Her façade might have been calm but her heartbeat quickened with every step she took.

She reached a brightly lighted, cobbled square with a small fountain in the middle of it, framed by short bushes, a few benches and candelabrums.

A lone figure was sitting on one of the benches, arms resting slackly on the back of the bench, legs spread in a laid-back fashion. As Neliel neared them more and more details came into view. The figure was obviously a man with a lean yet muscular body and short, teal coloured hair. He was wearing plain black trousers and a white shirt what's sleeves were rolled up to his elbows.

If Neliel was to act according to her plan she should have pulled her gun out and shot the vampire on the spot before he could notice her. She wasn't sure what stopped her from doing so but she was positive that something was off.

She extended her senses again to make sure the man sitting there was really a vampire. She felt even more confused after examining his aura.

He was as much of a vampire as you can get, but something was wrong with the scene in front of her. If he was the vampire who killed that unfortunate man in the centre of the city he wouldn't have been sitting around in some park, let alone act so calm. Vampires fell into a short period of daze after they fed and given the fact that only two hours passed since the victim's death there was no way the committer would act in such carefree ways. Not to mention a vampire sitting around leisurely in the middle of a park was an odd sight in itself.

"Does it take you this damn long to make up your mind about every single vampire you're after, hunter?"

Neliel gave a start as the harsh voice rang in the air, pulling her out of her musings. She grabbed her gun and aimed at the man lightning-fast, ready to shoot him but stopped abruptly as the vampire lifted his hands in front of himself, chuckling lowly.

"Hey, chill out woman, I don't wanna attack you or anything."

Neliel gave him a sharp look, not lowering her gun the slightest.

"Don't think I'll believe that." She said sternly, stepping into the light of one of the candelabrums.

As soon as a vampire found out about a hunter's presence in their proximity they either tried to run away from them or attacked them, depending on their condition, power and state of mind. There was no way any of them would try to ask for truce.

She stopped a few metres away from the vampire, making it clear that she was aiming at his heart. It slightly irked her that the man didn't show any sigh of fear.

"I fed only a day or two ago so I don't plan on sucking your blood out just yet, hunter." He said with a wide grin, placing his hands to the back of his head in a breezy manner, stressing the words 'just yet'. No matter how laid-back he was, the hunter could see that predatory gleam in his eyes what told her that he would attack anytime soon.

"Should I feel honoured?" Neliel retorted, lowering her gun only a little. She noted the metallic gleam of a necklace pocking out from under the collar of the vampire's shirt but quickly forgot about it as the vampire suddenly stood up. She lifted her gun again, stepping further away from the man.

"Are you always this jumpy around vampires?" he asked disapprovingly as he reached into his pocket and took out a packet of cigarettes and an elegant metal lighter. He took a cigarette between his lips and lit it casually, seemingly ignoring the fact that a gun was aimed at him.

"Only around those that bite." Neliel replied sarcastically, lifting an eyebrow in challenge. It earned her a small smirk and an interested glint in the vampire's electric blue eyes.

"Your name?" he asked, lifting the cigarette to his lips and taking a long drag, all the while intently watching the woman in front of him.

"I don't think it concerns you." Neliel replied coldly, alertness suppressing that little part of her what challenged the vampire a moment ago. Playing with fire was not like her and she intended on keeping it that way. Suddenly an idea flashed into her mind and she lowered her gun a little bit to look less intimidating… not that the vampire showed any sign of being intimidated by her or by the gun but that was beside the point. "But I'll tell you my name if you answer a question."

The man lifted his eyebrows in slight surprise but shrugged a moment later, "Seems fair to me." before taking another drag from the cigarette.

"Were you the one who killed that man in the centre of the town two hours ago?"

As soon as the words left her mouth the other laughed out loud. She was a bit surprised to say at least; she didn't think she had said anything funny.

"What are you, a rookie hunter?" he scoffed and she couldn't help but feel a bit offended. "Both of us know that I would act differently if I'd just fed. Not to mention I already told you I was still full from two days ago. I'm not that gluttonous."

"Then why are you still in the humans' town? Lazing around in a park is not typical vampire behaviour either. It makes you seem suspicious."

"I'm just enjoying the fresh air." The vampire answered with a cheeky grin, turning his face toward the sky and exhaling a large cloud of cigarette smoke. Neliel scowled at him warningly what made the vampire grin even wider, showing off his pointed fangs. "Now, how about you tell me your name?"

"Why do you want to know it so badly?" She asked distrustfully, lifting the gun at the vampire yet again. The man scowled, stepping closer, not paying attention to the pistol at all.

"I told you what you wanted to know, it's only fair that you tell me your name." he said with a hint of impatience in his voice. He took another drag from the cigarette before carelessly throwing it away somewhere among the bushes.

The hunter's eyes narrowed as she noticed his gaze was following the dog-end's way through the air toward the shrubs.

"It can't be helped then. Neliel Tu Oderschvank, at your service. It was nice to meet you, vampire."

A loud bang echoed through the empty streets, outbellowing the shocked gasp of the man. Neliel watched as he glanced down at his chest, confusion and shock sweeping over his features as he beheld the small gunshot wound in the middle of his ribcage. His legs buckled under him and he unceremoniously fell onto the ground with a thud.

She lowered her gun, carefully stepping closer to the motionless body. Those electric blue eyes were lifelessly staring up into the starless sky. His thick, tar-like blood was slowly pooling under and around him, soaking his white shirt and painting it a dark crimson colour.

The hunter exhaled slowly and put her gun away.

One down, who knows how many to go.