By PaBurke

Summary: A Dean character study as given by Professor Castiel

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Spoilers: Season 4

"Dude, why me?" Dean had asked the question before and all he had gotten in reply was cryptic.

"Eros, Philos, and Agape."

Some things didn't change. Dean glared at Castiel and the angel in the accountant merely waited patiently. He wanted Dean to put it together. "Love, love and oh yeah, more love."

"Eros is physical."

Dean cut him off with a grin. "And we all know that I'm really good at that."

"Too good, perhaps." Before Dean could question, Castiel continued. "Philos is brotherly. It is unfortunate how few philos their siblings."

Dean knew that he had always gotten a gold star for the big brother things.

"Dean," Castiel wanted his attention now. "Even fewer can offer some echo of Agape."

"That's just for Sammy."

"And your father."

"I'm still mad at him."

"No, you're not," Castiel argued.

Dean knew his own feelings. "Yes. I am."

"Dean, he would not have continued into heaven without your forgiveness."

Well, Dean wouldn't want to keep his Dad from his Mom, no matter how mad he was. So maybe the angel was right. Maybe. Or he really didn't know why some ghosts continued on either.

"Why are you planning on going home with the woman on the end of the bar?"

Dean grinned at the bottle-blonde, mini skirt. "Dude? Do you have eyes?"

"I'm asking you to use yours."

Dean shrugged. In the tanktop and the sway of her hips, he saw a woman willing for a night of fun. In her eyes, he saw… oh, God, please let me forget. I just want to forget for one night…

Dean tore his gaze away from hers. He tuned out Castiel's culture that doesn't allow cross-gender friendships or for males to sit and listen and comfort without. He walked away. He walked toward her and pretended not to see oh, thank you, God.

That'll teach him to ask angels whiny questions.