By PaBurke

Spoilers: A Very Supernatural Christmas and Season 4

My beta and I had the discussion on whether or not John ever figured out that Mary had been a Hunter. I said no. And then I wrote this.

Word Count: 150

John Winchester came home from a three day binge, relieved that Christmas had passed. He stood over his sons beds and regretted that they didn't know the holidays Mary had created.

A glint of gold around Dean's neck caught his eye. It was a magical charm on black leather necklace. That must have been what Bobby had slipped to Sam last time they had stopped at the junkyard. He was glad that the boys had exchanged gifts. He didn't see anything for Sam, but Dean wouldn't have let the boy have a giftless Christmas.



Mary used to have a bracelet of charms.

Magical charms.


His beloved, fun-loving (perfect shot) wife, she had known. The strict parents who had hated their daughter being out after dark.

John fled from the apartment. He couldn't face this.

He couldn't.

He couldn't.

Mary, he cried. Why? How?

You didn't warn me!